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NOTE: I was searching around and found this Google Doc that list chronological watch order for series’ you know just in case you are interested, oh any movies from Den-O onwards that are listed as [Rider] & [Rider] when up will probably be found in the Crossovers folder.
Kuuga – NAF for the extras.
This article is about a series entry (the 20th) in the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Rider W



Number of episodes:

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Agito – Pocket Universe and Count Zero for movie. Ryuki – NAF series & specials, OZC Rider Time and ScrubVent & MirrorWorld movie.
Production Order
Kamen Rider DecadeKamen Rider OOO
For the series' main character, W, see Kamen Rider Double.
For the main users of W, see Phillip and Shotaro Hidari.

555 Φ – Earthly. Blade – EXCITE!, Turn Up Scrubs for Movie New Gen & HBV and Bereke Scrubs for Joker’s Path. Kabuto – DVD2HD on the Cat site. Den-O – OZC NOTE: I was thinking about not including the last 3 eps, 47-49, as Final Trilogy – Special Edition is basically just those in one file but I did to give people the choice of which they’d rather have. Kiva – Earthly & OZC. Decade – Pocket Universe. OOO – OZC, 9, 28, 35 & 39 edits by neckspike and 24 done by me (as that was as far as I got before I saw neckspike was doing their edits.) NOTE: Final Episode is a DC of 47 & 48. Fourze – Series OZC, Movie OT, HBVs OT & KIT 3, 4, 6 ,17 & 21 edits by neckspike (which TBH I had been planning on doing so they saved me the time so thanks!).

Wizard – OT, OZC. Gaim – Aesir, kirakira & OZC. Drive – OT, ERL, Bereke, Gord Scrubs, GenmCorp and OZC.

Kamen Rider 4 – Bereke Scrubs. Ghost – OT, Scrull, MBE, ERL, Bereke, PocketUniverse and OZC (Note: Short Stories 4 has no preview as it wouldn’t encode with it, it is just the preview for ep 43 found at the end of ep 42 so not really missing out on anything there).

  • (Both season 1 & 2 of Amazons are now available on Amazon Prime, if they ever get taken down I’ll probably re-add them).
  • Zero-One – OT & NAF.
  • Saber – GC, Flamesubs, Geoscrubs &NAF.


NOTE: and crossover/VS movies will be found in the Crossovers folder under Others. JAKQ, Google Five, Dynaman, Flashman and Denziman all done by MF and have MP4 ddls on their site, release page found here. Anything with an official release (or has been announced) from Shout Factory won’t be here, sorry. Dekaranger – OT, Bern. Magiranger – tinyhenshin, Scull, PU. Boukenger – FJ & Earthly. Gekiranger – niki-niki. Go-Onger – Go-Anonger, 10 Years GP OT. Shinkenger – OT. Go-Busters – FJ. KyoryugerOld – OT, OZC & Scull_Subs. Lupinranger VS Patranger – OT, Ei, Scull & ERankedLuck. Strongest Battle – OT. Ryusoulger – OT. Akibaranger – OT.


Kamen Riders

TV Show

Kamen Rider DoublePhilip & Shotaro Hidari (Other users)
Kamen Rider AccelRyu Terui
Kamen Rider JokerShotaro Hidari


Kamen Rider SkullSokichi Narumi
Sokichi Narumi (A.R. World)
Kamen Rider EternalJun Kazu ► Katsumi Daido


Kamen Rider CyclonePhilip

S.I.C. Hero Saga-exclusive

Kamen Rider DoublePhilip & Shotaro Ishinomori


Narumi Detective Office

Futo Irregulars

Futo Police Department


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider DecadeTsukasa Kadoya
Kamen Rider DiendDaiki Kaito
Kamen Rider KuugaYusuke Onodera
Kamen Rider Kiva-laNatsumi Hikari
Kamen Rider OOOEiji Hino
Kamen Rider BirthShintaro Goto
Kamen Rider FourzeGentaro Kisaragi
Kamen Rider NadeshikoNadeshiko Misaki
Kamen Rider MeteorRyusei Sakuta


Main article: Dopants


Terror DopantRyubei Sonozaki
Taboo DopantSaeko Sonozaki
Claydoll DopantWakana Sonozaki
Nasca DopantKirihiko Sudo/Sonozaki ► Saeko Sonozaki
Smilodon DopantMick
  • Crossovers – Anyone/Everyone Probably (Working on it but it’s not the highest priority, if there is a crossover movie you’d like to get higher priority than say so over on the Down Reports page and I’ll try to prioritize that crossover, granted it’ll still be lower priority than say getting a series up.

Foundation X

Utopia DopantJun Kazu
Eyes DopantDoctor Prospect
Unicorn ZodiartsSolaris


Cyclone DopantMaria S. Cranberry
Heat DopantReika Hanehara
Luna DopantKyosui Izumi
Metal DopantGozo Domoto
Trigger DopantKen Ashiwara


Weather DopantShinkuro Isaka
Dummy DopantFather Roberto Shijima
Fake Skull
Spider DopantSeiichiro Matsui
Bat DopantEren Komori
Commander DopantHiroshi Sagami
Kamen Rider CoreKamen Rider Core
Beast DopantRoidmude 077


Main article: Kamen Rider W Episodes

Oh and that’s the only thing other than reports on down episodes I’ll allow on that page FYI). Bima – Bereke NOTE: These are softsubs made by Bereke that I just uploaded to GoFile as someone was having trouble with the torrent and MEGA. Garo & Zero Thanks to MEGA changes and whatever caused the issue here is The One Who Shines In The Darkness 24 – GomenRider, OT & MCS (I think all the currently licensed stuff is out of there.).

  1. Garo Goldstorm – OT. Garo Makai Tales – OT. Jinga, you know the Garo spin-off – OT.
  2. Tokusatsu GaGaGa – OT. Gransazer – SazerScrubs. Misc Movies – OT, MegaAnon (Like Kamen Rider ones without a series or the Space Sheriff reboots).
  3. Blue Blazes – OT. Ultraman Ginga EX/New Anthology – OT.
  4. Misc – OT (Some ads O-T subbed, blame them not me 😛 ).
  5. Random PVs – MegaAnon.
  6. The Girl... A/The Price of Lying (少女…A/嘘の代償,Shōjo... Ei/Uso no Daishō)
  7. Find the C/Philip Can't Stand It (Cを探せ/フィリップはそれを我慢できない,Shī o Sagase/Firippu wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai)
  8. Find the C/Dancing Hero (Cを探せ/ダンシングヒーロー,Shī o Sagase/Danshingu Hīrō)
  9. The S Terror/The Maid Detective Witnessed It! (Sな戦慄/メイド探偵は見た!,Esu na Senritsu/Meido Tantei wa Mita!)
  10. The S Terror/The Great Detective's Daughter (Sな戦慄/名探偵の娘,Esu na Senritsu/Meitantei no Musume)
  11. The Revenge V/Infected Car (復讐のV/感染車,Fukushū no Buī/Kansensha)
  12. The Revenge V/Grudge Beast (復讐のV/怨念獣,Fukushū no Buī/Onnenjū)
  13. The Q on the Radio/Targeted Princess (レディオでQ/狙われたプリンセス,Redio de Kyū/Nerawareta Purinsesu)
  14. The Q on the Radio/Live Catastrophe (レディオでQ/生放送大パニック,Redio de Kyū/Namahōsō Daipanikku)
  15. The F Afterglow/Burglary Rider (Fの残光/強盗ライダー,Efu no Zankō/Gōtō Raidā)
  16. The F Afterglow/Reclaim Your Partner (Fの残光/相棒をとりもどせ,Efu no Zankō/Aibō o Torimodose)
  17. Farewell N/Memory Kids (さらばNよ/メモリキッズ,Saraba Enu yo/Memori Kizzu)
  18. Farewell N/The Friend with the Wind (さらばNよ/友は風と共に,Saraba Enu yo/Tomo wa Kaze Totomoni)
  19. The I Doesn't Stop/That Guy's Name Is Accel (Iが止まらない/奴の名はアクセル,Ai ga Tomaranai/Yatsu no Na wa Akuseru)
  20. The I Doesn't Stop/Kamen Rider Style (Iが止まらない/仮面ライダーの流儀,Ai ga Tomaranai/Kamen Raidā no Ryūgi)
  21. The T Returns/A Melody Not Intended for Women (還ってきたT/女には向かないメロディ,Kaettekita Tī/Ona ni wa Mukanai Merodi)
  22. The T Returns/The Man Who Cannot Die (還ってきたT/死なない男,Kaettekita Tī/Shinanai Otoko)
  23. L on the Lips/Singer-SongRider (唇にLを/シンガーソングライダー,Kuchibiru ni Eru o/Shingā Songuraidā)
  24. L on the Lips/The Liar Is You (唇にLを/嘘つきはおまえだ,Kuchibiru ni Eru o/Usotsuki wa Omae da)
  25. The P's Game/The Doll Has Sticky Fingers (Pの遊戯/人形は手癖が悪い,Pī no Yūgi/Ningyō wa Tekuse ga Warui)
  26. The P's Game/Akiko on the Run (Pの遊戯/亜樹子オン・ザ・ラン,Pī no Yūgi/Akiko On Za Ran)
  27. The D Was Watching/The Transparent Magical Lady (Dが見ていた/透明マジカルレディ,Dī ga Miteita/Tōmei Majikaru Redi)
  28. The D Was Watching/Twin Maximum Suicide (Dが見ていた/決死のツインマキシマム,Dī ga Miteita/Kesshi no Tsuin Makishimamu)
  29. The Nightmarish H/The Melancholy of the Sleeping Princess (悪夢なH/眠り姫のユウウツ,Akumu na Aichi/Nemuri Hime no Yūutsu)
  30. The Nightmarish H/Who Is the Prince? (悪夢なH/王子様は誰だ?,Akuma na Aichi/Ōjisama wa Dare da?")
  31. The Wind Called B/One Must Chase The Beast (風が呼ぶB/野獣追うべし,Kaze ga Yobu Bī/Yajū Oubeshi)
  32. The Wind Called B/Now, in the Radiance (風が呼ぶB/今、輝きの中で,Kaze ga Yobu Bī/Ima, Kagayaki no Naka de)
  33. Y's Tragedy/The Woman Looking For Yesterday (Yの悲劇/きのうを探す女,Uwai no Higeki/Kinō o Sagasu Onna)
  34. Y's Tragedy/Brother & Sister (Yの悲劇/あにいもうと,Uwai no Higeki/Ani Imōto)
  35. Beyond the R/The Rain Called Monster Approaches (Rの彼方に/やがて怪物という名の雨,Āru no Kanata ni/Yagate Kaibutsu toiu Na no Ame)
  36. Beyond the R/Surpass Them All (Rの彼方に/全てを振り切れ,Āru no Kanata ni/Subete o Furikire)
  37. Visitor X/The Bridge of Promises (来訪者X/約束の橋,Raihōsha Ekkusu/Yakusoku no Hashi)
  38. Visitor X/In the Name of the Museum (来訪者X/ミュージアムの名のもとに,Raihōsha Ekkusu/Myūjiamu no Na no Moto ni)
  39. The Potential of G/Bad Cinema Paradise (Gの可能性/バッドシネマパラダイス,Jī no Kanōsei/Baddo Shinema Paradaisu)
  40. The Potential of G/I Can't Forgive You (Gの可能性/あなたが許せない,Jī no Kanōsei/Anata ga Yurusenai)
  41. The J Labyrinth/The Psychotic Villainess (Jの迷宮/猟奇的な悪女,Jei no Meikyū/Ryōkiteki no Akujo)
  42. The J Labyrinth/The Diamond Is Hurt (Jの迷宮/ダイヤモンドは傷ついて,Jei no Meikyū/Daiyamondo wa Kizutsuite)
  43. O's Link/The Old Detective (Oの連鎖/老人探偵,Ō no Rensa/Rōjin Tantei)
  44. O's Link/Shroud's Confession (Oの連鎖/シュラウドの告白,Ō no Rensa/Shuraudo no Kokuhaku)
  45. Who the K Needs/The Devil's Tail (Kが求めたもの/悪魔のしっぽ,Kei ga Motometa Mono/Akuma no Shippo)
  46. Who the K Needs/The Last Supper (Kがもとめたもの/最後の晩餐,Kei ga Motometa Mono/Saigo no Bansan)
  47. The Abandoned U/A Request From Philip (残されたU/フィリップからの依頼,Nokosareta Yū/Firippu kara no Irai)
  48. The Abandoned U/Eternal Partners (残されたU/永遠の相棒,Nokosareta Yū/Eien no Aibō)
  49. Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice to This City (Eにさよなら/この街に正義の花束を,Ī ni Sayonara/Kono Machi ni Seigi no Hanataba o)


  1. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー W(ダブル)&ディケイド MOVIE大戦2010,Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā: Daburu ando Dikeido Mūbī Taisen Nisenjū)
  2. Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) FOREVER AtoZ/運命のガイアメモリ,Kamen Raidā Daburu Fōebā: Ē tu Zetto/Unmei no Gaia Memori)
  3. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie War Core (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダーオーズ&ダブル feat.スカル MOVIE大戦CORE,Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Ōzu ando Daburu Fīcharingu Sukaru: Mūbī Taisen Koa)
  4. Kamen Rider W Returns (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) RETURNS,Kamen Raidā Daburu Ritānzu)
    1. Kamen Rider Accel (仮面ライダーアクセル,Kamen Raidā Akuseru)
    2. Kamen Rider Eternal (仮面ライダーエターナル,Kamen Raidā Etānaru)


  1. Kamen Rider: The Fearful Global Warming Plan (仮面ライダー 恐怖の地球温暖化計画,Kamen Raidā Kyōfu no Chikyū Ondanka Keikaku)
  2. Kamen Rider W: Donburi's α/Farewell Beloved Recipe (仮面ライダーW 超バトルDVD 丼のα/さらば愛しのレシピよ,Kamen Raidā Daburu Donburi no Arufa/Saraba Itoshi no Reshipi yo)
  3. Kamen Rider W DVD: Gaia Memory Field Guide (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) DVD ガイアメモリ大図鑑,Kamen Raidā Daburu Dī Bui Dī Gaia Memori Daizukan)
  4. Shotaro Hidari Hardboiled Delusion Diary (左翔太郎ハードボイルド妄想日記,Hidari Shotaro Hādoboirudo Mōsō Nikki)

Net movies

  1. Kamen Rider W Forever: From A to Z, 26 Rapid-Succession Roars of Laughter (ネット版 仮面ライダーダブル FOREVER AtoZで爆笑26連発,Nettoban Kamen Raidā Daburu Fōebā: Ē tu Zetto de Bakushō Nijū Rokū Renpatsu)


  1. Futo Presents: Kamen Rider W Special Event Supported by Windscale (風都presents 仮面ライダーWスペシャルイベント Supported by WINDSCALE,Fūto Purezento Kamen Raidā Daburu Supesharu Ibento Sapoto Bai Uindozukēru)
  2. Kamen Rider Super Live 2010 (仮面ライダースーパーライブ2010,Kamen Raidā Sūpāraibu 2010)
  3. Kamen Rider W: Final Stage (仮面ライダーW ファイナルステージ,Kamen Raidā Daburu Fainaru Sutēji)

Other media


  1. Kamen Rider W: Futo Crisis Chapter (幪面超人W【風都危機篇】,Mung Min Chiu Yan W Fung Dou Ngai Gei Pin)
  2. Futo Tantei (風都探偵,Fūto Tantei)

S.I.C. Hero Saga


  1. The Beginning of N/Blood and Dreams (Nのはじまり/血と夢,Enu no Hajimari/Chi to Yume)
  2. Kamen Rider W: ~The One Who Continues After Z~ (小説 仮面ライダーW 〜Zを継ぐ者〜,Shōsetsu Kamen Raidā Daburu ~Zetto o Tsugu Mono~)


The following video games feature characters from W.

Wind Wave Internet radio

Main article: Wind Wave FM

To tie into the show, TV Asahi, Toei, and Avex Trax have produced the Wind Wave FM Internet radio station. Only one of the shows, Wakana's Healing Princess (園咲若菜のヒーリングプリンセス,Sonozaki Wakana no Hīringu Purinsesu), also exists within the fiction of Kamen Rider W. The other programs, DJ Hurry Kenn's FU-TO Hit on Groove music show and Tsuyoshi and Ayano's Head Wind: One-Game Match!! (向い風 一本勝負!!,Mukaikaze Ipponshōbu!!) show, treat the television series as fiction, explicitly referring to the songs they play as theme songs (as part of a mail in request, DJ Hurry Kenn played AAA DEN-O form's "Climax Jump", and referred to it as the theme song for Kamen Rider Den-O). All of W's theme songs have been played as part of the various radio shows, several of which were first heard on the "radio" before being utilized as part of an episode's soundtrack. On March 7, a new radio show featuring Queen & Elizabeth titled Queen & Elizabeth's White Hearts!! (QueenとElizabethの白抜きハートマーク!!,Kuīn to Erisabesu no Shironuki Hātomāku!!) began "airing", but was discontinued a month later. To mirror the current events in the show's story, Healing Princess was cancelled on June 13, 2010.


  • Shotaro Hidari (左 翔太郎,Hidari Shōtarō): Renn Kiriyama (桐山 漣,Kiriyama Ren)
  • Philip (フィリップ,Firippu): Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉,Suda Masaki)[5]
  • Akiko Narumi (鳴海 亜樹子,Narumi Akiko): Hikaru Yamamoto (山本 ひかる,Yamamoto Hikaru)
  • Ryu Terui (照井 竜,Terui Ryū): Minehiro Kinomoto (木ノ本 嶺浩,Kinomoto Minehiro)
  • Mikio Jinno (刃野 幹夫,Jinno Mikio): Takeshi Nadagi (なだぎ 武,Nadagi Takeshi)
  • Shun Makura (真倉 俊,Makura Shun): Shingo Nakagawa (中川 真吾,Nakagawa Shingo)
  • Watcherman (ウォッチャマン,Wotchaman): Nasubi (なすび)
  • Santachan (サンタちゃん,Santachan): Zennosuke Fukkin (腹筋 善之介,Fukkin Zennosuke)
  • Queen (クイーン,Kuīn): Tomomi Itano (板野 友美,Itano Tomomi, AKB48)
  • Elizabeth (エリザベス,Erizabesu): Tomomi Kasai (河西 智美,Kasai Tomomi, AKB48)
  • Ryubei Sonozaki (園咲 琉兵衛,Sonozaki Ryūbee): Minori Terada (寺田 農,Terada Minori)
  • Saeko Sonozaki (園咲 冴子,Sonozaki Saeko): Ami Namai (生井 亜実,Namai Ami)
  • Wakana Sonozaki (園咲 若菜,Sonozaki Wakana): Rin Asuka (飛鳥 凛,Asuka Rin)
  • Kirihiko Sudo/Sonozaki (須藤/園咲 霧彦,Sudō/Sonozaki Kirihiko): Yuki Kimisawa (君沢 ユウキ,Kimisawa Yūki)
  • Shinkuro Isaka (井坂 深紅郎,Isaka Shinkurō): Tomoyuki Dan (檀 臣幸,Dan Tomoyuki)
  • Jun Kazu (加頭 順,Kazu Jun): Gong Teyu (コン・テユ,Kon Teyu)[6]
  • Smilodon Dopant (スミロドン・ドーパント,Sumirodon Dōpanto, Voice): Yasuhiro Takato (高戸 靖広,Takato Yasuhiro)
  • Shroud (シュラウド,Shuraudo, Voice): Naoko Kouda (幸田 直子,Kōda Naoko)
  • Narration, Gaia Memory Voice (ナレーション、ガイアメモリ音声,Narēshon, Gaia Memori Onsei): Fumihiko Tachiki (立木 文彦,Tachiki Fumihiko)

Guest stars

  • Marina Tsumura (津村 真里奈,Tsumura Marina, 1 & 2): Meibi Yamanouchi (山内 明日,Yamanouchi Meibi)
  • Yousuke Togawa (戸川 陽介,Togawa Yōsuke, 1): YOH
  • Shotaro Hidari (child) (左 翔太郎,Hidari Shotaro, 2)/Akira Aoyama (青山 晶,Aoyama Akira, 49): Issei Kakazu (嘉数 一星,Kakazu Issei)
  • Taizo Kaga (加賀 泰造,Kaga Taizō, 3 & 4): Tatsuya Gashuin (我修院 達也,Gashūin Tatsuya)
  • Philip (child) (フィリップ,Firippu, 3, 14, 44-46): Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉,Suda Masaki)
  • Miyabi Kusuhara (楠原 みやび,Kusuhara Miyabi, 5 & 6): Nozomi Kawata (川田 希,Kawata Nozomi)
  • Asuka Kusuhara (楠原 あすか,Kusuhara Asuka, 5 & 6): Rara Omura (大村 らら,Ōmura Rara)
  • Genzo Takamura (鷹村 源蔵,Takamura Genzō, 5 & 6): Takaaki Ito (伊藤 貴明,Ito Takaaki)
  • Chizuru Hoshino (星野 千鶴,Hoshino Chizuru, 7 & 8): Reina Fujii (藤井 玲奈,Fujii Reina)
  • Ikari (伊刈 7 & 8): Jin Katagiri (片桐 仁,Katagiri Jin)
  • Teacher (教師,Kyōshi, 7 & 8): Hiroshi Watari (渡 洋史,Watari Hiroshi)
  • Mai Asakawa (浅川 麻衣,Asakawa Mai, 9, 10 & 14): Eri Otoguro (乙黒 えり,Otoguro Eri)
  • Yukiko Sasaki (佐々木 由貴子,Sasaki Yukiko, 9 & 10): Maha Hamada (濱田 万葉,Hamada Maha)
  • Sachi Yamamura (サチ 山村,Yamamura Sachi, 11 & 12): Rinako Matsuoka (松岡璃奈子,Matsuoka Rinako)
  • Kohei Yamamura (山村 康平,Yamamura Kohei, 11 & 12): Ryo Hashizume (橋爪 遼,Hashizume Ryo)
  • Kurosu (黒須 11 & 12): Koji (コージ)
  • Noriyuki Yushima (湯島 則之,Yushima Noriyuki, 11 & 12): Teppei Sakata (坂田 鉄平,Sakata Teppei)
  • Mikio Aoki (青木 幹男,Aoki Mikio, 11 & 12): Masato Tsujioka (辻岡 正人,Tsujioka Masato)
  • Nezu (根津 11 & 12): Gamo Junichi (蒲生 純一,Junichi Gamo)
  • Young Girl (若い女性,Wakai Josei, 12): Hikari Kajiwara (梶原 ひかり,Kajiwara Hikari)
  • Tsuyoshi Ageo (上尾 強,Ageo Tsuyoshi, 13 & 14): Hiromichi Miyoshi (三好博道,Miyoshi Hiromichi)
  • Saeki Motoko (佐伯 素子,Motoko Saeki, 13 & 14): Shion Nakamaru (中丸 シオン,Nakamaru Shion)
  • Hino (火野 13): Yutaka Mishima (三島 ゆたか,Mishima Yutaka)
  • Director (ディレクター,Direkuta, 13 & 14, 37): Tomonobu Okano (岡野 友信,Okano Tomonobu)
  • Wakana Sonozaki (child) (園咲 若菜,Sonozaki Wakana, 14, 44-46): Natsuki Kasa (笠 菜月,Kasa Natsuki)
  • Kenji Kurata (倉田 剣児,Kurata Kenji, 15 & 16): Kōichirō Nishi (西 興一朗,Nishi Kōichirō)
  • Fuyumi Aso (麻生 冬美,Aso Fuyumi, 15 & 16): Yuri Morishita (森下 悠里,Morishita Yuri)
  • Master of Barber "Kaze" (バーバー「風」のマスター,Bābā "Kaze" no Masutā, 17 & 18): Isamu Ago (あご 勇,Ago Isamu)
  • Akane Egusa (江草 茜,Egusa Akane, 17 & 18): Mana Konno (今野 真菜,Konno Mana)
  • Touma Fujikawa (藤川 統馬,Fujikawa Tōma, 17 & 18): Haruki Kimura (木村 遼希,Kimura Haruki)
  • Yuichi Kanamura (金村 有一,Kanamura Yūichi, 17): Takuya Yoshihara (吉原 拓弥,Yoshihara Takuya)
  • Yayoi Kubota (久保田 弥生,Kubota Yayoi, 17): Manami Ikura (伊倉 愛美,Ikura Manami)
  • Kiyoshi Katahira (片平 清,Katahira Kiyoshi): Kento Shibuya (渋谷 謙人,Shibuya Kento)
  • Makiko Katahira (片平 真紀子,Katahira Makiko, 19 & 20): Itsumi Osawa (大沢 逸美,Ōsawa Itsumi)
  • Shinya Ikeda (池田 晋也,Shinya Ikeda, 19): Kei Nagase (ナガセ ケイ,Nagase Kei)
  • Yuji Terui (照井 雄治,Terui Yuji, 20, 27): Shunsaku Yajima (矢嶋 俊作,Yajima Shunsaku)
  • Mayumi Terui (照井 真由美,Terui Mayumi, 20, 27): Kayoko Fujii (藤井 佳代子,Fujii Kayoko)
  • Haruko Terui (照井 春子,Terui Haruko, 20, 27, 29, 35): Mika Kasahara (笠原 美香,Kasahara Mika)
  • Aya Kujo (九条 綾,Kujō Aya, 21 & 22): Ayumi Kinoshita (木下 あゆ美,Kinoshita Ayumi)
  • Ken Akutsu (阿久津 憲,Akutsu Ken, 21): Hiroo Ohtaka (大高 洋夫,Ōtaka Hiroo)
  • Masaki Mizoguchi (溝口 正輝,Mizoguchi Masaki, 21 & 22): Keita Shirai (白井 圭太,Shirai Keita)
  • Himuro (氷室 21): Hiroyuki Muraoka (村岡 弘之,Muraoka Hiroyuki)
  • Angry Instructor (鬼教官,Oni Kyōkan, 21): Kenji Tominaga (富永 研司,Tominaga Kenji)
  • Gaia Memory Distributors (ガイアメモリ流通組織の男,Gaia Memori Ryūtsū Soshiki no Otoko, 21): Shinichi Kaneda (金田 進一,Kaneda Shin'ichi), Eitoku (永徳)
  • Sachio Sawada (沢田 さちお,Sawada Sachio, 23 & 24): Moro Morooka (モロ 師岡,Morooka Moro)
  • Jimmy Nakata (ジミー 中田,Nakata Jimmy, 23 & 24): Tomita Keisuke (冨田 輔,Keisuke Tomita)
  • Yukiho Sumida (墨田 ゆきほ,Sumida Yukiho, 23 & 24): Kumiko Nakano (中野 公美子,Nakano Kumiko)
  • Aya Kamiki (上木 彩矢,Kamiki Aya, 23 & 24)
  • TAKUYA (23 & 24)
  • Onuki Ichirota (大貫 一朗太,Ichirota Onuki, 23 & 24): Ichirou Mizuki (水木 一郎,Mizuki Ichirō)
  • DJ Hurry Kenn (voice, 23 & 24)
  • Keio Horinouchi (堀之内 慶應,Horinouchi Keiō, 25 & 26): Wataru Shihoudou (四方堂 亘,Shihōdō Wataru)
  • Rikako Horinouchi, Riko (堀之内 里香, リコ,Horinouchi Rikako, Rico, 25 & 26): Moe Sawada (澤田 萌音,Sawada Moe)
  • Lily Shirogane (リリィ白銀,Riryi Shirogane, 27 & 28): Nao Nagasawa (長澤 奈央,Nagasawa Nao)
  • Frank Shirogane (フランク白銀,Furanku Shirogane, 27 & 28): Fubito Yamano (山野 史人,Yamano Fubito)
  • Himeka Yukimura (雪村 姫香,Yukimura Himeka, 29 & 30): Natsuko Asō (麻生 夏子,Asō Natsuko)
  • Hajime Fukushima (福島 元,Fukushima Hajime, 29 & 30): Yasushi Kato ( 加藤 康,Kato Yasushi)
  • Professor Akagi (赤城 教授,Akagi Kyoujyu, 29 & 30): Nishi Fuyuhiko (西 冬彦,Fuyuhiko Nishi)
  • Kyūzō of the Turret (櫓の久蔵,Yagura no Kyūzō, 29, 39): Seizō Fukumoto (福本 清三,Fukumoto Seizō)
  • Heiji Hidari (左 平次,Hidari Heiji, 29, 39): Kunio Nishimura (西村 匡生,Nishimura Kunio)
  • Isamu Bito (尾藤 勇,Bito Isamu, 31 & 32): Kazuyoshi Ozawa (小沢 和義 ,Ozawa Kazuyoshi)
  • Maruo Arima (有馬 丸男,Arima Maruo, 31 & 32): Katsuya (勝矢,Katsuya)
  • Suzuko Arima (有馬 鈴子,Arima Suzuko, 31 & 32): Ryoko Gi (魏 涼子,Gi Ryōko)
  • Sokichi Narumi (鳴海 荘吉,Narumi Sōkichi, 31): Koji Kikkawa (吉川 晃司,Kikkawa Kōji)
  • Yukie Sudo (須藤 雪絵,Sudō Yukie, 33 & 34): Kaoru Hirata (平田 薫,Hirata Kaoru)
  • Nagi Shimamoto (島本 凪,Shimamoto Nagi, 35 & 36): Miyuu Wagawa (和川 未優,Wagawa Miyū)
  • Satoshi Yamashiro (山城 諭,Yamashiro Satoshi, 37 & 38): Ryota Nakanishi (中西 良太 ,Nakanishi Ryota)
  • Grasshopper Woman (イナゴの女,Inago no Onna, 37 & 38): Minami Tsukui (佃井皆美,Tsukui Minami)
  • Ai Nijimura (虹村 あい,Nijimura Ai, 39 & 40): Erika Yazawa (谷澤 恵里香,Yazawa Erika)
  • Toru Kawai (川相 透,Kawai Tōru, 39 & 40): Naoki Kawano (川野 直輝,Kawano Naoki)
  • Manager (マネージャー 39): Takashi Kikuchi (菊池 隆志,Kikuchi Takashi)
  • Makoto Uesugi (上杉 誠,Uesugi Makoto, 41 & 42): Ryunosuke Kawai (河合 龍之介,Kawai Ryunosuke)
  • Rui Jojima (城島 泪,Jojima Rui, 41 & 42): Yoshie Okumura (奥村 佳恵,Okumura Yoshie)
  • Satoru Takeda (武田 智,Takeda Satoru, 41 & 42): Yukihiro Kotani (小谷 幸弘,Kotani Yukihiro)
  • Shotaro Hidari (Old) (左 翔太郎,Hidari Shōtarō, 43 & 44): Yukimasa Natori (名取 幸政,Natori Yukimasa)
  • Takashi Soma (相馬 卓,Sōma Takashi, 43 & 44): Masakazu Azuhata (小豆畑 雅一,Azuhata Masakazu)
  • Yoshie Goto (後藤 良枝,Goto Yoshie, 43 & 44): Yui Ryoko (遊井 亮子 ,Ryoko Yui)
  • Miyu Goto (後藤 みゆ,Goto Miyu, 43 & 44): Miyuu Yamada (山田 海遊,Yamada Miyuu)
  • Miyu Goto (Old) (後藤 みゆ,Goto Miyu, 43 & 44): Yuko Hisamatsu (久松 夕子,Hisamatsu Yuko)
  • Mitsuko Sekine (関根 光子,Sekine Mitsuko, 43 & 44): Yuki Higashi (ひがし 由貴,Higashi Yuki)
  • Kumi Sekine (関根 久美,Sekine Kumi, 43 & 44): Yuko Konishi (小西 結子,Konishi Yuko)
  • Kumi Sekine (Old) (関根 久美,Sekine Kumi, 44): Sachiko Kozuki (上月 左知子,Kozuki Sachiko)
  • Okura (大倉,Okura, 43 & 44): Tsutomu Hiura (樋浦勉,Hiura Tsutomu)
  • Tabata (田端,Tabata, 44): Tsunekichi Takeoka (竹岡 常吉,Takeoka Tsunekichi)
  • Kyoko Todoroki (轟 響子,Todoroki Kyōko, 45 & 46): Yuka Hirata (平田 裕香,Hirata Yuka)[7]
  • Neon Ulsland (ネオン・ウルスランド,Neon Urusurando, 47 & 48): Maria Theresa Gow (マリア・テレサ・ガウ,Maria Teresa Gau)[8]

Suit Actors

  • Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider Joker: Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二,Takaiwa Seiji)
  • Kamen Rider Accel: Eitoku (永徳)
  • Terror Dopant: Ryo Yokota (横田 遼,Yokota Ryō)
  • Taboo Dopant, Shroud: Yūki Ono (小野 友紀,Ono Yūki)
  • Weather Dopant, Kamen Rider Double (Sub): Makoto Itō (伊藤 慎,Itō Makoto)
  • Claydoll Dopant, Claydoll Xtreme, Virus Dopant, Jewel Dopant, Hopper Dopant, Other Dopants: Satoshi Fujita (藤田 慧,Fujita Satoshi)
  • Nasca Dopant, Weather Dopant (Sub), Utopia Dopant, R Nasca Dopant, Other Dopants: Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳,Watanabe Jun)
  • Smilodon Dopant, Utopia Dopant (Sub), Sweets Dopant, Other Dopants: Yugo Fujii (藤井 祐伍,Fujii Yūgo)
  • Bird Dopant, Liar Dopant, Puppeteer Dopant: Masashi Takada (高田 将司,Takada Masashi)


Opening theme
  • "W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: Shuhei Naruse
    • Arrangement: TAKUYA, Shuhei Naruse
    • Artist: Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA (上木彩矢 w TAKUYA,Kamiki Aya w TAKUYA)
    • Episodes: 1-49
      • Episodes 28 and 49 used the song as the ending theme as well.
Ending themes
  • "Cyclone Effect"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: AYANO (of FULL AHEAD)
    • Arrangement: Labor Day
    • Artist: Labor Day
    • Episodes: 3-6, 9, 21, 23, 24, 25, 45
  • "Free your Heat"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition & Arrangement: Ryo (of defspiral)
    • Artist: Galveston 19
    • Episodes: 10, 11, 13, 19, 20, 21
  • "Finger on the Trigger"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi & Otoko Usagi
    • Composition & Arrangement: Junichi "IGAO" Igarashi
    • Artist: Florida Keys
    • Episodes: 7, 8, 14, 16, 18, 23, 30, 39
  • "Naturally"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shuhei Naruse
    • Artist: Wakana Sonozaki (Rin Asuka)
    • Episodes: 13, 14, 17
  • "Leave all Behind"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: Ryo (of defspiral)
    • Arrangement: Wilma-Sidr
    • Artist: Wilma-Sidr
    • Episodes: 22, 44
  • "Love♡Wars"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shuhei Naruse
    • Artist: Queen & Elizabeth (Tomomi Itano & Tomomi Kasai)
    • Episodes: 23, 24
  • "Nobody's Perfect"
    • Lyrics: Goro Matsui
    • Composition: Sokichi Narumi (Koji Kikkawa)
    • Arrangement: Hiroaki Sugawara
    • Artist: Sokichi Narumi (Koji Kikkawa)
    • Episodes: 32, 38, 41, 42, Movie War Core
  • "Extreme Dream"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: AYANO (of FULL AHEAD)
    • Arrangement: Labor Day
    • Artist: Labor Day
    • Episodes: 46, 48
  • "Cyclone Effect (acoustic edit.)"
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: AYANO (of FULL AHEAD)
    • Arrangement: Labor Day
    • Artist: Labor Day
    • Episodes: 48
      • First heard in the background of episode 21.

During the events of episode 8, the song "Glorious Street (Eikō no Michi)" (Glorious street 〜栄光の道〜) by Florida Keys was played within the show by a character. During episodes 23 and 24, the character Jimmy Nakata performed an original song titled "Futo Tower" (風都タワー Fūto Tawā); this song was included as a bonus track on the standard DVD release version of the "Love♡Wars" single. During episode 23, Shotaro and Philip cover "Finger on the Trigger" in the Fuuuuuutic Idol contest. In addition to these songs, Head Wind One-Game Match!! DJs Tsuyoshi & Ayano (つよしとあやの Tsuyoshi to Ayano) have written and performed the song "WIND WAVE" as a theme song for the fictional radio station. This song, as well as "Glorious Street (Eikō no Michi)", and "Extreme Dream" will be included on the complete CD box set.[9]

The bands that perform the series ending themes are also featured in the programs as being local bands in the fictional city of Futo: crossover rock band Labor Day's "Cyclone Effect", heavy metal/hard rock band Galveston 19's "Free Your Heat", and hip-hop group Florida Keys' "Finger on the Trigger". Each of these bands is named after a major early 20th century hurricane: the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, the 1900 Galveston hurricane, and the 1919 Florida Keys hurricane. The newest group, the visual kei band Wilma-Sidr, is named after Hurricane Wilma and Cyclone Sidr.


  • This series acts as a huge callback to Shotaro Ishinomori and the original Kamen Rider.
    • Shotaro Hidari's first name.
    • Kamen Rider W being the first green and black Main Rider since the Showa Era, colors used in most Showa Kamen Riders suit.
    • Kamen Rider Skull referring to Skull Man.
  • As the first Heisei Phase 2 series, it is based on the number 2. Double base form is made of two powers (Cyclone and Joker).
  • Despite being the fourth tokusatsu show to feature a character with two halves being different colors (the other three being Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01, and Metalder), this is the first show to utilize two heroes using the same body to fight.
    • It is however the first to feature a character combining toy gimmicks to change forms.
  • This is the first Japanese entry in the series to officially use the term "Kamen Rider" in romanized English. All previous series and riders were referred to in official English materials as "Masked Rider".
  • First series to not have any characters appearing in the spring film during the series run.
  • This is the first Kamen Rider Series to premiere in September. Despite some of the Kamen Rider Series after this was premiered in September, Kamen Rider Saber, concludes its same airing dates as Kamen Rider W.


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