Katana Sound Blaster X Software

Posted on  by admin
I cannot log into the game, when I put my passwords I get this screen and nothing happens no matter how long I wait:
I'm trying to play from Steam.
I've tried removing the game, deleting all the settings files, resetting Internet Explorer's security settings and deleting all temp files, and even used Windows 10's DISM to check for corrupt files.
Below is my detailed report from the launcher:
Additional info:
This looks like it might be some kind of rendering issue. When I move the window off screen and back, it re-renders the window and shows the FFXIV loading logo.
I tried turning GPU rendering off in Internet Explorer, but that didn't work either.
Moving to the settings part of the launcher refreshes the screen, but when I go back to home it doesn't change, but there is obviously links UNDER the false image I can click on.