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    Kamen Rider is not available for streaming. Let us notify you when you can watch it. Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery & Thriller .
  2. Akiji Kobayashi .
    Yasuhiko Uchida . Robotics scientist Keitaro Jin and his son Keisuke become caught up in the campaign of terror by an evil organization known as "G.O.D." They are attacked and the professor's technology stolen, but before Keitaro dies, he is still able to perform surgery on his son.
  3. With the very last of his robotics technology, he transforms his son into "Kamen Rider X".
    To avenge his father's death and ensure the safety of the entire world, Keisuke uses this technology as he battles the monstrous minions of G.O.D. We try to add new providers constantly but we couldn't find an offer for "Kamen Rider - Season 3" online.
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    Keisuke Jin é filho de um grande cientista, o professor Keitaro Jin. Os dois são atacados pela organização maligna G.O.D. (Government Of Darkness) e o professor tem sua tecnologia roubada, graças a traição de Ryoko, a amada de Keisuke.
  5. O visual do Kamen Rider X foi inspirado em um Belostomatidae, também conhecido como barata-d’água.
    X foi o primeiro Rider a não usar a palavra “henshin” para se transformar. Em vez disso, a palavra-chave de sua transformação era “setup”.
  6. Isso muda a partir do episódio 28, quando ele recebe um upgrade em seus poderes e passa a se transformar gritando as palavras “dai henshin”.
    Kamen Rider X, de certo modo, foi o primeiro Kamen Rider a chegar ao Brasil, antes mesmo de Kamen Rider Black, pois um filme baseado no herói foi exibido no extinto cinema Cine Art Palácio Méier, que se localizava no na Rua Silva Rabelo, 20 (Rio de Janeiro) em 3 de abril de 1979.
  7. 7. Kamen Rider: S1 E7 - Duel With Grim Reaper Chameleon! World Fair Impression
    Masked Rider, having fallen into a pit trap, loses his power in the secret room where no wind can reach and reverts back to his form as Hongo.
  8. 25min
    Hongo begins an investigation into the series of incidents where people who had glasses made at Kagemura's Optometry store have gone missing. But even Ruriko gets some lure glasses, and she disappears as well.
  9. 25min
    Cobra Man makes an attack on the gold vault, but when the pet dog of security guard Kondo barks at him, he drops his fangs! Seeking his fangs, he attacks Kondo.
  10. 25min
    Ritsuko Ayakoji of the Ayakoji Biology Research Institute, Shocker's collaborator, puts up advertisements for “Purchasing Animals” to gather animal blood and capture the people who bring in their pets.
  11. 11. Kamen Rider: S1 E11 - Bloodsucking Monster, Gebacondor
    Shocker has produced a new monster, Gebacondor, by assembling into one all the strong points of their previous monsters. But Gebacondor needs the lifeblood of young women.
  12. 25min
    Doctor Shirakawa has invented a death ray but tries to seal his invention away, while his aid Shibata conspires with Shocker and is remodeled into the monster Geckogeras, making secret plans to take the death ray.
  13. 13. Kamen Rider: S1 E13 - Tokageron And The Big Monster Army
    To break through the Toyo Atomic Energy Research Laboratory's barrier, Shocker remodels pro soccer athlete Nomoto and produces the monster Tokageron with powerful kicking might.
  14. 14. Kamen Rider: S1 E14 - Raid Of The Demon Sabotegron
    Taki receives word that a new Shocker leader is coming to Japan from Mexico and meets up with the one who contacted him, but they transform into Sabotegron.
  15. 15. Kamen Rider: S1 E15 - Counterattack, Sabotegron
    At the end of fierce fighting, Masked Rider drives Sabotegron away. Sabotegron then uses Flowers of Mexico to attack Hayato and the Tachibana Racing Club.
  16. 16. Kamen Rider: S1 E16 - Wrestler Of The Devil, Pirasaurus
    Shocker gets their hands on the Pirazaurus whose poison can kill a giant dinosaur in mere seconds and begin to create a cyborg by combining it with a human.
  17. 17. Kamen Rider: S1 E17 - Death Match In The Ring: Defeat! Pirasaurus
    Pirazaurus experiments with the powerful deadly gas, “Mist of Death,” at a gogo house. He launches his scheme to obliterate Japanese leaders with the Mist of Death as they spectate a pro wrestling match.
  18. 25min
    Shocker creates a missile base in the mountains and appoints the monster Hitodanger to defend it. After saving a boy from a Shocker attack, he fights Hitodanger to save Taki who went searching for the base.
  19. 19. Kamen Rider: S1 E19 - Monster Kanibubbler Appears In Hokkaido
    For Shocker's plan to cause a tsunami in Hokkaido through submarine earthquakes, they send in the monster Kanibubbler to destroy all seismomitors.
  20. 20. Kamen Rider: S1 E20 - Fire-Breathing Caterpillar Monster: Dokugander
    Ichimonji, who has started an inquiry into a village thrown into panic by a gigantic catapillar creature, meets with Yoshioka who is looking for a missing professor, and together they begin a search for the professor.
  21. 21. Kamen Rider: S1 E21 - Dokugander, Confrontation At Osaka Castle
    In order for Shocker to make use of a growth drug developed by Yoshioka, Dokugander's adult form transforms into the deceased professor to trick the assistant professor Yoshioka.
  22. 22. Kamen Rider: S1 E22 - Suspicious Merman Amazonia
    An olympic swimmer disappears suddenly right before the eyes of his teammates, and a young man swimming in the ocean gets kidnapped by a monster who appears.
  23. 23. Kamen Rider: S1 E23 - Sky-Flying Monster Musasabedol
    Shocker creates the monster Musasabidol to go after a new liquid fuel developed by Doctor Ookuma. Taki, who is visiting Hokkaido, discovers this plan, and after following Taki, Ichimonji confronts Musasabidol.
  24. 24. Kamen Rider: S1 E24 - Deadly Poison Monster Kinokomolg's Sortie!
    After a prisoner is immersed in the extract of poisonous mushrooms for one week, the monster Kinokomorgue is born.
  25. 25min
    Kinokomorgue declares, “Make him taste the fear of death!” and injects the captured Ichimonji with the antidote, returning him to his senses.