Js Read Local Json File

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This article will show you how to read a JSON file into JavaScript as a JSON object – both local and remote files.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a file format that stores objects, and arrays of objects, as human-readable text. It’s become the most popular method of storing and transmitting structured data on the internet. Thousands of APIs (used for mapping, communication, authentication, and many other purposes) use it as the format for submitting and receiving data.

Desktop applications also use it to store user data, and databases have adopted it for storing structured data.

It’s everywhere, so you’ll be getting pretty familiar with it no matter what you’re working on.

Here’s how it looks:.

Above, a list of pets is defined in JSON syntax.

If you’ve been working with JavaScript objects, you’ll recognize that it is very similar to the syntax used to define objects and arrays in JavaScript.

You can find out more about the JSON syntax itself here.