Itron Mobile Radio Manual

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Table of Contents.

Carrying the Portable Itron Mobile Radio

Itron Mobile Radio Parts List. Charging the Portable IMR Battery.
Turning the Radio on or off. Power Indicator LED Table.
External Vehicle Antenna Specifications.
Installing the Antenna.
Selecting an Antenna Location on the Vehicle.

Installing the Permanent Antenna Mount.

Installing the IMR-FT

LED Status Indicators

Battery Basics

  • Installing the Magnetic Antenna Mount. Installing the DC Power Cable.
  • Power Cable Routing--All Installations. Power Cable Installation--Removable. Power Cable Installation--Permanent. Installing the Mounting Jacket in the Vehicle. Installing on a Lap Seat Belt. Installing on a Partition or Other Vehicle Structure. Installing on a Pedestal. Installing the IMR-FT in the Mounting Jacket.
  • Removing the IMR-FT from the Mounting Jacket. Cleaning the Radio Case. Installing a Replacement Battery. Servicing the IMR-FT Charge Base. Removing the IMR-FT Charge Base. Replacing the Charge Base Antenna Cable. Servicing the IMR-FT External Antenna. Inspecting the Antenna Connectors and Cables. Inspecting the Antenna Base and Whip. Cleaning the Antenna.
  • Replacing the Antenna Gasket. Replacing the Antenna Cable. Battery Best Practices List. AC Power Adapter. Issue and Solution Table.
  • Radio Readings Tips. Pairing Bluetooth for Itron Mobile for FCS Users.
  • Pairing Bluetooth in Windows.
  • To Pair Bluetooth in Windows.
  • Troubleshooting

    Table of Contents Introduction .................... 1 Daily Operation ..................8 Battery Basics ..................18 Safety ..................... 21 Troubleshooting ................... 25 Itron Mobile Radio Capabilities and Limitations ......29...
  • Storing Your Radio

    USB communication port. For information about the USB communication port, see Communication Port on page 13. Related Documents • Itron Mobile User Guide The Itron Mobile Radio is designed for use with handheld and laptop computers running Itron Mobile software application. • Itron Mobile Radio Quick Reference Guide •...
  • Page 12 Documentation Conventions This guide uses the following documentation conventions: Convention Example Hypertext links appear in blue text. Copyright for identification information. Warning This type of note is used to warn of potential physical harm to the user or hardware. It is critical that you pay strict attention to Warning notes, read the information carefully, and heed the advice and/or instructions.
  • Page 13 Unpacking Your Itron Mobile Radio The Itron Mobile Radio comes with the following items. Item Description • Itron Mobile Radio with built-in antenna • AC power adapter AC wall plug with USB type A port. • Communication cable USB cable.
  • Page 14 When you unpack your radio, make sure you have all of the components listed here. If any are missing, contact Itron Support Services immediately. After you install the battery, charge the radio to 100 percent capacity before using it. Complete charging takes about six hours.
  • Page 15 To install and charge the battery Plug the connector into the socket in the battery compartment. You will have to bend the wires at the connector at a 90 degree angle.
  • Page 16 Insert the battery into the compartment. • Make sure the battery label is facing the ridges on the radio case. • Make sure the wires are along the same side as the connector. • Make sure the removal tab is facing out. Caution Do not pinch the battery wires when replacing the battery compartment cover.
  • Page 17 Tighten the screws to ensure water tightness. Plug the USB cable into the Itron Mobile Radio. Plug the USB cable into a PC, an AC wall adapter, or a 12V AC car adapter. Allow the Itron Mobile Radio to charge for at least six hours.
  • Safety

    Daily Operation • Inspect the radio for broken, loose, or missing parts and fasteners, taking corrective action as required. • Make sure the radio is operated and stored within the recommended temperature range. Operating temperature: -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C) Storage temperature: -40°...
  • Page 19 Turning the Radio On or Off To turn the radio on (battery power) • Press and hold the button for three seconds (until the Power LED turns green) to turn the radio on. To turn the radio off (battery power) •...
  • Page 20 . The color and illumination of the LED lights provide feedback about the Itron Mobile Radio's status. The LED lights have two patterns for displaying different states. • Solid. Continuous without interruption or alteration •...
  • Page 21 The following tables describes the LED colors and patterns for the most common radio conditions. Power indicator Solid Flash • Error: Battery Error: General • Turning on • Initializing • Battery more than 50% Button pressed • Charged Battery more than 20% Charging Battery less than 20%...
  • Page 22 Comm indicator Solid Flash USB connected Error Bluetooth® connected Bluetooth low energy connected Note The application connected to the radio may assign a display pattern to the LEDs that is not described in these tables.
  • Page 23 USB Communication Port The Itron Mobile Radio has one USB communication port under a protective rubber flap on the side of the radio near the top. ® In addition, the radio is equipped with an internal port for wireless Bluetooth communications.
  • Page 24 Carrying the Itron Mobile Radio The Itron Mobile Radio’s shoulder harness and belt clip provide convenient, hands-free ways to carry the radio while installing, reading, and maintaining meters and endpoints. The shoulder harness and belt clip let you wear the radio comfortably while walking or driving.
  • Page 25 • Do not drop your radio or subject it to severe impacts. • Do not use products containing DEET near the Itron Mobile Radio. DEET will degrade the radio's casing. • When installing or replacing the battery, make sure to follow the provided instructions to maintain water tightness.
  • Page 26 To clean the Itron Mobile Radio case Wipe the radio’s case with a damp cloth. Use a soft-bristle brush to remove stubborn deposits. Blow any water out of the connector and then leave the radio to drain and air-dry. Warning Never use solvents of any kind on the case.
  • Page 27 LED Status Indicators on page 9. If you are storing the Itron Mobile Radio for an extended period of time, you should let it remain charging or remove its battery. Note Remove the Itron Mobile Radio’s battery before storing the device for periods...
  • Itron Mobile Radio Compliance

    Battery Basics The Itron Mobile Radio uses a rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack as its main power source whenever it is not receiving power through its USB cable. Caution Do not use any power source other than the Itron-recommended battery. Using another power source could damage the radio.
  • Page 29 Battery Best Practices Itron recommends the following practices to ensure long battery life. • Charge the radio at the end of each work day. • Check the charge status at the beginning of each work day. • Charge the radio at room temperature (68° F/20° C).
  • Page 30 • Shallow or partial discharge and charge cycles are preferred, rather than allowing the battery pack to drain completely before recharging it. • Charging after a shallow or partial discharge does not degrade battery pack life or performance.
  • Optimizing Bluetooth® Performance

    Safety Your Itron Mobile Radio is ergonomically designed for safe, comfortable use. However, as with all equipment, you should follow good working practices while using it. Minimize risk by following these guidelines. • Maintain good posture while using the radio. Keep your fingers and body relaxed whenever possible.
  • Page 32 Make sure ventilation around the adapter is not restricted while it is in use. • Use only the AC adapter supplied with your Itron Mobile Radio. Do not substitute an alternative or unapproved adapter; this may damage the Itron Mobile Radio and void the warranty. •...
  • Page 33 • Make sure the connector is firmly connected. • Avoid mechanical strain to cables and connectors. • In the event of overloading, the AC adapter is designed to be fail-safe and may stop functioning. • Do not try to use the AC adapter to power any other equipment. •...
  • Page 34 Warning—Explosion Hazard Do not disconnect equipment unless power has been switched off or the area is known to be non-hazardous. Avertissement—Risque d’Explosion Avant de deconnecter l’equipement, couper le courant ou s’assurer qu l’emplacement is designe non dangereux. Warning—Explosion Hazard Substitution of components may impair suitability for Class 1, Division 2 locations.
  • Daily Operation

    Troubleshooting If you have a problem with your Itron Mobile Radio, review the appropriate troubleshooting steps listed below. If the problem remains unresolved, contact an Itron customer service representative (e-mail: [email protected]; phone: 1.877.487.6602). Problem Possible Solutions • If charging from a PC through the USB cable, try a different Battery does not charge USB port on the PC.
  • Page 36 Problem Possible Solutions • Make sure the battery indicates a full charge following an Battery power drains overnight charge (see LED Status Indicators on page 9). quickly • If the previous troubleshooting suggestions do not solve the issue, replace the battery. •...
  • Page 37 Optimizing Bluetooth® Performance Bluetooth communication works best when the communicating devices have an unobstructed view from one device to the other. When possible, remove or reduce obstacles between the Itron Mobile Radio and the mobile device during Bluetooth communication. Tips for Radio Readings The Itron Mobile Radio is used to receive the radio signals from ERT-equipped meters.
  • Page 38 • Shielding. When conductive materials are close together, as in metal partitions or narrow- mesh fencing, they act as a shield and absorb the entire radio signal. Move a short distance away from conductive material so the ERT signal is not shielded. Keep moving to assist in receiving signals that may be shielded.
  • Communication Ports

    Transmit frequency MAS, FCC: 952 MHz–960 MHz Transmit frequency MAS, ISED: 952 MHz–953 MHz Transmit frequency ISM: 908 MHz–923.8 MHz Antenna type: Directional antenna with maximum gain perpendicular to the front face of the IMR unit. Receiver Information Frequency ISM: 908–923.8 MHz...
  • Page 40 Bluetooth Manufacturer: Panasonic Model: PAN1326B FCC ID: T7V1316 IC: 216Q-1316 Transmitter class: Class 1 Transmit/receive frequency: 2402 MHz–2480 MHz Maximum transmitter power: 10.5 dBm Antenna type: integral, chip...