Kamen Rider Heart

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In the film, the revived Heart pursues a new Roidmude that is attacking people previously copied by other Roidmudes. The film exclusively features Heart's transformation into Kamen Rider Heart. 6Form Changes & Collectibles Used. Heart/Mach both take place following the novel, Kamen Rider Drive: ~Mach Saga~, which takes place two years following the conclusion of the Kamen Rider Drive TV series. It has been a few years since Chase disappeared and people slowly forgot about the Roidmude threat. However, Heart has been revived! And within him, the cores of Brain and Medic! At the same time, hostile creatures very similar to the Roidmudes are attacking people. Heart thinks, "I don't want to witness Roidmudes clinging to a lost past and attacking people". Out of this desire, Heart volunteers to assist Inspector Otta in the investigations. It is discovered that the people targeted were copy models of previous Roidmudes and Misuzu Hatori, Medic’s copy model, is attacked by a mysterious monster. It has the appearance of all the Roidmudes combined and the number on its chest is 5886. Heart deduces the identity and terrifying objective of this monster. However, since he is unable to regain his power as a Roidmude, he is at a big disadvantage. However, Shinnosuke Tomari appears before him…. 2 years after Chase’s death and 1 year after Shinnosuke and Kiriko’s wedding, Go Shijima had returned to Japan in order to try reviving his friend, Chase. He stated that he had worked with the best scientists around the world for this sole purpose, as he believes that Chase is the most suitable pioneer for Human and Roidmudes co-existence. He then decided to go to Rinna Sawagami’s workplace. But there, he dozes off, as Rinna and Kyu Saijo repair the body of Roidmude 000. Rinna asks if Go needs a rest, but Go said that he had waited for this moment, so he’ll never fell asleep if needed. Go then decides to activate 000 by installing the Drive Driver, Shift Brace, and a device that resembles a prototype of Shift Tridoron. As Go’s fatigue get the best of him, Rinna and Kyu help him in turning the Advanced Ignition of the Drive Driver. At first, nothing happened. But after several seconds, 000 emits a purple lightning and several electrical surges. It seems like Chase has returned, as 000 wore Chase’s outfit. But, to their shock, the one who revived is actually Heart who wondered why he has returned. While Kyu is mourning for his severed doll heads, Go and Rinna become further shocked as not only Heart who is resurrected, but also Brain and Medic as well (albeit only their cores and both of them are inside Heart’s body). As Brain and Medic argue about the pros and cons of living inside Heart’s body, Heart angrily claims that the body is only his, which Brain and Medic reluctantly agree to. Heart apologizes to Go since Go might held his expectation too high when Heart wore Chase’s costume. Go tried to punch him, only to his fatigue to render him unconscious. Rinna mourns over Go, and drives Heart in a confused state. Later that night, a man was attacked by a Roidmude, and the Roidmude took his memory, render him in comatose state. Meanwhile, Medic took Heart’s body temporarily to enjoy a milk bath. As Medic praise Heart's body, Heart took over his body back and states to them that there’s a mission for them. As Heart, now fully clothed in his usual attire, explains the last night’s incident regarding the Roidmude. However, Heart suddenly unable to move, due of the emergency shutdown remote that Genpachiro Otta brought. Otta said that he’ll not go easy on him, unlike Shinnosuke and Kyu. When Heart asked him why he brought the remote, Otta said that the remote is actually from Rinna, who recently had a fight with him due to his busy job frustrating her. She even threw away the engagement ring Otta bought, bringing him to tears. As Brain and Medic exacerbate Otta’s sadness by analyzing Otta current state of mind, Heart decide to help Otta in exchange of the report of the current situation. Heart changed his clothes in a flash and tries to befriend Otta by becoming his detective, much to Otta’s dismay. As their investigation bring them to the second victim, Otta is put off his grace as the other police officer states that Heart is like a veteran instead of a rookie. Brain then deduces that the victims of this Roidmude attack is actually the people that the Roidmudes copied before. However, Brain suddenly detects that the Roidmude is now attacking a victim nearby, which turns to be Misuzu Hatori, the one Medic copied. As Heart and Otta save Misuzu, they were shocked to know that the mysterious Roidmude is numbered 5886 (a total sum of 1 until 108).