Itron Meter Reading System

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It is time to take advantage of Itron’s reading system upgrade from MVRS to FCS software for qualified users. Free FCS software upgrades are being offered from Itron through the end of 2020 and MVRS support will officially end on December 31, 2021.
The Avanti Company has three certified FCS installers that have performed hundreds of successful Itron Reading System installations.
These installers will install and train Utility users to boost the performance of this enhanced reading system software for current and future meter reading needs.
FCS is a versatile software solution that allows manual, automatic meter reading (AMR) or advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems to be used.
It can import and assign routes for handheld and mobile collection devices, manage field data, and schedule routes for billing to be exported.
The FCS handheld application program provides field workers with an efficient means of collecting meter readings, other important data, and using reliable mobile devices to conduct appropriate field work.
The base price for an Avanti led Itron MVRS to FCS software upgrade is $5,000 and it includes the installation as well as essential training. Please contact Avanti today to schedule the FCS upgrade by calling 800-284-5231 or sending an email to [email protected]
The Avanti Company was founded in 1977 by Paul and Justine Devlin and is headquartered in Avon Park, FL.
We provide , metering systems, AMI support, , sewer flow monitoring, inspection and assessment services for the water, wastewater, agricultural, petroleum and industrial marketplaces. Avanti represents products from McCrometer, Itron, Hach Flow, Honeywell/Elster, 64 seconds, Infosense, Nicor, Badger Meter, and others. Please visit our website at, email us at [email protected] or call us at 863-453-5336 for assistance with all of your flow meter and metering system needs.
ITRON MOBILE Accurate, Efficient, Safe, Data Collection Itron Mobile is a meter data collection tool kit designed for today’s mobile employee that allows companies to get the most value and efficiency from their field workforce while also enhancing employee safety.
Itron Mobile enables laptop, tablet and smartphone meter reading and data collection in a flexible, affordable system that keeps you connected to your mobile workforce throughout the workday. Itron Mobile and the Itron Field Collection System (FCS) host provide all the best features from decades of experience with innovative new features that will fulfill your mobile data collection needs, now and in the future.
Flexible and Affordable The Itron Mobile app is available for Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10 and can run on smartphones, tablets and laptops.
This unmatched variety of choices allows the company to choose the best and most affordable device for each employee. Connected The mobile workforce can be online throughout the day. Data synchronization uses any Internet connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet) from anywhere the mobile user has an Internet connection: at home, in the office, or in the field. Safe and Efficient Itron Mobile is designed to get the user to the meter as safely and quickly as possible.
Codes and messages associate each meter with location tips and hazardous conditions.
Codes and messages can be added to the main display, called up when desired, or pop-up at the start or end of the work order along with audio and vibration alerts. Mapping is available to all users to help get them get to the meters as quickly as possible. Data Collection In one app, Itron Mobile includes keyed data entry for visual reads and walk-by and drive-by advanced automated meter reading (AMR). Data is stored instantly and safely in device memory and periodically sent to the company data center using Itron cloud communications.
Anyone equipped with an Itron Mobile device can collect meter readings and other valuable information about company assets and perform a variety of other field activities needed by the company.
Visual Meter Reading At the heart of Itron Mobile is visual meter reading perfected during Itron’s 40 years of experience. A robust read validation process provides an accurate and certified reading to ensure accurate billing. Each reading is compared to high and low limits defined for that meter. For any reading that is outside the limits, the user completes one or more validation tasks as defined by the company’s business rules.
Asset Management Itron Mobile can be used to collect data to improve company operations and fulfill regulatory requirements including photos, surveys, GPS coordinates and more.
Get the most from your mobile workforce by also managing basic field service activities such as investigations, meter exchanges, maintenance, and service disconnect and connect, which can be completed manually or remotely.
Itron Wireless Communications Modules Itron Advanced Automated Meter Reading (AMR) ensures accuracy, significantly increases efficiency and improves employee safety by eliminating exposure to hazardous conditions.
Itron radio technology has evolved with the rapidly changing needs of the industry. Walk-by data collection is performed with the compact Itron Mobile Radio that uses Bluetooth® to connect to the Itron Mobile app on a variety of mobile devices.