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Thor: Love and Thunder Interactive Trailer. Do you like this video? Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble Zi-O (仮面ライダークライマックススクランブルジオウ,Kamen Raidā Kuraimakkusu Sukuranburu Jiō), known internationally as Kamen Rider Climax Scramble, is a Japanese fighting game developed by Lancarse and Bandai Namco Entertainment exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Serving as the sequel to Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters, it is the second installment of the Climax Fighters reboot and the seventh overall installment of the Kamen Rider: Climax series. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the game features all the Riders within the Heisei-era that ended with Zi-O as playable characters. Along with the original Japanese release, an English localization of the game was released to several Asian countries with English subtitles.

A Korean localization published by Daewon Media in South Korea was released coupled with a Korean-dub. A Chinese localization was also released in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 5Songs featured. A mysterious ring of 270 diameters appeared in the sky, and both Sougo Tokiwa and Geiz Myoukouin head to investigate. However, they encounter a supposedly evil Sento Kiryu who attacks them. With the three transformed, the two defeat Build, who claims he is the real deal as he escapes into thin air.

The two continue to investigate the area, before being ambushed by Ryuga Banjo. The two fight Cross-Z and defeat him, who then revealed that both Build and he are from a different time, and vow to come back with him to defeat Zi-O and Geiz, before running off. That night, Sougo and Geiz re-encounter Sento and Ryuga, however, Geiz notices that the two Riders weren't referring to anyone any their civilian names, but their Rider names, raising his suspicions.

Ryuga then suggests a tag-team battle. Zi-O and Geiz manage to win, however, it results in a black haze coming out of Build and Cross-Z, which seeps deep underground.

Regaining their composure, Build and Cross-Z are confused as to what was going on and notices both Sougo and Geiz and calls them by their civilian names.

  • Sento and Geiz meet for the first time.
  • The last thing Sento and Ryuga remember was a shadow that was right outside Nascita, which they deduce to be the culprit in this mysterious phenomenon.
  • Sento and Ryuga become surprised to find out that they've time traveled to 2018 from 2017, but until they discover how Build and Cross-Z traveled from the past, they'll be staying to help Sougo and Geiz investigate.
  • Sento wants to investigate Geiz's Time Machine, but he refused, thus Ryuga calls Sento a "mad scientist".
  • more to be added.

Having the game based on Climax Fighters, Climax Scramble Zi-O is a 3D arena fighting game.



  • Kamen Rider Cross-Z[1]Cross-Z ChargeCross-Z Magma. Kamen Rider Zi-OBuildArmorFourzeArmorWArmor.
  • Kamen Rider GeizBuildArmorFaizArmor. Kamen Rider WozFuturering Shinobi.
  • Futurering Shinobi. Kamen Rider KuugaMighty Form > Rising MightyDragon Form > Rising DragonPegasus Form > Rising PegasusTitan Form > Rising TitanUltimate Form.

Songs featured

Mighty Form > Rising Mighty. Dragon Form > Rising Dragon. Pegasus Form > Rising Pegasus. Titan Form > Rising Titan.

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