Kamen Rider Saber Episode 47

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Episode 47
A World Ends, A Story is Born.
Kamen Rider Saber episode
WriterHasegawa Keiichi
DirectorIshida Hidenori
Action DirectorWatanabe Jun
Original air dateAugust 22, 2021
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Fan Rating3.8 / 5
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Farewell, My Hero.
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Aired with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger 24


Final Chapter: The End of the World, the Story that is Born. (終わる世界、生まれる物語。,Owaru Sekai, Umareru Monogatari.) is the forty-seventh and penultimate episode of Kamen Rider Saber, as well as the conclusion to its main story.


  • It features the return of Saber Primitive Dragon after its last appearance in episode 27, the debut of the Wonder Almighty Wonder Ride Book and Kamen Rider Almighty Saber, the restoration of Jikokuken Kaiji and Eneiken Noroshi, and the deaths of Luna, Storious, and Lord of Wise Kuon.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 47 (End) Sub Indo

Book ADescriptionJapaneseBook BDescriptionJapanese
(Divine Beasts, Animal, Story)
The force will delete all stories you believeBrave Dragon
Lion Senki
Lamp do Alangina
(Divine Beasts, Animal, Story)
The bond forged
is a miraculous story that can't be destroyed



4Forms and Collectibles Used.

Played by: Furuya Rubin
Alter Ride Book: Storious (EX) (ストリウス (EX))
Height: 214.1cm
Weight: 131.8kg
Characteristics/Power: Master over story Megiddo (物語のメギドを司る)


  • The source of the swordsmen's power and the source of stories, the Wonder World, disappears, and as the stories vanish from the world so does the world itself.
  • Yuri advances onwards while faced with his own disappearance, as Luna races to see Touma before it's all over.

Forms and Collectibles Used

  • Rintaro and Kento force themselves forward with the last fragments of their strength.
  • Just then, their Wonder Ride Books lose their power and the Wonder World completely disappears.
  • When that world vanishes, so does Touma.
  • Everything is proceeding as it has been written within the pages of the Almighty Tome.
  • In the midst of the world's greatest crisis, "Do you know a story you can never forget?"
  • Continuing from the previous episode, Espada Golden Alangina and Kenzan are still fighting against until they are overpowered.
  • The swordsmen swap Wonder Ride Books to defeat him, but his destruction blows them out of their Rider forms, neither long for the world.
  • Luna slowly vanishes as she nears the top of the spire and Wonder World gets closer to fading from existence.


  • Meanwhile, Touma is saved by Primitive Dragon, the spirit within the Wonder Ride Book calling out for him to keep fighting.
  • Touma transforms into Saber Primitive Dragon Brave Dragon and pushes back against Storious.
  • Yuri uses the last of his power to revive Ren and heal Kento, saving them but losing his physical form.


ALMIGHTY~Kamen no Yakusoku

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  • Meanwhile, books and stories all over the world fade and back at the tower, the Ride Books lose their power, including Primitive Dragon.

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Luna reaches an exhausted Touma, while Rintaro and Kento arrive to protect them from Storious.