Iroar Pro

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  • Maybe I bought a defective unit?
  • I just think this speaker sounds really bad. I'm not an audiophile by any means.
  • I only have good hearing according to myself and my doctor..
  • I don't even need extra speakers for my TV and I would not change the sound from my TV for one of these, that's how terrible it is.It sounds completely muffled.
  • I can imagine megastereo would be like megamuffled.
  • The different sound presets from the app barely changes the way it sounds, except for the live concert maybe a bit more.I think the problem resides in the size and power of the unit, can't blame Creative, I guess.
  • Maybe these speakers are one of the best of their kind, size, but if you're looking for good audio this isn't an option, you'll be extremely disappointed.I was very frustrated because you read reviews and some of them seem to be very knowledgeable people.Do not look for miracles, if you want high quality sound get yourself something else bigger, as bookshelf speakers for example, and avoid any kind of compact or sleek designs like sound bars etc.
  • If you want a compact speaker that is easy to pack inside your bag or sit at home, the Creative iRoar Pro is an excellent choice.
  • It’s incredibly loud despite the size, offers all-day battery and outstanding sound quality.
  • Thanks to intelligent audio profiles, dedicated ‘Roar’ mode and intuitive equaliser control, the iRoar Pro delivers great dimension to sound, in particular to bass reproduction and crispy vocals.
  • I’ve tested the Creative iRoar Pro for over a month or so, using it regularly to the point it’s on at least some point everyday.
  • This is a powerful portable speaker, despite it’s compact design.
  • It measures 22.5cm wide, 12cm deep, 5.7cm tall with a weight of 1.1kg. It’s a rectangular, boxy shape, however design looks premium with unique elements to stand out. There are different textures, patterns and materials used here – metal grills cover the whole front and sides, gold trims along the edges that wrap around the unit and a glossy black finish on the top with dimpled patterns that offer a smooth, faint response to the touch.
  • Bottom and rear are matte black, with two long rubber strips for a grippy base.
  • The design is striking and pleasant to look at, especially with that plastic circular centre with more metal grill goodness. On top, there are touch sensitive controls and a dedicated ‘roar’ and ‘mic beam’ function which I’ll detail later.