Internal Cladding Sheets

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Interior Wall Cladding

Targwall’s Interior Wall Cladding is perfect for all interior spaces from bathrooms and kitchens to bars and restaurants. Choose from a wide selection of styles to suit your needs from realistic wood effects to mineral effects which include our popular light concrete styles. These panels are ideal for those who are looking to upgrade their interior walls quickly, cost effectively and hygienically.

Our interior PVC wall cladding can be easily installed with our simplistic tongue and groove design which requires no professional assistance.

Benefits of our interior wall panels include; authentic, natural & stylish designs, hygienic, durable, fast and easy installation, cost effective and easily cleaned and maintained.

Easily to install indoor wall cladding

Transform your space with simple to install wall panels that are perfect for all internal spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms and commercial spaces too.

Wide range of styles

We’re proud of our wide range of styles that suit all spaces to enhance to look and feel of your space. From wood, concrete, tiles, stone and wall art to name a few.

We’re always updating our wall panels so look out for new products regularly being added to our store.

Cost effective internal wall cladding

The cost of traditional products are often expensive, and can be difficult to install. This is where Targwall’s wall panels are incredibly refreshing to install on your walls as they are lightweight, versatile, durable and also easy to maintain.

If you would like to try a sample, please click on the ‘free sample’ to try before you buy.

Our Interior Wall Cladding Products