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Home Actions are used to change your character's stats and to study. Many Home Actions have stat requirements. For example, if your character doesn't like anime they can't watch anime. Watching Anime, reading Manga, and playing Video-Games will make your character happy unless their Depression is 50% or more.

If you choose the option to sleep until morning and your character sleeps for several hours, it will display a random dream in text. If your character is perverted then they will often have perverted dreams sometimes involving one of their crushes.

There are also sad dreams. Your character's Depression determines how likely they are to get sad dreams.

Current Possible Actions

If your character's Depression is 75 or more, then they can only get sad ones. Sad dreams affect your character's mood.

If they don't like to do a certain thing (e.g Anime) it will show ????

avoiding them to make the action. The Fast Dog is mentioned in several different dreams.

The video-game narration includes references to various video-games including: Catherine, The Darkness, Hatoful Boyfriend.

Koukou Gurashi was the title of the game from V0.16 to V0.27.

Prior to V0.28, the school was a high-school hence Shiro's Highschool Crisis Impact!

and Koukou Gurashi having high-school in their titles. V0.28 was when the game became known as Daigaku Gurashi. The students were remodeled, aged up, no longer wore uniforms, the school became a daigaku (meaning a post-secondary school), and many other changes.

A summarization of the officially-stated reasons for the "daigaku change" are:.

To be less cliché. Highschool is a very common setting for anything anime-themed. To eliminate the confusion and "creepiness" of the students' being potentially younger than 18 since a Japanese high-school typically has Grades 10-12.

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To allow for characters to wear whatever they want as many Japanese post-secondary schools don't have uniforms.

To have the game be less about schoolwork. Having all the students be adults allows for more intimate relationship stuff to be explored.