Internal Wall Cladding Boards

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AttributesShauryaStone Cladding
Design optionsUnlimited design options including stone designs, wood grain designs, metallic designs, plain colour designs, etc.Only the stone designs and plain colour designs are available.
Anti-microbial PropertyAnti-microbial property of Shaurya makes it ideal for usage in medical facilities, schools, toilet cubicles, kitchen etc.Apart from graphite cladding, stone cladding does not possess the anti-microbial property.
InstallationCustom made panel and state-of-the-art profiles make the installation process very easy. There is no water requirement. The installation process is less time consuming.Stone cutting and pasting involves much higher effort. Water requirement is much more as use of adhesive, cutting of stone and joining are involved.
UninstallationUninstallation is much easier to accommodate changes in cabling in future. This involves much lesser time and effort.Involves a lot of time and effort as the stone cladding needs to be broken for making any change in future.
MaintenanceShaurya is a very low maintenance product—occasional cleaning with water/suggested chemicals is sufficient.May require periodic sealing to prevent staining.
Performance against VibrationThe Compact panel of Shaurya has a higher vibration resistance.Softer stone cladding will tend to crack during higher vibration.
Load ContributionMuch lesser load contribution on building.Higher load contribution on building.
Surface faults/finishFree from any surface faults. In fact, surface finish can also be customized.Can have naturally occurring surface faults, especially in case of natural stone. Surface finish remains typical to that of stone.
Stain ResistanceShaurya has very good stain resistance.Natural stones can be porous and tend to stain more rapidly than Shaurya.