Itron Electric Meters Secret Codes

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Trademarks Used in this Manual. Compliance with FCC Regulations. FCC Part 15, Subpart C. RF Exposure Information. Canadian Interference Causing Equipment Regulations. Factory Repair of Meters. Repair of Meters under Warranty. Repair of Meters Not under Warranty. Service Return Address. Recycling Information. Table of Contents. About this Manual. General Description. Physical Description. Figure 1: CENTRON Personality Modules. Personality Modules. Figure 2: CENTRON 120 Volt Metrology. Figure 3: CENTRON 240 Volt Metrology. Figure 4: CENTRON 20 Amp Metrology. Product Availability. Figure 5: CENTRON Personality Module Assembly. Display Functions. Operating Environment. Characteristic Data. Figure 6: Dimensions. C1SD/C1ST/C1SL Dimensions. Shipping Weights. Figure 7: C12.19 C1SD/T/L C1SR2/R3 Dimensions. Selecting a Site. Installing the Meter into Service. Programming the C12.19 C1SD,T, L Meter. Retrofitting with Personality Modules. Figure 8: Removing the Board-To-Board Connector. Figure 9: New Module Snap-In. Figure 10: Circuit Board Notches. Figure 11: Board-To-Board Connector, Bottom. Figure 12: Board-To-Board Connector, Top. CENTRON 1S, 2S CL200, and 3S. Figure 13: Power Measurement Principle in 2S Meter. Figure 14: Simplified CENTRON Architecture. Centron 2S Cl320, 4S, 12/25S. Figure 15: Hall Cells and Adcs. Figure 16: C1S LCD Personality Module. Physical Description (Personality Modules). Figure 17: Mounted C12.19 D/T/L Register. Resetting Values (ZRO-C2A). Figure 18: ZRO-C2A Resetter Connected to the CENTRON. LCD Display Function. Figure 19: Reverse Side of ZRO-C2A Resetter. Non-Detented Register. Detented Register. Figure 21: Non-Detented Register. Figure 22: Delivered Kwh with Detent Enabled. Figure 23: Net Kwh. Factory Programming Options. Digits and Multipliers. Figure 24: Segment Check. Figure 25: CENTRON C1SR Meter. Standard Consumption Message (SCM). Interval Data Message (IDM). Physical Description (C1SR). Figure 26: C1SR LCD. C1SR Electronic Detent. Resetting Values (C1SR). FCC Regulations. Testing the RF Message. Tamper Detection. Testing the C1SR Tamper Counter. Retrofitting the C1SR Personality Module. Figure 27: C1SR FCC Label Location. Figure 28: CENTRON C1SC. Physical Description. Transmission Scheme. FCC Regulations.