Itron Fc300 Handheld Manual

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9Unpacking the FC300 Handheld Computer. 10Getting Familiar with Your FC300.

11Back View with Hand Strap. 11Back View of Battery Compartment. 13LED Status Indicators. 14Battery Charging LED. 14Bluetooth LED. 15System Status LED. 15Setting Up a New FC300. 17Installing the Battery. 17Charging the Battery. 18External Power Supply. 19USB Client Y Cable. 20Applying External Power to the FC300. 20Power On/Suspend/Off the FC300.

21Resetting the FC300. 24Backup Battery. 25Replacing the Battery. 28Modifier Keys. 29Keys and Key Sequence. 32Accented Keys. 33Taskbar Icons. 34Calibrating the Touch Screen. 36Calibrating the Double-Tap. 37Disabling/Enabling the Touch Screen. 40Setting Owner Information. 43Setting the Device Name. 44Setting the Date/Time. 45Setting Power Schemes.


48Setting Speaker Sounds and Volume. 51Using the Flashlight. 52Backlight Settings. 52Keypad Backlight. 53Touch Screen Backlight. 55Setting the Radio. 56Antenna Types. 57Attaching the Antenna. 57Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN).


58Setting Up Wi-Fi. 62Bluetooth Devices. 62Setting Up a Bluetooth Device. 70Attaching Holster to Belt. 74Front and Back Views. 75Top and Bottom Views. 75Charging an FC300 from a Vehicle. 76Applying the Touch Screen Protective Film. 78Exposure to Moisture. 78Itron Applications. Table of Contents. Unpacking the FC300 Handheld Computer. Getting Familiar with Your FC300. Back View with Hand Strap. Back View of Battery Compartment. LED Status Indicators. Battery Charging LED. System Status LED. Setting Up a New FC300. Installing the Battery. Charging the Battery.


External Power Supply. USB Client Y Cable. Applying External Power to the FC300. Power On/Suspend/Off the FC300. Resetting the FC300. Replacing the Battery. Keys and Key Sequence. Calibrating the Touch Screen. Calibrating the Double-Tap.

Disabling/Enabling the Touch Screen. Setting Owner Information.

Setting the Device Name. Setting the Date/Time. Setting Power Schemes.

Setting Speaker Sounds and Volume. Using the Flashlight. Backlight Settings. Keypad Backlight. Touch Screen Backlight.



Setting the Radio.

Attaching the Antenna.

Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN).