Internal Wood Wall Cladding Uk

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Looking for internal cladding? Our range of kiln dried oak cladding is ideally used for internal purposes only. Our Oak is both a highly durable and naturally long lasting hardwood. We also supply a range of external half lap cladding for external applications.

For any questions on the product range, call us on 01536 267107. UK Timber operates its own fleet of crane offload vehicles providing quality delivery service to all of its customers. Shipping cost will remain the same whether 10 sleepers or 50 are ordered. If you are looking for full loads you should either telephone or email for a quotation. V tongue and grooved, shiplap and halflap cladding manufactured from kiln dried oak and western red cedar.

If stability, durability and beautifully grained natural cladding is required then there are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense softwood.

  1. Our Siberian Larch is imported directly from Siberia where the trees grow slowly due to the long cold winters and short hot summers, making them incredibly dense.
  2. Due to its high resin content, it is also known for being one of the most durable softwoods in the world, thus requiring no treatment.
  3. A beautiful yellow/straw colour, similar to pine, should not be confused with the European larch growing in Britain, which is a dark pink colour.
  4. Unlike European larch, the knots in Siberian larch cladding are a lighter grey colour and tend to stay solid even after drying and machining. For this reason we tend to favour Siberian Larch over British larch for machined cladding profiles.
  5. As with all Larch species, the Siberian version is a relatively ‘lively’ timber and as such, it is prone to distortion and dimensional variation. Throughout the year a 145mm Siberian Larch Cladding board can vary by up to +/- 5mm.
  6. Siberian Larch Cladding is a great choice for exposed elevations where knocks and scrapes are likely.
  7. Grade B is appropriate for projects where a natural or rustic appearance is desired, whereas the relatively knot free Grade A will create a more contemporary looking facade.
  8. Our Siberian Larch is kiln dried to an 18% moisture content, making it ideal for use in both internal and external applications.
  9. Installing wood wall panels might sound like a big chore, but it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Keep in mind that the process will differ depending on which type of panels you buy.
  10. This is a guide to installing our Reclaimed Wood Panels, or other similar panels. The process for Acupanel and our peel and stick panelling will differ.
  11. To install your wood wall panels, you first need to prep your walls. You should use adhesive to stick your panels on before nailing them into place.
  12. But adhesive will only work on un-wallpapered, dry, sound walls. So make sure your walls are the following:. Sturdy enough to support wooden panels. Clean from debris; use a dry cloth to wipe away any dust.