Kamen Rider Free

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Season 1

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The action series about a young man on his bike heading to an amusement park who doesn’t know he’ll become a cyborg crimefighter for the ages.
S01:E01 - I’m the President and a Kamen Rider.
A young man named Aruto Hiden destiny is to transform into the Kamen Rider Zero-One.
S01:E02 - Is AI the Enemy or an Ally?
Aruto has become president and CEO of the leading company in AI, Hiden Intelligence.
S01:E03 - That Man is a Sushi Chef.
Aruto and Is join a bus guided tour around Daybreak Town in order to observe the workplace of the tour’s leader, a bus guide Humagear named Anna.
S01:E04 - The Bus Guide Saw It!
Aruto’s daily life as president and CEO of Hiden Intelligence has begun.
S01:E05 - His Passionate Manga Path.
Aruto and Is pay a visit to the home and studio of the extremely popular manga artist Choichiro Ishizumi.
S01:E06 - I Want to Hear Your Voice.
Voice actress Humagear Seine Kanasawa is recording for the anime production of “Perfuman Tsurugi.”.
S01:E07 - I’m a Hot-Blooded Humagear Teacher!
Aruto is called to a junior high school and told by the teacher they want to reset the basketball club’s advisor Humagear no matter what.
S01:E08 - The Destruction Begins Now.
S01:E09 - Entrusted with That Life.
Vulcan has been thoroughly beaten by Horobi who transformed into a Kamen Rider.
S01:E10 - I Am the Actor, Shinya Owada.
Due to the rampage of the Humagears at the hospital, Hiden Intelligence’s public image has fallen.
S01:E11 - Don’t Stop the Camera, Stop Him!
The TV drama project that Hiden has staked its future on has fallen into a crisis.
S01:E12 - The Great Detective Has Arrived.
The police have started moving in their investigation of the attempted assassination of Shinya Owada.
S01:E13 - My Job is the President’s Secretary.
Transformed into the shining form called Shining Hopper, Zero-One confronts the Dodo Magia.
S01:E14 - We Are the Astronaut Brothers!
A pair of astronaut brothers have angrily stormed into the president’s office at Hiden Intelligence!
S01:E15 - Their Respective Ends.
At the end of the battle with Kamen Rider Ikazuchi, A.I.M.S.
determines the MetsubouJinrai.net hideout is in the vicinity of Daybreak Town.
  • S1 E98 - Gel-Shocker Annihilated! The End of the Leader!!

  • S1 E96 - Takeshi Hongo, Cactus Monster Exposed!?

S01:E16 - This is the Dawn of ZAIA.

Borrowing the use of Vulcan’s Assault Wolf power, Zero-One achieves the miraculous transformation into Assault Shining Hopper.

S01:E17 - It is I, the President and a Kamen Rider. ZAIA Enterprise Japan has set out to acquire Hiden Intelligence.
S01:E18 - This is My Flowery Way of Life.
With an aim towards a takeover Hiden Intelligence, ZAIA Enterprise’s “Five Jobs Contest” has begun.
S01:E19 - She is a Home-Selling Humagear.
In the first match of the “Five Jobs Contest” between ZAIA Enterprise and Hiden Intelligence, ZAIA has achieved an excellent victory.
S01:E20 - That Is 1000% the Best House.
The second battle between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise in the “Five Jobs Contest” is a “house-selling match.”.
S01:E21 - I Object to That Trial!
ZAIA has already gained two victories over Hiden in the “Five Jobs Contest” being held around the takeover of Hiden Intelligence.
S01:E22 - He Still Didn’t Do It.
ZAIA and Hiden are engaged in a “Five Jobs Contest” over the acquisition of Hiden Intelligence.
S01:E23 - I’m in Love with Your Intelligence!
Thanks to the Metal Cluster key created by the Ark, Zero-One has successfully transformed into a new form.
S01:E24 - It’s Our Turn.
Marriage consultant Humagear Match Enmusubi stands in at the mock wedding ceremony.
S01:E25 - I’ll Save the Humagears.

Suddenly, all telecommunications with Satellite There have ceased. S01:E26 - We Are the Blazing Fire Brigade.

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The fourth match of the “Five Jobs Contest” between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise has arrived. S01:E27 - I Won’t Give Up on a Life.