Iroar Go Firmware Update

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A nod to the legacy of Roar speakers, the advent of the award-winning Creative iRoar Go is a testament to our engineers' relentless pursuit for innovation. Breaking boundaries and pushing limits, the iRoar Go extols the virtues of Roar DNA, along with the same 5-driver design and bi-amp system - all tightly packed into the smallest acoustic chamber yet, without marring the critically acclaimed sound signature.

Hardware Type:Sound cards
Model:Creative iRoar Go
Compatibility:Windows 10/8/7 Vista & XP (32/64Bit)

Out of the box

Your audio experience comes alive with depth and immersion that makes you appreciate the aural wonders of SuperWide™ technology. It delivers a sound stage so wide that you won't believe it's coming from this little speaker.

Just like its bigger counterparts, the iRoar Go has wireless capabilities, and it multi-tasks as a built-in MP3/FLAC player, voice recorder, Bluetooth speakerphone, an external USB Sound Blaster sound card and a battery bank.

Warranty information

Features and design

Don't let its size fool you, for the iRoar Go is a fearless speaker that's not afraid of water. It is water-resistant with an IPX6 rating so no splashes can spoil your fun.


Audio performance

Plus, there's an app that lets you customize the audio, the way you like it. Excellent sound quality . Loaded with connectivity options .


Great design with touch controls . Good battery life . Software and hardware add-ons . Expensive, especially with Rock subwoofer . Not weather resistant . On the whole, Bluetooth speakers are getting better, with improved audio quality increasingly coming from smaller form factors.