Kamen Rider Saber 48

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In Kamen Rider Saber Ep. 48: Special issue – A New Page Opens, after a long battle, a new Wonder World has been created! When Touma returns and everyone starts to relax, we see everyone begin to journey on their respective chosen paths! Mei spends some time with Rintaro as Touma spends some time with Kento at their secret hideout beneath the tree! It is there where Touma starts to tell Kento his thoughts… Just then, a young girl is suddenly attacked by a vicious creature the likes of which no one has ever seen before! Hearing this was the place where three close friends met each other! However, those three friends won’t be together for long, as this incident gives rise to a new kind of origin story! At long last, a new kind of encounter marks the beginning of a new kind of story…. Founded Cult Faction in 2014. Some would describe him as a teacher, writer, dream weaver, and visionary.. some would not.. Takayuki Shibasaki. Shojiro Nakazawa. Kazuya Kamihoriuchi. Hidenori Ishida. Teruaki Sugihara. Hiroki Kashiwagi. Shuichiro Naito. Takaya Yamaguchi. Tomohiro Ichikawa. Chihiro Inoue (TV Asahi). Kei Mizutani (TV Asahi). Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toei). Kamen Rider Saber (仮面ライダーセイバー/聖刃, Kamen Raidā Seibā)[a] is a Japanese tokusatsu drama, the 31st entry of Toei Company's Kamen Rider franchise, and the second series to debut during the Reiwa period. The series premiered on September 6, 2020, joining Mashin Sentai Kiramager, and later, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Zero-One before being succeeded by Kamen Rider Revice on September 5, 2021. The series is notable for its use of a fantasy setting, along with its storybook theming. The human world collides with a realm of fairy tales called Wonder World due to a conflict over the Almighty Book – a legendary artifact of unparalleled power. To prevent the Almighty Book from falling into the hands of the Megids, a trio of monsters seeking to create more of their kind, Wonder World's guardian Tassel and the human Master Logos scattered most of its pages on Earth as Wonder Ride Books and divided the remains between them before establishing an order of swordsmen known as the Sword of Logos to fight the Megids. Two millennia later however, the Dark Swordsman Hayato Fukamiya, aka Kamen Rider Calibur, betrayed his comrades upon learning a horrible truth and was believed to have been killed by the Flame Swordsman, Daichi Kamijo, with a girl named Luna being an apparent causality of their fight. Daichi gave his Wonder Ride Book to a boy named Touma Kamiyama before leaving his sword behind. Becoming a novelist and bookstore owner a further fifteen years later, Touma's attempt to stop a Megid attack causes him to inherit Kamijo's title as Kamen Rider Saber and he resolves to end the conflict after being recruited by the Water Swordsman, Rintaro Shindo, of the Sword of Logos' Northern Base. Among the other swordsmen Touma meets while recovering both his memories and lost Wonder Ride Books is his childhood friend, Kento Fukamiya, who wishes to understand his father's actions after Calibur resurfaces as the Megids' ally. However, Calibur is eventually revealed to be Daichi, who eliminates Kento. Touma prevents Daichi from reaching the Book of Revelations, the Almighty Book's table of contents, only to witness his predecessor killed by the Megid warrior, Desast, while learning that the Sword of Logos has been compromised by a mole. The mole is eventually revealed to be the Sword of Logos' current leader, Isaac, who is in league with the Megid commander Storious to gather the swordsmen's Seiken for a ritual to restore his ancestor's fragment of the Almighty Book, the Greater Book, and recreate reality in his twisted image.