Itron Water Meters Lawsuits

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By Marius Meland (October 15, 2003, 12:00 AM EDT) -- Itron, a provider of information technology to the utilities industry, settled a lawsuit filed by Ralph Benghiat over Itron's manual-entry handheld meter reading devices, the company reported in a statement Wednesday.The settlement resolves all outstanding Benghiat patent litigation issues and assigns ownership of Mr.

Benghiat's patent to Itron, the company said.On December 20, 2002, a jury in Minneapolis found that Itron's manual entry handheld meter reading devices infringed a patent owned by Mr.

Benghiat and awarded Mr. Benghiat damages of $7.4 million. On August 29, 2003, the Court issued an injunction prohibiting sales of the products in concern and..

The Guam Waterworks Authority has dropped the civil lawsuit against Badger Meter, Inc filed in local court and is pursuing the matter on the federal level.

GWA provided notice of the removal of the action against Badger Meter and its insurers in the Superior Court of Guam conveying to the District Court of Guam that jurisdiction over the matter falls under the federal court.

The utility claims that a breach of contract occurred related to the professional services provided by Badger Meter, which violates the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. GWA is seeking $18 million in damages. The action arises out of a contract between GWA and Badger Meter under which GWA purchased LP water meters, registers and endpoints from Badger Meter.

Court documents state that from 2008-2010, GWA experienced severe system-wide failure of its existing residential water meters and in 2011, GWA management made the decision to do a total meter replacement. That meant purchasing 37,474 LP meters between 2012 and 2014. Badger Meter was awarded the contract under the representations of being the expert in suitable water meters which would properly function in Guam’s environment, avoiding loss of revenue to GWA.

However, this was not the case. The LP meters sold to GWA failed at alarming rates, GWA says in 2017, a report showed 1500 LP meter failures in one month. GWA also reported an $8 million loss in revenue the previous fiscal year. GWA claims Badger sold and delivered faulty LP meters and is in breach of contract to provide working and accurate meters.

Further breaching the contract by not replacing the defective LP meters as agreed. The failure has racked up $3.9 million in costs for replacement meters, $2.4 million in labor costs, $12 million in lost income and $18,900 in costs for expert and testing services. This week, a lawsuit has been filed in a California federal court alleging that health impacts from smart meters and the smart grid have occurred, causing injuries and losses, rendering a San Diego California resident to be unable to occupy her home or live in her home state of California. Celeste Deborah Cooney, who filed the complaint pro se (representing herself) reports that she has become essentially a refugee from electricity, smart meters and RF radiation, having to seek refuge in a West Virginia location that has very little RF radiation, in a cabin with no electricity.

She has to avoid electricity for most of the day, in addition to RF radiation, now.

Defendents include M. Peevey of CPUC, State of CA; the Attorney General of the State of CA; San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E); and Itron, Inc. (Itron makes smart meters used in San Diego.).

Cooney invites the general public to consider also filing similar lawsuits and gives permission to borrow any terminology from her complaint that is appropriate.

Highly qualified attorneys and organizations wishing to assist Ms.

Cooney with her legal case are invited to contact her at [email protected]

HEALTH –Central California
Lawsuit filed against the CPUC (Central Public Utilities Commission) for ignoring evidence of harmful health effects of Smart Meters. (Latest update) Link on story
Status:Newly filed.

A top PG&E executive was caught spying and attempting to infiltrate a nonprofit to gather information about a forthcoming lawsuit. (Coverage of case) Curious and curiouser. (Legal Order to investigate)

Filed by an Electro-magnetic consulting firm,Wilner and Associates this Class Action Lawsuit list multiple ten grievances and is seeking $10,000 per customer who has experienced negative health effects. (Story) (Case Filing)

Residents have filed a federal lawsuit (News article) seeking an injunction to instillation (Court Documents)
Up to date info on the case
Status:Discovery phase of the case

Cases “Loss” (aka opportunity to learn so we win the next round)


According to the lawsuit, the Don Baker, plaintiff, is an engineer and was an AMI smart grid project manager. He alleges the smart meters were not properly tested, and were seriously flawed. He found that the Sensus iConA had a “tendency to drastically overheat, and melt or burn”. He was asked to keep quiet and was eventually terminated for failing to do so.

Status: The fire issue was not the focus of the case, it was misuse of Federal Funds.The District Attorney chose not to pursue the case, not based on the fire hazard claims, but claiming Federal Money was not misused. (case documents)


A class action lawsuit (Case documents) filed against Texan Utilities company Oncor. (News Story, Video)
Status: Case Dismissed (One analysis of why it failed)

(7/14) OVERCHARGING Bakersfield California
Initially an individual case alleging overcharging of smart meters (Initial Filing), this turned into a class action lawsuit (News report).
Status: Initially SUCCESS! Then