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Yasuhiko Uchida. Kamen Rider X (仮面ライダーX, Kamen Raidā Ekkusu) is a Japanese tokusatsusuperhero television series.
It was broadcast in 1974 on the Mainichi Broadcasting System and NET, now known as TV Asahi.
This article is about a video game in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
"God Maximum Mighty X! (Dramatic choral music)"
―Activation announcement[src]
"Gachan! Fu~met~su~
Translation: Immortality (不滅)"
―God Maximum Gamer Level Billion transformation activation announcement[src]
"Saijoukyuu no kami no sainou! Kuroto Dan! Kuroto Dan!
Translation: The top-tier godly talent! Kuroto Dan! Kuroto Dan! (最上階の神の才能!クロト・ダン!クロト・ダン!)"
―Looping standby announcement[src]
"God Maximum X!"
―God Maximum Gamer Level Billion transformation announcement[src]
"Gachon! Kamiwaza! Gachan! God Maximum Critical Blessing!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]
"Maximum Gashat! Kamiwaza! God Maximum Mighty Critical Finish!"
―Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]
"Kami no ichigeki!
Translation: The Godly Blow! (神の一撃!)"
―Post-finisher announcement[src]
"Maximum Gashat! God Maximum Critical Blessing!"
―Gear Holder finisher announcement[src]
It is the third entry in the Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu shows. It starred Ryo Hayami in the title role. Robotics scientist Keitaro Jin and his son Keisuke become caught up in the campaign n of terror by an evil organization known as "G.O.D."

They are attacked and the professor's technology gets stolen, but before Keitaro dies, he can perform surgery on his son. With the last of his robotics technology, he transforms his son into "Kamen Rider X". To avenge his father's death and ensure the safety of the entire world, Keisuke uses this technology as he battles G.O.D.'

  • s monstrous minions.
  • Keisuke Jin/Kamen Rider X (神 敬介/仮面ライダーX, Jin Keisuke/Kamen Raidā Ekkusu): The son of Keitaro Jin, Keisuke suffered mortal injuries inflicted by G.O.D when they attacked the Jins.

GOD Villain Corps

As a result, with his father's final breath, Keisuke was made into an advanced cyborg developed for marine exploration called a "Cyzorg" (カイゾーグ, Kaizōgu).



Driven to avenge his father's death and save the world, X battles G.O.D.. Tobei Tachibana (立花 藤兵衛, Tachibana Tōbee): The mentor of the previous Kamen Riders. Ryoko Mizuki (水城 涼子, Mizuki Ryōko): Keisuke's fiancée, Keitaro's assistant, and a G.O.D.

Behind the scenes

She is an Interpol investigator and executes undercover operation in the G.O.D. She became a cyborg by G.O.D.' Her true identity was exposed while protecting a child from Strong Arms Atlas and she was destroyed by the G.O.D. Kiriko Mizuki (水城 霧子, Mizuki Kiriko): Ryoko's twin sister who is an Interpol investigator.


  • She died protecting Keisuke from Strong Arms Atlas' arrow.
Chiko (チコ, Chiko): A student of Johoku University and Tobei's coffee shop worker.
Mako (マコ, Mako): Chiko's friend and Tobei's coffee shop worker.

Legend Rider Devices

Keitaro Jin (神 敬太郎, Jin Keitarō): Keisuke's father, Keitaro was a robotics genius whose technology attracted G.O.D.' As a result, Keitaro saved his son's life at the cost of his own. Secret Organization (GOD秘密機関, Goddo Himitsu Kikan), short for the Government of Darkness (暗黒政府, Ankoku Seifu), is the evil organization that X battles against.

General Commander (GOD総司令, Goddo Sō Shirei): A mystery man who commands the monsters using various objects with tape recorders which record his commands. Apollogeist (アポロガイスト, Aporo Gaisuto, 8-14): The Chief of Security of G.O.D., armed with the Geist Cutter shield and the Apollo Shot shogun, his human appearance wears a white tuxedo with black gloves until he invokes "Apollo Change" (アポロチェンジ, Aporo Chenji).

He destroyed himself using his Arm Bomb after he was defeated by X's Finishing Kick.Apollogeist Reborn (再生アポロガイスト, Saisei Aporo Gaisuto, 16-21): Revived by two doctors of G.O.D.


Armed with the Apollo Magnum bayonet on his right hand, the Geist Cutter shield, and the small Geist Cutter shield on his left shoulder. He was destroyed by X's X Kick. Apollogeist Reborn (再生アポロガイスト, Saisei Aporo Gaisuto, 16-21): Revived by two doctors of G.O.D.


Armed with the Apollo Magnum bayonet on his right hand, the Geist Cutter shield, and the small Geist Cutter shield on his left shoulder. He was destroyed by X's X Kick. King Dark (キングダーク, Kingu Dāku, 21, 22, Movie, 32 & 35): The leader of G.O.D., he reveals himself after Apollo Geist's destruction, mocking X.

He was destroyed by a self-destroying function that Dr.
Noroi (呪博士, Noroi Hakase, 35): Dr.

S.I.C. Hero Saga[edit]

Noroi is revealed to be the leader of the Government of Darkness. He was destroyed in King Dark's destruction after being stabbed by X's Ridol Whip. Warfare Agents (GOD戦闘工作員, Goddo Sentō Kōsakuin): Warriors who serve as foot soldiers for the Government of Darkness.

Not only do they carry spears, they also wield pistols and machine guns.
Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 from Kamen Rider.
Shiro Kazami/Kamen Rider V3 from Kamen Rider V3.
X-X-X-Rider is Born!! (X・X・Xライダー誕生!!, Ekkusu Ekkusu Ekkusu Raidā Tanjō!!) (Original Airdate: February 16, 1974).


(走れクルーザー!Xライダー!!, Hashire Kurūzā! Ekkusu Raidā!!) (Original Airdate: February 23, 1974). Assassination Dark Spider Operation!! (暗殺 黒ぐも作戦!!, Ansatsu Kurogumo Sakusen!!) (Original Airdate: March 2, 1974).

G.O.D., the Shadow of Fear!! (ゴッド恐怖の影!!, Goddo Kyōfu no Kage!!) (Original Airdate: March 9, 1974).
The One-Eyed Monster's Kidnapping Operation!


  • (一つ目怪人の人さらい作戦!, Hitotsume Kaijin no Hitosarai Sakusen!) (Original Airdate: March 16, 1974). The Japanese Islands Fragmentation Plan! (日本列島ズタズタ作戦!, Nihon Rettō Zutazuta Sakusen!) (Original Airdate: March 23, 1974). The Terrible Genius Human Project! (恐怖の天才人間計画!, Kyōfu no Tensai Ningen Keikaku!) (Original Airdate: March 30, 1974). Little Earth - Middle Earth - Big Earth (怪!?小地球・中地球・大地球, Kai!?

See also[edit]

  • (ゴッド秘密警察!アポロガイスト!!, Goddo Himitsu Keisatsu! Aporo Gaisuto!!) (Original Airdate: April 20, 1974). The Invulnerable Water Snake Monster Hydra!


  • Godradamus' Great Prophecy! (ゴッドラダムスの大予言!, Goddoradamusu no Dai Yogen!) (Original Airdate: May 11, 1974).

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