Itron Cl200 Meter

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The CL 200 on your electric meter refers to your Amp service. However, CL 200 simply indicates capacity instead of confirming actual service. Your power company can confirm service capacity. If your home isn't at 200 Amp service, consider upgrading with help from a licensed electrician. Enter a zip below and get matched to top-rated pros near you. You don't have to be an electrician to know what the numbers on your meter mean. What might look like some random codes are important denotations for your home's electrical system. One string of characters that might be leaving you mystified is CL 200. Let's clear up the confusion! Most people who live in modern, single-family homes will come across this string of numbers and letters on their meters. CL 200 indicates that your home is rated for up to 200 Amp service. Of course, even an older home may also be at 200 Amp service, and it’s possible to update an older house to have 200 Amp service. The 200 Amp service represented by the CL 200 indicator on your electric meter means that your box is rated for up to 200A continuous 220/240V power draw through it. In other words, the combined total load from both your breaker boxes and main breakers should not go beyond 200A on each live lead of your 220/240V wiring. Related Article. The average cost to move an electric meter ranges from $100 to $1,200. While you may have a CL 200 meter base, that doesn't mean that you necessarily have 200A service drop capacity. In fact, your actual capacity could be much less than 200A.