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Add to Favourites Comment Koukou Gurashi 140 37 3K ( 3 Today ) By Yukipengin Watch Published: Jul 30, 2018 anime animegame animehighschool koukou kuuhaku mayo pinku teachers socialsim gurashi yamitoast yamitoastdev koukougurashi koukougurashi animeboy animegirl arisu digitalart jenny kawaii 2018 - 2020 Yukipengin I made a fanart of a game called Koukou Gurashi.

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Koukou Gurashi is an anime themed social simulator that includes making friends, enemies, dating, and bullying.

This game is not suited to the depressed or sensitive and for younger audience.

I see people saying it or reminds of yandere simulator with is not.

However, I think this game kind of reminds me of Artificial Academy 2, because of the NPC interaction and how it can effect you as a player too.

However, since I update the version to windows 10 I cant play that game anymore.

I got the problem fix) Im really happy that I found out about this game and looking forward for the future Characters and game by If you guys like my art and animation you can donate points on my donation pool on my profile page.

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Already a deviant Log In badbitchkisser i want to play game Reply Apr 30, 2019 Tonnks Student General Artist I tried the game after seeing your fanart (very adorable, by the way) and I fond the game pretty funny to play Even though I didnt know how to play and made more than half of the school hate me on the first day.

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I mean I suffer of some depression so I should not play this game XD But I think as long you dont get triggered by the gameplay that can be sensitive maby and take so much from it I think it will be okay.

As for now is not so much to do then talking and other things you can do. But I had fun playing it:3 Reply Aug 2, 2018 AouliHusky Hobbyist Digital Artist I suffer from depression too, but why exactly should it affect my depression Reply Aug 6, 2018 velumder Artist Nice Reply Jul 31, 2018 Yukipengin Thank you:3 Reply Jul 31, 2018 WolfBloodRei I found this game a week ago and described it to my friends in much the same way.