King Of Fighters 98 Online

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The King of Fighters 98.
You might also Like. Retro arcade fighting game. In addition to the series’ iconic characters, “Iori” and “American Sports” teams as well as “Shingo Yabuki” and “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters return in “KOF ‘98” to complete the gorgeous roster of 38 characters and for a never ending dream match!
2 modes to improve the game’s depth! ADVANCED MODE:Various jumps for different ways to bring the pain to your enemy! A must if you think offense is the best defense!You can stock your Power gauges to enter in MAX mode or to unleash deadly Desperation Moves!Depending on your characters’ affinity, get extra Power gauges even after losing a round! EXTRA MODE:Use the Evade move wisely as you are being rushed and send your opponent flying!Fill your Power gauge to automatically enter Power Max mode for a set amount of time!As you are close to exhaustion, your health bar will turn red and blink, then you will be able to unleash your Desperation Moves to your heart’s content, as long as you are the last one standing!
  • Be Patient.Processing may take a minute in some games after the loading bar finishes.
  • As always, good luck and Have Fun!
  • Only keyboard is required to play this game.
  • Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller.Press [Space-Bar] after the loading and introduction screen to insert coin, then [ENTER] to PLAY.Player 1Inside The GameYour KeyboardInsert Coin =[Space-Bar] (Only work after intro.
  • Locked during intro)PLAY =[ENTER]Arrrow =[WASD]Button 1, 2, 3 =[J], [K], [L]Button 4, 5, 6 =[I], [O], [U]Player 2Inside The GameYour KeyboardInsert Coin =[8 Numpad]PLAY =[9 Numpad]Move =[Arrows]Button 1, 2, 3 =[1], [2], [3] NumpadButton 4, 5, 6 =[5], [4], [6] Numpad.
  • The King of Fighters 98 is a Fighting Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games.
  • Play The King of Fighters 98 using a online Arcade emulator.

No download or installation needed to play this game.



The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Online