Itron Centron Smart Meter

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FortisBC – Reading your electricity meter:. – To our knowledge has NO WIRELESS functionality to it, and was likely installed before July 2011.

BC Hydro “digital” meter ( Itron Centron C1S )

FOR MORE INFO ON THIS MODEL NOTE : These can be MODIFIED, Antennas ADDED, measure the RF Levels to be sure its not transmitting.

which has WIRELESS functions. It also can use Zigbee Wireless, Cellular phone network, Ethernet or Phone lines . according to Itron Patents and Itron Annual Reports. #1 : FIRST CHECK FOR THESE WORDS “OPEN WAY“ which are located at the Bottom. #2 : The distinctive “V” pattern on the right, this is a Dock for the hydro company to read the Smart Meter when there in person.

#3 : Notice the Black BUTTON for controlling the digital Display, Its only on a Smart Meter. #4 : Installed after JULY 1st 2011. FOR MORE INFORMATION.

INDUSTRY CANADA / MEASUREMENT CANADA . An Investigation of Radiofrequency Fields.

Associated with the Itron Smart Meter. “For the Itron equipment that was the subject of this investigation, Two separate transmitters are contained in. the end-point meters.

How to Read Your Smart Meter:

The wireless mesh network can be referred to as an RF LAN (radio frequency local area network).

The Itron RF LAN operates in the 902-928 MHz license free band using spread spectrum. transmitting technology. A second, separate transmitter that operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range (2405.