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This article is about a series entry (the 25th) in the Kamen Rider Series.
WARNING:This series contains scenes of gun violence and blood. Viewer discretion is advised!






What Are the Steel Robbers After?[edit]


Release Date

Where Will Chaser Proceed?[edit]

Who Claimed the Life of Eisuke Tomari?[edit]

Who will Reveal the True Culprit?[edit]

This is a list of episodes of the 2014–2015 Kamen Rider SeriesKamen Rider Drive.

Why Did the Two Genius Researchers Clash?[edit]

Who Claimed the Life of Shinosuke Tomari?[edit]

Production Order
Kamen Rider GaimKamen Rider Ghost
For the series' main character, Drive, see Shinnosuke Tomari.

Reflecting the detective-investigative quality of the show, each episode's title is a question. After Drive forcefully de-transformed from Freeze's snowstorm attack, Freeze decides to retreat, given that his strength is still incomplete. Chaser still fights Mach and the latter escapes after exchanging firepowers. At the Unit's office again, Mr. Belt gets into an argument again with Shinosuke, as Jun broke their fight and brings Krim away to cool him down.

While Kiriko calms down Shinosuke, Jun brings Krim to his favourite scenery at the rooftop and calms him as well.In the Unit's discussion, the team try to figure out how to counter the memory manipulation effects made by Freeze.

Chase reveals that another method of Freeze's memory manipulation was by replacing his target's memories related to a certain keyword with forged ones.

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Genpachiro and the First Division officers were among the victims, with his inability to pronounce Roidmude being unintentional. Kyu also reveals that other than Iwao Fujiki, there are other 20 serial kidnappings that happened using the mail sent in by Mister X, which started to happen since 12 years ago, the same year of Eisuke Tomari's death. Kiriko reports to Shinosuke of another case, where they are tasked to scan Heavy Acceleration particles at the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Lab.

What Is Making Mach Run?[edit]


Why Is Lieutenant Otta Following That Guy?[edit]

Kamen Rider DriveShinnosuke Tomari (Other users)
Kamen Rider MachGo Shijima
Kamen Rider ProtodriveChase
Kamen Rider Chaser

What Is the Roidmudes' Final Dream?[edit]

Kamen Rider LupinZoruku Tojo ►◄ Roidmude 100
Kamen Rider 3Kyoichiro Kuroi
Kamen Rider 4Kamen Rider 4
Kamen Rider FaizGreat Leader of Shocker
Kamen Rider (Dark) DriveEiji Tomari ► Paradox/Autopilot
Kamen Rider Chaser MachGo Shijima & Chase
Kamen Rider HeartHeart/(Brain & Medic)
Kamen Rider BrainBrain
Kamen Rider Dark KivaUnnamed follower
Kamen Rider PoseidonUnnamed follower
Kamen Rider WisemanUnnamed follower
Kamen Rider DukeUnnamed follower
Kamen Rider Dark GhostUnnamed follower
Kamen Rider Another Para‑DXUnnamed follower

What Is Go Shijima's Reason to Fight?[edit]

Kamen Rider 4Akagi
Kamen Rider 3Kuroda
Kamen Rider DriveChase
Kamen Rider DriveBrain
Kamen Rider DriveGo Shijima
Kamen Rider DriveMedic
Kamen Rider DriveHeart

Who Can Prevent the Dark Eve?[edit]

What Is a Kamen Rider?[edit]

Mashin ChaserChase
Gold DriveTenjuro Banno
Kamen Rider JunJun Honganji

How Was the Golden Drive Born?[edit]

Fake DriveRoidmude 027
Rider RoboHistory Modifying Machine
Kamen Rider GenpachiroGenpachiro Otta
Omega Rider KuugaOmega Rider Kuuga
Omega Rider RyukiOmega Rider Ryuki
Omega Rider OOOOmega Rider OOO
Omega Rider WizardOmega Rider Wizard
Omega Rider MachOmega Rider Mach
Gaim ObimudeGaim Obimude
Mnemosyne DecadeMnemosyne Decade

Why Did They Have to Fight?[edit]

Drive DriverKrim Steinbelt

Did you know

Why Has My Time Stopped?[edit]

  • Forensic Technician Mariko Minowa (a fan of Shinosuke/Kamen Rider Drive) reports that while she was eating at the lab, a Heavy Acceleration wave was released and several files had been stolen though she had no idea of whom it belonged to.
Kamen Rider 1Takeshi Hongo
Kamen Rider 2Hayato Ichimonji
Kamen Rider V3Shiro Kazami
RidermanJoji Yuki
Kamen Rider XKeisuke Jin
Kamen Rider AmazonDaisuke Yamamoto
Kamen Rider StrongerShigeru Jo
Kamen Rider BlackKohtaro Minami
Kamen Rider Black RX
Kamen Rider FaizTakumi Inui
Kamen Rider BladeKazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider GarrenSakuya Tachibana
Kamen Rider ChaliceHajime Aikawa
Kamen Rider LeangleMutsuki Kamijo
Kamen Rider ZeronosYuto Sakurai
Kamen Rider AccelRyu Terui
Kamen Rider WizardHaruto Soma
Kamen Rider GaimKouta Kazuraba
Kamen Rider BaronKaito Kumon
Kamen Rider RyugenMitsuzane Kureshima
Kamen Rider ZangetsuTakatora Kureshima
Kamen Rider GhostTakeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider SpecterMakoto Fukami
Kamen Rider NecromAlain
Kamen Rider Ex‑AidEmu Hojo
Kamen Rider BraveHiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider SnipeTaiga Hanaya
Kamen Rider LazerKiriya Kujo
AkaNingerTakaharu Igasaki
AoNingerYakumo Katou
KiNingerNagi Matsuo
ShiroNingerFuuka Igasaki
MomoNingerKasumi Momochi

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What Can Judge a Detective?[edit]

Main article: Roidmudes
Heart RoidmudeHeart
Brain RoidmudeBrain
Medic RoidmudeMedic
Freeze RoidmudeFreeze
Tornado RoidmudeTornado
Paradox RoidmudeParadox
Angel RoidmudeAngel Roidmude
Sigma CircularSigma Circular
Revenger RoidmudeRoidmude 005
  • Suddenly, the Shift Cars have track the culprit as they are fighting it, whom turns out to be the Fusion Evolution State Roidmude Thief Roidmude.

How Was That Decisive Moment Captured?[edit]

Kamen Rider OujaTakeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider SaswordTsurugi Kamishiro
Kamen Rider Dark KivaKing
  • Panicked, Thief endangers several civilians and Drive assumes Type Tridoron People Saver, capturing Thief in Justice Cage, saving an injured victim with Cure Quicker and rescued a nearly fallen one with Ladder Expander.
ZZZ Megahex

What Is the Proud Chaser Thinking About?[edit]

Dr. Pac‑ManMichihiko Zaizen
Robol BugsterSoji Kuruse
Doral BugsterKazushige Ryuzaki
Giril BugsterAgeha Takeda
  • Brain appears and saves Thief from his imprisonment.
  • Brain lashes Thief for being clumsy, having depressed after the theft of his tablet and his favourite senior's demise.
  • Brain assures that he will achieve Super Evolution and become a member of the Promised Number.As revealed by Genpachiro, Shizuo Shigeta, the head of forensics lab physical department had been reported missing a few weeks ago.

Why Is Rinna Sawagami Fidgeting?[edit]

  • Kiriko suspects him as a host for the Fusion Evolution State but Mariko denies it, knowing him as an honest person.
  • She suddenly knows what was stolen which is the evidence Shizuo was looking for.

What Is Waiting at the End of Evolution?[edit]

Main article: Kamen Rider Drive Episodes

Witnessing one of the files that dropped by Thief Roidmude, Shinosuke realizes that the cases are the ones that related to his father's death from 12 years ago.At the Unit's office, Nira decided that they need to keep this a secret for a while. Those who had recovered from Freeze's memory manipulation start to regain their true memories.

  1. Nira is at wit's end as he was forced to hold the responsibility for Makage's death.
  2. Captain Shizuo coincidentally was investigating the robbery from 12 years ago, thus being targeted by Thief.
  3. Shinosuke remembers the gun that killed his father may have a piece of evidence, and Nira gives him a list of facilities that used by Makage and theorizes that one of them may be secretly affiliated to him.As Shinosuke and Kiriko storms one of the facility listed, Heart appears and challenges Shinosuke.
  4. He demonstrates his Super Heavy Acceleration ability, with Shift Deadheat and Formula come to rescue Kiriko and Drive.
  5. To make up for his failures, Brain offers himself to attack Kiriko, but finds himself facing Chaser.
  6. Chaser calls Drive for a retreat as Drive cancels Heart's Super Heaviness and escapes.
  7. Go at the same time tries to find a place to house Dr. Banno's A.I., and for the first time acknowledge him as a father.
  8. Shinosuke wonders how Heart is capable of finding him in the facility, thus sensing something else.At the Unit's office, Jun presents Shinosuke, Kiriko and Nira a new batch of antidotes manufactured by Rinna.
  9. In somewhere else, Thief orders the captured Capt. Shizuo to solve the case, giving him the stolen evidences.
  10. Shizuo realises that the bullet is from a different gun than the one that shot Eisuke.
  11. Brain and Thief forces him to remember back the gun that he hid 12 years ago while he was under Makage's spell.
  12. Jun appears and reveals that the gun has his fingerprints, making Thief's host as the murderer of Eisuke.
  13. With Makage died, he feared that the erased memories will appear and thus fused with the Roidmude to destroy the evidence.
  14. Drive appears and separates Thief, revealing Roidmude 106 and worst, Mitsuhide Nira.
  15. He was the only one knew which facility Shinosuke and Kiriko were after and they put up an act to track him with the antidote bottle that placed with a tracker.Nira reveals that he and Eisuke are partners and he grew jealous of Eisuke's escalating success.
  16. He tried various ways to get famous but Eisuke outsmarted him and advice not to take shortcut in solving cases.
  17. What happened in the robbery from 12 years ago is a coincidence.
  18. Makage/001 lured Eisuke to the bank with an anonymous tip. He and Nira entered the bank in disguise of ordinary customers and when the robbery happened, Eisuke covered a little girl when she cried.
  19. Itsuro Negishi eas just pointing his gun to Eisuke and when his acquaintance, Maruya stepped back, Nira secretly knocked him.
  20. Negishi decided to dropped his gun but while doing so, Nira, whom was targeted him switched to Eisuke and instead killed him out of jealousy.
  21. It was then 001 appeared and erase the memories of everyone from the robbery but ordered Nira to obey him for the price.
  22. He hid the gun as long as Nira had his loyalty for 001. Makage soon orders Shizuo to hide the real gun and the shooter's identity while erased the latter's memory from it.Nira's jealousy spiked and Brain orders 106 to re-merge with him to become Thief Roidmude.
  23. Drive as Type Tridoron fights Thief and managed to separate him from Nira but once did so, Brain brings Nira away and turns 106 into a Giant Bat Roidmude.
  24. Drive rides Booster Tridoron and finishes 106 with Rider Break.
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  2. Kamen Rider Build. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Kamen Rider Zi-O. Kamen Rider Gaim.
  3. Kamen Rider Zero-One. Kamen Rider OOO. Kamen Rider Fourze. Kamen Rider Decade. Kamen Rider Kiva. Kamen Rider Kabuto. Kamen Rider Agito. Shinnosuke Tomari is a former elite police officer in the Metropolitan Police who after an event that traumatized one of his colleagues has been "demoted" into the Special Investigations Division, a group that looks into the stranger happenings in the city, particularly the "Heavy Acceleration" events that leave people unable to move that the public have termed the "Heaviness".
  4. When he is chosen by the Drive Driver and Tridoron, Shinnosuke transforms into Kamen Rider Drive and is tasked with battling the Roidmudes who wish to take over the world by eliminating humanity.
  5. The new Dekaranger. It was a most memorable season for me. She has moving characters and can mix Kamen Rider with a police theme.In addition to having a very sad ending.
  6. What is the English language plot outline for Kamen raidâ Doraibu (2014)? The episode titles for this season (with the exception of the finale) are all in the form of a question, with the Japanese version of the "Five Ws" and "How" being colored in red in the titles while the rest of the character string is colored white. The answers can be found in the scenes in each individual episode. Why Did My Time Stop? (俺の時間はなぜ止まったのか,Ore no Jikan wa Naze Tomatta no ka). What is a Kamen Rider? (仮面ライダーとはなにか,Kamen Raidā to ha Nani ka). Who Stole the Woman's Smile? (だれが彼女の笑顔を奪ったのか,Dare ga Kanojo no Egao wo Ubatta no ka). What is That Prideful Chaser Thinking?
  7. (暗黒の聖夜を防ぐのはだれか,Ankoku no Seiya wo Fusegu no wa Dare ka). Where Did That White Kamen Rider Come From?

(白い仮面ライダーはどこから来たのか,Shiroi Kamen Raidā wa Doko Kara Kita no ka).

  1. Why Won't My Little Brother Put On the Brakes? (私の弟にはなぜブレーキがないのか,Watashi no Otōto ni wa Naze Burēki ga Nai no ka).

Who Is the Black Shadow Chasing Her?

  1. (彼女を狙う黒い影はだれか,Kanojo o Nerau Kuroi Kage wa Dare ka). When Will These Feelings Reach You? (その想いが届くのはいつか,Sono Omoi ga Todoku no wa Itsu ka). Why is Rinna Sawagami Nervous?
  2. (沢神りんなはなぜソワソワしていたのか,Sawagami Rinna wa Naze Sowasowa-shiteita no ka). Who Will Control Deadheat? (デッドヒートを制するのはだれか,Deddohīto o Seisuru no wa Dare ka).
  3. Otta Following That Guy? (なぜ追田警部補はそいつを追ったのか,Naze Otta Keibuho wa soitsu o Otta no ka).
  4. What Can Judge the Police? (なにが刑事を裁くのか,Nani ga Keiji wo Sabaku no ka).

Who Does the Warrior Fight For?[edit]

Who Will Control the Dead Heat?[edit]

  1. When Did Kyu Saijo Become a Roidmude? (西城究はいつからロイミュードだったのか,Saijō Kyū wa itsu kara Roimyūdo datta no ka).

What Do the Unusual Dead Speak About?[edit]

  1. What Can Be Spoken By the Irregular Dead? (不揃いの死者たちはなにを語るのか,Fuzoroi no Shisha-tachi wa Nani o Kataru no ka).

Who Stole Her Smile?[edit]

How Can I Use the F1 Body to Fight? (F1ボディでどうやって戦えばよいのか,Efu Wan Bodi de douyatte Tatakae ba yoi no ka).

  • Who Can Stop the Hoax Smile?

Where is the Goddess' Truth?[edit]

  • (悪戯な笑みを止るのはだれか,Itazura na Emi wo Tomeru no wa dare ka). What Can Keep Mach Running?
  • (なにがマッハを走らせるのか,Nani ga Mahha wo Hashiraseru no ka). Why Has a New Battle Started?
  • (新たなる闘いはなぜ始まったのか,Aratanaru Tatakai wa naze Hajimatta no ka).
  • Where is Chaser Going? (チェイサーはどこへ向かうのか,Cheisā wa doko e Mukau no ka).
  • What's Go Shijima's Reason to Fight? (詩島剛が戦う理由はなにか,Shijima Gō ga Tatakau Riyū wa nani ka).
  • Why Were the Families Targeted? (なぜ家族は狙われたのか,Naze Kazoku wa Merawareta no ka).
  • What Really Happened in the Robbery? (強盜事件で本当はなにがあったのか,Gōtō Jiken de Hontō wa nani ga atta no ka).
  • Who Reveals the Real Criminal? (真犯人を語るのはだれか,Shin Hannin o Kataru no ha dare ka).
  • Why Did the Important Memories Disappear? (大切な記憶はどうして消されたのか,Taisetsu na Kiyoku wa doushite Kesareta no ka).
  • What is Waiting At the End of Evolution? (進化の果てに待つものはなにか,Shinka no Hate ni Matsu mono wa nani ka).
  • Who Claimed the Life of Shinnosuke Tomari? (だれが泊進ノ介の命を奪ったのか,Dare ga Tomari Shinnosuke no Inochi wo Ubatta no ka). Who Claimed the Life of Eisuke Tomari?
  • (だれが泊英介の命を奪ったのか,Dare ga Tomari Eisuke no Inochi wo Ubatta no ka). Why Did the Siege Happen?
  • (ろう城事件はなぜ起きたのか,Rōjyō Jiken wa naze Okita no ka).
  • Where Will the Bullet Guide Justice? (銃弾はどこに正義を導くのか,Jūdan wa doko ni Seigi wo Michibiku no ka).
  • Who is Aiming for the Ultimate Taste? (究極の味覚を狙うのはだれか,Kyūkyoku no Mikaku wo Merau no wa dare ka).
  • Why is the Devil Still Seeking Evolution? (悪魔はなぜ進化を求め続けるのか,Akuma wa naze Shinka wo Motome Tsutsukeru no ka).
  • When Will the Whirlwind Kidnapper Attack? (旋風の誘拐犯はいつ襲って来るのか,Senpū no Yūkai-han wa itsu Osotte Kuru no ka).
  • Why Are the Two Genius Scientists Having a Conflict? (2人の天才科学者はなぜ衝突したのか,Futari no Tensai Kakkakusha wa naze Shōtotsu shita no ka).

Kamen Riders

  • How is the Golden Drive Born? (黄金のドライブはどうやって生まれたのか,Ōgon no Doraibu wa dōyatte Umareta no ka).
  • Where is the Truth About the Goddess? (女神の真実はどこにあるのか,Megami no Shinjitsu wa dokuniaru no ka).
  • When Will the Second Global Freeze Start? (第二のグローバルフリーズはいつ起きるのか,Dai-ni no Gurōbaru Furīzu wa itsu Okiru no ka).
  • Who Loves Heart the Most? (だれかハートを一番愛したのか,Dare ka Hāto wo Ichiban Aishita no ka).
  • What is a Roidmude's Last Dream? (ロイミュードの最後の夢とはなにか,Roimyūdo no Saigo no Yume wa nani ka).
  • Why Must They Fight? (彼らはなぜ戦わなければならなかったのか,Karerawa naze Tatakawa nara nakatta no ka).
  • Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend? (友よ、 君はだれに未来を託すのか,Tomo yo, Kimi wa dare ni Mirai wo Takusu no ka).
  • Final Story (Special Edition): The Case of Ghost (最終話(特別編) ゴーストの事件,Saishūwa (Tokubetsu-hen): Gōsuto no Jiken).
  • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダードライブ&鎧武 MOVIE大戦フルスロットル,Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Doraibu Ando Gaimu Mūbī Taisen Furu Surottoru).
  • Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3 (スーパーヒーロー大戦グランプリ仮面ライダー3号,Supā Hīrō Taisen Guran Puri Kamen Raidā Sangō).
  • Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future (劇場版 仮面ライダードライブ サプライズ・フューチャー,Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Doraibu: Sapuraizu Fyūchā).
  • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie Wars Genesis (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー ゴースト&ドライブ 超MOVIE大戦ジェネシス,Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Gōsuto ando Doraibu Chō Mūbī Taisen Jeneshisu).
  • Kamen Rider Drive Saga (仮面ライダードライブサーガ,Kamen Raidā Doraibu Sāga)Kamen Rider Chaser (仮面ライダーチェイサー,Kamen Raidā Cheisā)Kamen Rider Heart (仮面ライダーハート,Kamen Raidā Hāto)Kamen Rider Mach (仮面ライダーマッハ,Kamen Raidā Mahha).
  • Kamen Rider Chaser (仮面ライダーチェイサー,Kamen Raidā Cheisā). Kamen Rider Heart (仮面ライダーハート,Kamen Raidā Hāto).
  • Kamen Rider Mach (仮面ライダーマッハ,Kamen Raidā Mahha). Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr.
  • Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズ Dr.パックマン対エグゼイド&ゴースト with レジェンドライダー,Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu: Dokutā Pakkuman tai Eguzeido ando Gōsuto wizu Rejendo Raidā).
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer (劇場版 仮面ライダージオウ Over Quartzer,Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Jiou: Over Quartzer).
  • Kamen Rider Drive Vs. the Terrifying Zunbo Ganbo Roidmude (仮面ライダードライブVS恐怖のズンボガンボロイミュード,Kamen Raidā Doraibu Tai Kyōfu No Zunbo Ganbo Roimyūdo).

Why Has a New Battle Begun?[edit]

  • D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4 (dビデオスペシャル 仮面ライダー4号,D Bideo Supesharu Kamen Raidā Yongō).
  • Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Vacation One-Hour Combining Special (手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャーVS仮面ライダードライブ 春休み合体1時間スペシャル,Shuriken Sentai Ninninja Tai Kamen Raidā Doraibu Haruyasumi Gattai Ichijikan Supesharu).
  • Kamen Rider Drive & Kamen Rider Mach: Let's Transformation Lesson (仮面ライダードライブ&仮面ライダーマッハ レッツ変身講座,Kamen Raidā Doraibu & Kamen Raidā Mahha Rettsu Henshin Kōza).
  • Movie Roadshow Commemoration! 1 Minute Stories (映画公開記念!1分間ストーリー,Eiga Kōkai Kinen!
  • Ichi Funkan Sutōrī). Kamen Rider Drive: Secret Missions (仮面ライダードライブ シークレット・ミッション,Kamen Raidā Doraibu: Shīkuretto Misshon)Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze (type ZERO 第0話 カウントダウンtoグローバルフリーズ,Taipu Zero Dai-zero-wa Kauntodaun tū Gurōbaru Furīzu)Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster!
  • Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief! (Type TV-KUN ハンター&モンスター!超怪盗の謎を追え!,Taipu Terebi-kun Hantā to Monsutā Chō Kaitō no Nazo Ōe)Type HIGH SPEED!
  • The True Power! Type High Speed is Born! (Type HIGH SPEED!
  • タイプハイスピード誕生!,Taipu Hai Supīdo! Honmono no Chikara! Taipu Hai Supīdo Tanjo!)Secret Mission Type TOKUJO (シークレット・ミッション Type TOKUJO,Shīkuretto Misshon Taipu Tokujo)Type LUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~ (Type LUPIN ~ルパン、最後の挑戦状~,Taipu Rupan Rupan Saigo no Chōsenjo).
  • Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze (type ZERO 第0話 カウントダウンtoグローバルフリーズ,Taipu Zero Dai-zero-wa Kauntodaun tū Gurōbaru Furīzu).
  • Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster!

Where Did the White Kamen Rider Come From?[edit]

Why Did the Important Memories Disappear?[edit]

When Will the Second Global Freeze Start?[edit]

Where Will the Whirlwind Kidnappers Strike Next?[edit]

  • Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief! (Type TV-KUN ハンター&モンスター!超怪盗の謎を追え!,Taipu Terebi-kun Hantā to Monsutā Chō Kaitō no Nazo Ōe).
  • Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born! (Type HIGH SPEED! タイプハイスピード誕生!,Taipu Hai Supīdo!
  • Honmono no Chikara! Taipu Hai Supīdo Tanjo!). Secret Mission Type TOKUJO (シークレット・ミッション Type TOKUJO,Shīkuretto Misshon Taipu Tokujo).
  • Type LUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~ (Type LUPIN ~ルパン、最後の挑戦状~,Taipu Rupan Rupan Saigo no Chōsenjo).
  • Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain (仮面ライダードライブサーガ仮面ライダーブレン,Kamen Raidā Doraibu Sāga Kamen Raidā Buren). Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach Dream Story (ドラマCD ドライブサーガ 仮面ライダーマッハ夢想伝,Dorama CD Doraibu Sāga Kamen Raidā Mahha Musōden).
  • Kamen Rider Drive Special Event: The Special Circumstances Case Investigation File (仮面ライダードライブ スペシャルイベント 特殊状況下事件捜査ファイル,Kamen Raidā Doraibu Supesharu Ibento Tokushu Jōkyō-ka Jiken Sōsa Fairu). Super Hero Festival: Kamen Rider × Super Sentai LIVE & SHOW 2015 (超英雄祭 KAMEN RIDER×SUPER SENTAI LIVE&SHOW 2015,Cho Eiyu Sai Kamen Raidā x Sūpā Sentai Raibu Ando Shō 2015).
  • This nameless episode is the first episode of Kamen Rider Drive Show, a stageshow of Kamen Rider Drive.
  • It featured the crossover with Kamen Rider Agito.
  • This is one of the Kamen Rider season that has Riders and Monsters utilizes chronokinesis which came from a same principle, the other one is Kamen Rider Kabuto.
  • Episode 1 in this series similar to Kamen Rider Kabuto, when Kabuto's fighting worms, Kabuto fight them using Clock Up to freeze the time.
  • The villains in this show are a homage to Ganbare!! Robocon. Heart resembles Robocon, Brain resembles Robogari, Medic resembles Robin-chan and Tenjuro Banno resembles Gantsu Sensei.

Why Does the Devil Still Want to Evolve?[edit]

  • Kamen Rider Drive at Wikipedia
  • Kamen Rider Drive at Japanese Wikipedia
  • Official website at TV Asahi
  • Official website at Toei Company
  • Official website at Kamen-Rider-Official

Who Had Loved Heart the Most?[edit]

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