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Kurodo Hachijoin. Chihiro Inoue (TV Asahi). Kei Mizutani (TV Asahi). Taku Mochizuki (Toei). Kamen Rider Revice (仮面ライダーリバイス, Kamen Raidā Ribaisu) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama and the 32nd entry of Toei Company's Kamen Rider metaseries.

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No.English title
Original Japanese title
DirectorWriterOriginal airdate
1"Family! Contract! The Devil Whispers!"[1]
Transcription: "Kazoku! Keiyaku! Akuma Sasayaku!" (Japanese: 家族!契約!悪魔ささやく!)
Takayuki ShibasakiHanta KinoshitaSeptember 5, 2021
Ikki Igarashi's life turns to the bizarre when he starts seeing a demon who appeared from within his body. During the celebration of his younger brother Daiji's promotion as a captain of the Fenix Organization, the Deadmans cult launches an attack, and Ikki has no option but to use the Revice Driver to transform himself and the demon into Kamen Riders Revi and Vice to fight the enemies back.
2"The Devil Is Just a Bad Guy!?"[2]
Transcription: "Akuma wa Akumade Warui Yatsu!?" (Japanese: 悪魔はあくまで悪いやつ!?)
Takayuki ShibasakiHanta KinoshitaSeptember 12, 2021
Ikki refuses to continue using the Revice Driver as he insists on working at his family's sentō and is afraid of Vice's desire to eat humans. However, the Deadmans attack once more and only he and Vice can stop them.
3"Hostage Trouble, What Will the Brothers Do!?"[3]
Transcription: "Hitojichi Toraburu, Dō Suru Kyōdai!?" (Japanese: 人質トラブル、どうする兄弟!?)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaSeptember 19, 2021
As the Igarashis face an eviction notice and the potential loss of their sentō due to city renovations, Daiji visits his hospitalized mother, Yukimi, for advice. Meanwhile, despite the rest of the family agreeing to the eviction, Ikki refuses to and attempts to protest. He later runs into childhood friend, Ayaka, but learns his sister, Sakura, has been kidnapped by criminals.
4"Not Enough Love! A Dangerous Devil Is Born!"[4]
Transcription: "Tarinai Aijō! Abunai Akuma Tanjō!" (Japanese: 足りない愛情!アブナイ悪魔誕生!)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaSeptember 26, 2021
Ikki successfully rescues Sakura and Ayaka from a Deadman, only to learn their kidnapper is not in possession of the corresponding Vistamp, forcing him and Vice to find it before it causes more trouble. However, Ikki lacks the awareness necessary to be a Kamen Rider, which upsets an impatient Daiji and strains their relationship. Meanwhile, Deadmans has uncovered a method for creating elite demons.
5"The World-Reforming Rider! Who Is the Traitor!?"[5]
Transcription: "Yonaoshi Raidā! Uragirimono wa Dare da!?" (Japanese: 世直しライダー!裏切り者は誰だ!?)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiHanta KinoshitaOctober 3, 2021
After Ikki officially joins Fenix, his father Genta takes advantage by establishing a project to garner subscribers. Following this, an old man named Honda and his overzealous ViTuber grandson, Bon, come to Genta for help in creating their own viral videos. Bon unleashes his Deadman to assist further, but it is defeated by Kamen Rider Revice. After Bon apologizes to Ikki for creating the Deadman, most of the Vistamps Bon used are stolen from Fenix just as a new Kamen Rider appears and attacks Kamen Rider Revice. Meanwhile, Fenix executives Yūjirō Wakabayashi and George Karizaki suspect their disgraced colleague Hiromi Kadota is the culprit.
6"Evil's True Identity! A Shocking Showtime!?"[6]
Transcription: "Ebiru no Shōtai! Shōgeki no Shōtaimu!?" (Japanese: エビルの正体!衝撃のショータイム!?)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiHanta KinoshitaOctober 10, 2021
In the hopes of identifying the mysterious Kamen Rider Evil, Ikki and his friends develop a strategy involving Bon. Meanwhile, Ikki helps a sentō customer who claims his younger brother is being unjustly taken to court over a traffic accident.
7"Theft!? Skateboard!? I'm Kagero!"[7]
Transcription: "Settō!? Sukebō!? Ore wa Kagerō!" (Japanese: 窃盗!?スケボー!?俺はカゲロウ!)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaOctober 17, 2021
While Ikki is dispatched to stop two of four thieves who became Phase 2 Deadmen, Kadota notices Daiji's sudden personality change. George later confirms to him that Daiji is currently being possessed his inner demon, Kagero, the same culprit who framed Kadota. Feeling responsible for Daiji's downfall, and to redeem himself, Kadota is granted the means to become Kamen Rider Demons.
8"A Family Rest, Heaven and Hell!?"[8]
Transcription: "Kazoku no Kyūsoku, Tengoku to Jigoku!?" (Japanese: 家族の休息、天国と地獄!?)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaOctober 24, 2021
To celebrate Yukimi being discharged from the hospital, the Igarashis take a trip to a hot spring resort. Upon arriving however, they learn that their regular customers, the Ushijima family, are also there. Moreover, Fenix is there to monitor Daiji and Kagero and Deadmans have infiltrated the resort for mysterious purposes. Upon learning of what happened to Daiji, Ikki resolves to save his brother from Kagero.
9"Kagero Runs Rampant! The Igarashi Brothers...Crumble!?"[9]
Transcription: "Kagerō Bōsō! Igarashi Kyōdai...Hōkai!?" (Japanese: カゲロウ暴走!五十嵐兄弟…崩壊!?)
Koichi SakamotoHanta KinoshitaOctober 31, 2021
After the Igarashi family discovers what happened to Daiji, Fenix orders Ikki to eliminate Kagero. However, the Igarashis decline, resolving to find a way to save Daiji without killing his body.
10"Older and Younger Brother, Believing Heart"[10]
Transcription: "Ani to Otōto, Shinjiru Kokoro" (Japanese: 兄と弟、信じる心)
Koichi SakamotoHanta KinoshitaNovember 14, 2021
Despite learning that Kagero was spawned from Daiji's inferiority complex towards him, Ikki continues to fight in the hopes of reaching his brother. Meanwhile, Sakura seeks vengeance for what Deadmans has done to her family by fighting their leader Aguilera herself.
11"Invincible Sakura, Power for What Purpose"[11]
Transcription: "Muteki no Sakura, Nan no Tame no Chikara" (Japanese: 無敵のさくら、何のための力)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaNovember 21, 2021
Due to the increasing numbers of Deadmen-related crimes, people who receive Vistamps begin to use them in new ways. Meanwhile, wishing to join her older brothers in battle against Deadmans and to settle a personal grudge against Aguilera, Sakura receives a Driver and the Cobra Vistamp from a masked individual, much to her surprise.
12"Weakness Is Strength!? The Invincible Jeanne!"[12]
Transcription: "Yowasa wa Tsuyosa!? Muteki no Jan'nu!" (Japanese: 弱さは強さ!?無敵のジャンヌ!)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaNovember 28, 2021
After Sakura awakens her inner demon instead of becoming a Kamen Rider and Ikki is injured while protecting her, Daiji demands she hand over her Rider equipment to Fenix so they can investigate the person who sent them. However, a depressed Sakura runs off. Meanwhile, Deadmans member Amahiko Haitani forcibly merges Sakura's karate instructor, Seiko Ōmori, with the Planarian Deadman to achieve its Phase 2 form. Despite various difficulties, Sakura eventually succeeds in becoming Kamen Rider Jeanne, saving Ōmori, and destroying the Planarian Deadman, though Haitani escapes before Fenix can take him into custody.
13"Fenix's Close Call!"[13]
Transcription: "Fenikkusu Kikiippatsu!" (Japanese: フェニックス危機一髪!)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiHanta KinoshitaDecember 5, 2021
Fenix is forced to land their mobile headquarters, the Sky Base, in order to refuel, restock on supplies, and give several of their operatives, such as Kadota, time off. Recognizing how vulnerable the organization will be in this state, the Igarashi siblings offer to provide protection, but George takes Ikki's equipment so he can develop a new Vistamp for him. Taking advantage of the opportunity, a Deadmans unit led by the Chameleon Deadman launches an attack on Fenix in an attempt to take their Vistamp development lab.
14"The Commander Is...a Deadman!?"[14]
Transcription: "Shireikan wa...Deddoman!?" (Japanese: 司令官は…デッドマン!?)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiHanta KinoshitaDecember 12, 2021
Wakabayashi is suspected of being a traitor and the contract holder connected to the Chameleon Deadman. In spite of Daiji and Kadota's shock, George decides to set a trap for the Deadman to confirm. Meanwhile, Deadmans undergo preparations for Aguilera's wedding to the first demon, Giff, while Haitani and their newest member Yasushi Kudō intend to confront Sakura and Ikki respectively.
15"Eradication! Showdown! Deadmans!"[15]
Transcription: "Bokumetsu! Taiketsu! Deddomanzu!" (Japanese: 撲滅!対決!デッドマンズ!)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaDecember 19, 2021
A shocked Aguilera discovers she is intended to become a sacrifice for Giff's revival instead of his bride, which her right hand Orteca knew about and withheld from her while her bodyguard Julio becomes livid over the revelation. Meanwhile, Fenix attempts to recover after learning the Chameleon Deadman secretly murdered Wakabayashi, took his place when Ikki and Vice first transformed into Revice, and stole the Giff Stamp from them while also planning a counterattack against Deadmans. With no time left, the organization forms an uneasy alliance with Kagero, who knows where the cult's hideout is. Fenix ultimately finds Deadmans' base and defeat several of their number, though Giff absorbs Kudō and Haitani while Orteca, Aguilera, and Julio escape.
16"Feelings to Protect... The Era of the Three Igarashi Siblings!"[16]
Transcription: "Mamoritai Omoi...Jidai wa Igarashi San Kyōdai!" (Japanese: 守りたい想い…時代は五十嵐三兄妹!)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaDecember 26, 2021
Deadmans' attack has been thwarted, but Aguilera and Julio are on the run together while Orteca and the Chameleon Deadman move forward with their own plans. Along the way, Aguilera turns herself into a Deadman to prevent herself from becoming Giff's host. Concurrently, Fenix recovers Giff's casket for George to study while Sakura and Yukimi argue over whether Kamen Rider Jeanne is still needed in the fight against Deadmans.
17"Deepening Betrayal, the True Value of a Buddy"[17]
Transcription: "Uragiri no Shinka, Badi no Shinka" (Japanese: 裏切りの深化、バディの真価)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaJanuary 9, 2022
Shortly after the Chameleon Deadman's demise and Kadota's promotion to commander, Karizaki discovers the truth behind Genta's condition. The next day, a young man named Yosuke Okuda asks Sakura to find Julio and tells her of the Deadman's past. Concurrently, while developing a new Vistamp upgrade for Ikki's Barid Rex Vistamp to prevent Giff from absorbing Gifftex Deadmen, George warns him and Vice about the risk of mastering its new power and puts them through virtual reality training. Meanwhile, Orteca is aided by an unidentified new member to reform Deadmans via armies of Gifftarians.
18"A Buddy's Trajectory, the Miracle of Fire and Ice"[18]
Transcription: "Badi no Kiseki, Honō to Kōri no Kiseki" (Japanese: バディの軌跡、炎と氷の奇跡)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaJanuary 16, 2022
Upon learning Deadmans can use the Giff Stamp to sacrifice humans and turn them into Gifftarians, Ikki strengthens his resolve to avert Giff's revival. While his mission becomes complicated when he is consumed by his new Volcano Rex Genome form's infernal power, Vice unexpectedly steps up to save him from himself. Meanwhile, Orteca seeks to eliminate Julio for betraying Deadmans by attacking Okuda. Julio evolves into a new form, but Ikki masters Volcano Rex in time to save him and separate him from his Deadman form, which Giff absorbs.
19"Demons Warning, Hiromi Is Surrounded!?"[19]
Transcription: "Demonzu Chūihō, Hiromi Hōimō!?" (Japanese: デモンズ注意報、ヒロミ包囲網!?)
Koichi SakamotoNobuhiro MouriJanuary 23, 2022
After Kamen Rider Revice successfully master the Volcano Rex Vistamp's power and develop the ability to separate Gifftex Deadmen from their human hosts, Orteca grows worried over the latter prospect and begins to target Kadota. Meanwhile, Kadota discovers his extended use of the Demons Driver is slowly aging him at an accelerated rate. To save his life, Fenix's doctor Akemi Mikoshiba tasks Ikki and Vice with observing Kadota and keeping him from using his Rider powers. As he mourns Wakabayashi, Kadota is visited by his old friends, Tatsuhiko Tabuchi and Chigusa Yamagiri, but realizes something is off about them. Concurrently, Julio convinces Sakura to try and help Aguilera change her ways and return to being a human.
20"Ruthless and Temporary, the Price of Transformation"[20]
Transcription: "Hijō de Mujō na, Henshin no Daishō" (Japanese: 非情で無常な、変身の代償)
Koichi SakamotoNobuhiro MouriJanuary 30, 2022
After Yamagiri is revealed to be a traitor when she discovered dubious operations within Fenix, Kadota's condition grows worse as he starts hearing his Demons Driver telling him it will devour him. As he pleads with George for answers, Ikki learns of what is happening to his ally and the possible revelation that his next transformation could be his last. Even in spite of all of this, Kadota resolves to fight Deadmans with everything he has left. Meanwhile, Yamagiri questions Orteca about his resolve in the hopes of learning more about his true purpose.
21"Laying Down My Life, Entrusting My Feelings"[21]
Transcription: "Waga Inochi o Kakete, Omoi o Takushite" (Japanese: 我が命をかけて、想いを託して)
Koichi SakamotoNobuhiro MouriFebruary 6, 2022
Ikki and Vice rescue Kadota from the Demons Driver, but he chooses to resign from Fenix due to his fluctuating emotions and wavering loyalty to the organization. Meanwhile, Fenix has captured Orteca, who has been separated from his Deadman form, though they are unaware that he intends to steal the Demons Driver for himself nor their director-general, Hideo Akaishi, is in league with Orteca. Concurrently, Sakura is invited over to the Ushijimas' home despite turning them down several times initially. However, she soon learns they are part of a separate organization called Weekend and they were the ones who gave her her Rider powers. While making his escape, Orteca throws Kadota off a cliff and overpowers the remaining Riders, proving himself the superior version of Demons.
22"Slam-Bang... Kūki Kaidan!?"[22]
Transcription: "Dottan Battan...Kūki Kaidan!?" (Japanese: ドッタンバッタン…空気階段!?)
Takayuki ShibasakiHanta KinoshitaFebruary 13, 2022
After losing Kadota to Orteca, Ikki buries himself in his sentō work to distance himself from the tragedy. After he is approached by talent agency members who have been attacked by Deadmans, Ikki and Vice go undercover as a comedy duo to investigate. Meanwhile, Aguilera decides to confront Orteca herself after discovering his true colors and saving Sakura from the Ushijimas and Weekend. Concurrently, Julio decides to investigate Fenix once again to see if they have any connection to Giff as well as warn George and Daiji about Akaishi's true allegiance.
23"Vice Takes Over... Betrayal After All!?"[23]
Transcription: "Baisu ga Nottori...Yappari Uragiri!?" (Japanese: バイスが乗っ取り…やっぱり裏切り!?)
Takayuki ShibasakiHanta KinoshitaFebruary 20, 2022
Following a mishap with the unsanctioned Rolling Vistamp, Ikki and Vice switch corporeal states. Overjoyed by his new state of being, the latter goes rogue to destroy the Vistamp and make the switch permanent. Against Daiji and Sakura's wishes, an angry George leads Fenix in pursuing Vice in retaliation for the demon using a Vistamp that was developed by the same person who gave Sakura her Libera Driver. Meanwhile, Julio becomes an alcoholic after Aguilera betrays him for Giff until Genta and Mitsuo find him and offer to let him stay with them. Upon hearing of what happened to Julio, Daiji and Sakura decide to make Aguilera pay for what she did. However, Kagero returns to express his anger over their treatment of Julio and reveal the true allegiance of Fenix's leaders.
24"Reversed by Dr. Karizaki! An Inverse Operation!"[24]
Transcription: "Karizaki-hakase no Modose! Abekobe Daisakusen!" (Japanese: 狩崎博士の戻せ!あべこべ大作戦!)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiNobuhiro MouriFebruary 27, 2022
Following Kagero's testimony regarding Fenix and Giff, George decides to investigate them once more while helping Ikki and Vice reverse the Rolling Vistamp's side effects. However, he is captured by Orteca, who seeks his help in unlocking the Demons Driver's full potential. Sakura and Julio join forces to save him as well as attempt to convince Aguilera not to trust Orteca. Despite their efforts, Orteca brutally defeats them and mocks them for being too friendly, which he believes makes them weak. Just as Orteca is about to finish them off, Weekend saves them before revealing the truth about Fenix and Giff and that Aguilera is actually investigating Orteca's past and his true intentions in order to protect Julio.
25"Revival! Vail!? Memories of the Igarashi Family"[25]
Transcription: "Yomigaeru! Beiru!? Igarashi-ke no Kioku" (Japanese: よみがえる!ベイル!?五十嵐家の記憶)
Kazuya KamihoriuchiHanta KinoshitaMarch 6, 2022
After learning Fenix's true colors from Weekend and being saved by Sakura and Julio, George confronts Orteca to regain the stolen Stamps due to their side effects. However, Orteca refuses and attempts to use the stamps to destroy the Igarashis, resulting in the appearance of Kamen Rider Vail. Concurrently, Sakura confronts Aguilera over her decisions while George and Vice learn of the Igarashis' past.
26"Showdown! Farewell!? The End of Darkness and Light"[26]
Transcription: "Taiketsu! Ketsubetsu!? Yami to Hikari no Ketsumatsu" (Japanese: 対決!決別!?闇と光の結末)
Hidenori IshidaHanta KinoshitaMarch 13, 2022
Following Genta Igarashi's sudden transformation into Kamen Rider Vail, the Igarashi siblings discover they are Giff's descendants through their father as their inner demons' connection to the original demon grows stronger. All three grow anxious over this, with Daiji growing fearful of what Vail has done to Genta while facing Kagero once more. In the hopes of relieving their anxiety, George develops two new Vistamps for Daiji and Ikki respectively, as well as confronts Akaishi. Meanwhile, Aguilera decides to eliminate Orteca and protect Sakura and her brothers upon learning of the Igarashis' heritage over Julio's concerns that Aguilera is overusing her power.
27"Stop! Tyrant's Mayhem and Violence Gone Wild"[27]
Transcription: "Tomero! Bōkun no Bōkyo to Bōryoku no Bōsō" (Japanese: 止めろ!暴君の暴挙と暴力の暴走)
Hidenori IshidaHanta KinoshitaMarch 20, 2022
Akaishi reveals Julio, Orteca, and Aguilera are test subjects used by Noah, a group of criminal scientists who seek to use Giff's cells to turn humans into demons, and that he has been using Fenix to transform its soldiers into demons. Following Giff's initial awakening, Masumi tells the Igarashi family what Vail has done to them in the past while he and Weekend attempt to stop Ikki and Vice from fighting until they have found a solution to stop Giff from corrupting them. As Ikki and Vice resolve to face the threat in spite of their injuries, Aguilera and Julio work to save Fenix from Akaishi's plot as Orteca commences a mass sacrifice to hasten Giff’s revival.
28"Overcoming Fear at Lightning Speed! Believe in Yourself as One!"[28]
Transcription: "Osore o Koete Shippūjinrai! Onore o Shinji Isshindōtai!" (Japanese: 怖れを超えて疾風迅雷!己を信じ一心同体!)
Hidenori IshidaHanta KinoshitaMarch 27, 2022
As Giff's awakening approaches, Vice starts to go berserk within Ikki and escapes Weekend's custody. While Daiji and Sakura hold off Vice, George becomes the third Kamen Rider Demons to use a new Vistamp he developed to purify Vice of Giff's corruption. In the process, he admits to Daiji and Sakura that he joined Fenix to get revenge on Noah for sanctioning his father's experiments, but that the truth of the Igarashis' heritage caused him to let go of his revenge in order to support them. In time, George completes the Thunder Gale Vistamp and gets it to Ikki, who uses it to cure Vice and fuse together to become Kamen Rider Revice so they can defeat Orteca, who is absorbed by Giff.
29"Crank-in! Memory of Hiromi!"[29]
Transcription: "Kuranku In! Memorī Obu Hiromī!" (Japanese: クランクイン!メモリー・オブ・ヒロミー!)
Koichiro HayamaHiroki UchidaApril 3, 2022
Sometime after Vice's rescue, Orteca's demise, and Genta's self-exile to suppress Vail, George and the Igarashi siblings discover Kadota is alive, albeit suffering from amnesia. To recover his memories, George suggests the siblings make a memorial film about Kadota's past life. Concurrently, the Japanese government is calling for several Fenix members' arrests due to their connection to Noah while Julio and Sakura attempt to find Aguilera, who has become a most wanted fugitive.
30"Voice Actor! Say Me! The Aftermath of Youth"[30]
Transcription: "Seiyū! Sei Mī! Seishun no Atoshimatsu" (Japanese: 声優!SAY ME!青春のあとしまつ)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaApril 10, 2022
While at his high school soccer club reunion, Ikki reunites with his former coach and mentor Subaru Kimura, who is now a famous voice actor. He also meets his old schoolmate Kōji "Zico" Ikeyama, who is currently training in voice work under Subaru. When Ikki asks him if he has quit soccer, Zico storms off to his confusion. Before he can investigate further, however, a new Deadman attacks.
31"Illusionary Guidance, Dream Afterwards"[31]
Transcription: "Gensō no Michibiki, Yume no Atosaki" (Japanese: 幻想の導き、夢のあとさき)
Teruaki SugiharaHanta KinoshitaApril 17, 2022
Having inhaled the Rafflesia Deadman's gas, Ikki begins to hallucinate fighting a revived Kudō while unknowingly destroying Shiawaseyu. While in this state, he and Vice discover Zico's true reasoning for his anger towards Ikki's leaving the soccer team. Meanwhile, with help from Julio and a Fenix squad member, the Igarashis are able to restrain Ikki, shortly before Kimura discovers what is happening. As he denies Ikki's past allegations, Daiji suspects Zico might be the Rafflesia Deadman's contractor. After Zico is attacked by the Deadman however, Kimura is revealed to be the contractor, who wanted to help his students reconcile their past. As the Rafflesia Deadman betrays him and goes on a rampage, Ikki and Zico wake up in time for the former and Vice to destroy the monster while Kimura willingly turns himself into Fenix's custody.
32"Lost Place, Queen's Pride"[32]
Transcription: "Ushinatta Ibasho, Joō no Puraido" (Japanese: 失った居場所、女王のプライド)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaApril 24, 2022
After Sakura joins Weekend, she and Julio encounter Aguilera as she finally resurfaces from her self-imposed exile over being forsaken by Giff. However, Aguilera is acting strange as she attacks Sakura. Meanwhile, Daiji and Mikoshiba investigate Akaishi.
33"Lovekov's Rebellion!? Sakura's Resolution"[33]
Transcription: "Rabukofu Hankō!? Sakura no Kakugo" (Japanese: ラブコフ反抗!?さくらの覚悟)
Satoshi MorotaHanta KinoshitaMay 1, 2022
As Lovekov suddenly becomes unresponsive to Sakura's commands, the latter must re-learn her missing motivation before freeing Aguilera from her Deadman form. In response, Vice enters Sakura's mind to have a private talk with Lovekov to find out why she is being unresponsive. While Daiji confronts Akaishi and discovers his true nature and Akemi's whereabouts, Ikki and Vice are confronted by Vail after using Giff's power to reacquire his physical form.
34"The Demon Calls the Demon"[34]
Transcription: "Akuma ga Akuma o Yondeiru" (Japanese: 悪魔が悪魔を呼んでいる)
Hidenori IshidaNobuhiro MouriMay 8, 2022
After Aguilera joins Weekend and gains Sakura's friendship after her humanity is restored, the Igarashi siblings regroup with their allies to stop Akaishi from increasing Giff's power and save Akemi. On Weekend's behalf and in response to the impending demon apocalypse, George buys time to develop new Vistamps capable of countering Vail, Akaishi, and Giff. Elsewhere, Vice grows worried that his time with Ikki is coming to an end and confronts his father, Vail, to stop him from murdering Genta's children.


  1. It is the third series to debut during the Reiwa period and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the franchise.
  2. The series premiered on September 5, 2021, joining Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and later, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers in the Super Hero Time line-up following the finale of Kamen Rider Saber.
  3. In 1971, a military organization called Noah led an expedition in Latin America and discovered the remains of the first devil Giff and an artifact from which they developed Vistamps.
  4. In the present, Giff's remains are in the possession of a Noah splinter faction called Deadmans, a devil-worshiping cult who seek to resurrect him by using Proto Vistamps to convert peoples' inner devils to their fold.
  5. Opposing Deadmans is an organization called Fenix, which has developed the Revice Driver for someone who has tamed their inner devil.
  6. Ikki Igarashi, who runs a sentō with his family, ends up acquiring the belt while forming a pact with his inner devil, Vice, to fight Deadmans together as Kamen Riders Revi and Vice.
  7. Ikki's younger brother Daiji, a Fenix operative who was intended to become Revice but failed to out of fear, begins to avoid Ikki until his own inner demon, Kagero, takes over his body and obtains the means to transform into Kamen Rider Evil to defeat Ikki.
  8. In response, disgraced Fenix operative Hiromi Kadota gains the means to become Kamen Rider Demons to assist Revice against Deadmans.
  9. Eventually, Ikki helps Daiji overcome Kagero's control and become Kamen Rider Live.
  10. Later, Ikki and Daiji's younger sister, Sakura, joins the fray after obtaining the means to become Kamen Rider Jeanne and awakening her inner demon, Lovekov, from the secret organization Weekend, led by the supposedly deceased inventor of the Vistamps and former Noah scientist, Masumi Karizaki.
  11. Following Fenix's assault on Deadmans' base and recovery of Giff's casket, cultists Julio and Aguilera go on the run from Deadmans' leader, Orteca.
  12. Meanwhile, Kadota discovers a conspiracy within Fenix connecting them to Deadmans, but is seemingly murdered by Orteca, who becomes the second Kamen Rider Demons.
  13. However, a demon trapped inside the Demons Driver, Vail, breaks free, possesses the Igarashi siblings' father, Genta, and becomes Kamen Rider Vail to kill his host's children.
  14. Upon learning of their father's dark past as a former Noah operative, the Igarashi siblings discover they carry part of Giff's DNA, making them Giff's descendants, and that they unknowingly hastened the demon's revival over the course of their battles against Deadmans.
  15. Following Daiji’s victory against a dying Kagero and Orteca, Masumi's son George Karizaki retrieves the Demons Driver and uses it to become the third Kamen Rider Demons in emergency situations shortly before Orteca is defeated by Revice and devoured by Giff, who finally awakens.
  16. The series is currently divided into three arcs:. Episode 1 - 16 - Deadmans Saga: This arc marks the beginning of the Igarashi siblings' involvement with the conflict between the Fenix organization and the Deadmans cult, with the latter group seeking out Gifftex Deadmen to resurrect the demons' progenitor, Giff.
  17. Episode 17 - 28 - Orteca Saga: The Igarashi siblings have seemingly halted Giff's revival and gained allies in former cultist Julio and a third party called Weekend, but must now contend with Deadmans' leader, Orteca.
  18. In the process however, the siblings discover Fenix's director Hideo Akaishi is the founder of Deadmans, they are Giff's descendants due to their father being infused with the demon's cells while an agent of the Noah organization, and Orteca used them to revive Giff with each Deadman they defeated.
  19. Episode 29 - current: With Deadmans no more following Orteca's death, the Igarashi siblings must now contend with Akaishi and a resurrected Giff.
  20. The Kamen Rider Revice trademark was registered by Toei on May 6, 2021.[1]. On July 27, 2021, Kamen Rider Revice was officially announced during a press conference alongside its cast.
  21. The opening theme song is performed by the vocal and dance group Da-ice collaborating with Subaru Kimura.
  22. Kamen Rider Revi's main vehicle, a hoverbike that Kamen Rider Vice can transform into, is based on the real life Xturismo hoverbike developed by A.L.I.
  23. Initially, the original concept for Revice was that all of the past Kamen Rider series took place in their own TV series.
  24. However, due to Kamen Rider Revice guest starring in Kamen Rider Saber, the staff decided to create a new concept inspired by Kamen Rider Den-O and Kamen Rider Zi-O instead.[3] Another concept considered for the series was a "post-COVID-19 pandemic road trip" story wherein Revi would explore a new era in the aftermath of the pandemic, with the idea of "moving forward" being a central theme.
  25. However, difficulties from the pandemic itself made it difficult to execute, resulting in it being changed to a family-themed drama, reflecting how lockdowns have allowed families staying together more opportunities to bond with each other.[4].
  26. Sakura Igarashi's actor, Ayaka Imoto, tested positive for COVID-19 on February 28, 2022 and recovered on March 7, 2022.[5][6].
  27. One of Kamen Rider Revice's assistant producers filed a complaint to the General Support Union (総合サポートユニオン, Sōgō Sapōto Yunion), a trade union that fights for workers' rights, regarding her position in the Kamen Rider series as a whole ever since her promotion into her current position.
  28. Among the addressed problems are sexual harassment, unpaid overtime, and the chief producer overlooking her problems and not taking them seriously.
  29. Despite the hardships she endured, the assistant producer assured that Revice's cast members are easy to work with and unrelated to her problems.[7][8].
  30. Kamen Riders Revi and Vice made their debut in the crossover film Saber + Zenkaiger: Super Hero Senki and in a special film with the same title as the series double-billed with it.
  31. The events of the special film take place between episodes 3 and 4 of the series.[3].
  32. A theatrical film, tentatively titled Kamen Rider Revice the Movie (劇場版 仮面ライダーリバイス, Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Ribaisu) is scheduled for release in Japanese theaters on July 22, 2022, double-billed with the film for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.[15][16].
  33. Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery (仮面ライダーリバイス The Mystery, Kamen Raidā Ribaisu Za Misuterī) is a five-episode web-exclusive series released on Telasa on January 30, 2022.
  34. Additionally, Minehiro Kinomoto of Kamen Rider W, Taira Imata of Kamen Rider Drive, Ryo Matsuda and Metal Yoshida of Kamen Rider Gaim, and Mitsuru Karahashi of Kamen Rider 555 reprised their respective roles of Ryu Terui, Genpachiro Otta, Hideyasu Jonouchi, Oren Pierre Alfonso, and Naoya Kaido.[17] The theme song is "Without you" performed by Ikki Igarashi & Hiromi Kadota (Kentaro Maeda & Junya Komatsu).[18] The events of the web-exclusive series takes place between episodes 16 and 17 of the series.[19].
Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail (リバイスレガシー 仮面ライダーベイル, Ribaisu Regashī Kamen Raidā Beiru) is a five-episode web-exclusive series released on Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club on March 27, 2022.