Itron Sentinel Meter

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We have a large amount of Refurbished Itron Sentinel Meters in stock to choose from.

All Meters go through our standard process of: . SS4S1D Fm16S 120-480V CL200 Level 1. SS4S1T Fm16S 120-480V CL200. S2D Fm12S 120-480V CL 200 Level 2.

S9 Fm9S 120-480V CL20 Level 1. S5 Fm45S 120-480V CL20 Level 1.

SS1S1T Fm2S 240V CL200 Level 1.

Some of the types available:

SS1S1T Fm2S 120-480V CL200 2R .

Lifting Solutions is an authorized distributor of Itron SENTINEL meters.


  • Utility-class accuracy
  • Voltage quality
  • 4-quadrant metering
  • Diagnostic snapshots for troubleshooting