Kamen Rider W English Sub

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This was mostly done in the 80s/90s with VCR equipment, as Japanese DVDs were limited and expensive and often not sold or distributed online to foreign fans. However, this issue has been rendered moot due to the internet today that has allowed fansubbing to be done entirely through online software and editing, as well as ease of obtainment of said material. Many entries in the Kamen Rider Series, such as episodes and films, have been subbed by various fansub groups so that anyone is able to enjoy them. This page will serve as a list of the fansub groups, and links to their sites. Please keep in mind that it is against the policy of the FANDOM to link directly to torrents, downloads, or uploads to full episodes unless it's from an official source such as Crunchyroll, Toei's Youtube channel etc. We only use fansubs out of a necessity to obtain information from content within the episodes and films, mostly for the purpose of educating people about the subject of Kamen Rider and raws for screen capture images. Whenever possible, if an official English release does happen, we try to encourage fans to purchase it to support the creators of the content and future releases. 2List of fansub groups. JN Productions - Generation Kikaida.