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Post by Michele Reister, Sensus. The sun is setting on Itron’s popular FC300 handhelds.

Utilities will need to rethink their meter data collection strategies. According to Itron, most of the nearly 30,000 units that have been deployed are still in service today.* On December 31, 2021 utilities will not be able to receive any maintenance or support for the FC300 handhelds including software updates, repairs, batteries and spare parts.

Of course I am biased, but I think this is a perfect opportunity to consider migrating from walk-by/drive-by meter reading technology to the speed and efficiency of AMI. I also know many utilities are concerned about the time, cost and upheaval of converting to a new system. Luckily, to alleviate these concerns, there are both transitional and full replacement options available with little to no integration costs.

Itron FC300

With FlexNet EasyLink™, you can collect data from both ERTs and Sensus SmartPoints® simultaneously. Keep your existing assets while transitioning to the FlexNet® AMI system at your pace. Because of this, there are no major costs involved in your asset transition.

Consider Alternatives for an Easy Transition from AMR to AMI

You’re familiar with managed services, right? Your company may outsource its IT, accounting, or call center functions. Thinking along the same lines, utilities and municipalities must ask themselves “Is network management our core competency?” If the answer is no, ask “Can we adapt and effectively manage a smart utility network?” If the answer is no, consider outsourcing that responsibility and expertise to a trusted partner. With Network as a Service (NaaS) you get all the benefits of FlexNet with Sensus taking care of the ownership, management and maintenance for you.

It all comes down to the data

No capital investments, just predictable operating expenses with guaranteed performance and top security. No matter where you are in your plans as the clock rapidly counts down to December 2021, what every utility depends on is access to timely data for better informed decisions.

Learn more about easy options for a seamless transition from outdated Itron technology to a smarter utility network.

Watch our video: AMR to AMI Made Easy, Your Way. *Source: https:/

Full article: https:/ As of December 31, 2021, the Itron FC300 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Keep your ERTs and migrate to AMI at your own pace

Smart utility network – let us do the heavy lifting for you

JPW Technologies offers you options to buy, repair, and get an extended warranty on the manufacturer’s discontinued Itron FC300.

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