Interior Stone Cladding

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In the real estate and construction industry, wall cladding is familiar design work on the walls and sometimes on the ceilings also. It makes the walls look completely different and very attractive. There was a time when wall cladding was planned for the exterior walls only but now it is frequently used in interior décor as well.

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With the brick wall cladding, interior and exterior wall cladding have achieved a new level. Bricks of different types and shapes are used for wall cladding mainly for a rustic look to space. This is what we often see in the interior decoration in hotels and restaurants. Top real estate planners and architects know how creatively bricks can be used for wall cladding.

Why use exterior stone cladding?

So, if you are looking for something new that would make your house or commercial building a distinct structure, you can talk with Urban Stone for wonderful and creative brick wall cladding. The advantages of wall cladding are multidimensional.

  • It can transform a normal-looking building into a gorgeous structure or a dull interior into a vibrant space.

Wall cladding with bricks can be both stylistic and functional. It completely depends on you how would you like to design brick wall cladding? Talk with the specialists of Urban Stone and finalize. Some common advantages of this form of wall cladding include the following:. It’s obvious that it gives additional protection to the wall that makes the building more study and sustainable. The external wall with wall cladding especially with different kinds of bricks provides mechanical strength to the building as a whole.

  • Wall cladding makes a building safe for the occupants for a pretty long time with enhanced sustainability.

This kind of outer installation protects the building from severe weather conditions especially the types of variable weather we experience in India. Brick wall cladding improves the resistance to cracking of the building by increasing the heat resistance capacity of the walls. The growing problem of air pollution has profuse effects on the buildings, it keeps the building safe from pollution.

  • Cladding is at first stylistic than functional.

It helps to accent a specific feature to a building or space in that building. It could conceivably cover any part of any kind of construction or the building as a whole. Wall cladding with material like brick serves multiple functions along with aesthetics.

  • Today, Urban Stone has popularized different kinds of brick wall cladding.

Interior wall cladding with bricks is now a popular concept. The sole aim here is to give a stylish look with different brick patterns and textures. House owners mostly prefer this kind of wall cladding in the living room, dining room, bathrooms, garage, and terrace.

Simulated stone wall cladding

This concept is very popular in restaurants and hotels, especially where owners want to attribute a rustic or casual look. The concept of exterior brick wall cladding is as old as wall cladding. Here, it is stylish and functional. Top-quality clay or artificial bricks are used along with top-quality adhesive for extra protection to the walls.

Exterior wall cladding protects against rain, heat, sunlight, and pollution. Artificial bricks are much used today. This category is also known as brick tiles but there are other categories of bricks as well such as facing bricks, wire cut bricks, and terracotta panels. Each is unique in look and functionality.

Black bricks are comparatively rare but too gorgeous for wall cladding works.