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Koukou Gurashi was the title of the game from V0.16 to V0.27. Prior to V0.28, the school was a high-school hence Shiro's Highschool Crisis Impact! and Koukou Gurashi having high-school in their titles.

V0.28 was when the game became known as Daigaku Gurashi. The students were remodeled, aged up, no longer wore uniforms, the school became a daigaku (meaning a post-secondary school), and many other changes.

A summarization of the officially-stated reasons for the "daigaku change" are:. To be less cliché. Highschool is a very common setting for anything anime-themed. To eliminate the confusion and "creepiness" of the students' being potentially younger than 18 since a Japanese high-school typically has Grades 10-12.

To allow for characters to wear whatever they want as many Japanese post-secondary schools don't have uniforms. To have the game be less about schoolwork. Having all the students be adults allows for more intimate relationship stuff to be explored.

To have the game be more relatable to the target audience. To make more sense for the player character to live alone. The "daigaku change" was discussed and voted on in the game's Discord server.

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Koukou gurashi game download is available to download and install (release July 2021) from our quality file library, easy and free. There are 55 gurashi levels of the latest for players to spent.

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