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Koukou Gurashi was the title of the game from V0.16 to V0.27. Prior to V0.28, the school was a high-school hence Shiro's Highschool Crisis Impact! and Koukou Gurashi having high-school in their titles.

V0.28 was when the game became known as Daigaku Gurashi. The students were remodeled, aged up, no longer wore uniforms, the school became a daigaku (meaning a post-secondary school), and many other changes.

Daigaku change reasons

A summarization of the officially-stated reasons for the "daigaku change" are:

  • To be less cliché. Highschool is a very common setting for anything anime-themed.
  • To eliminate the confusion and "creepiness" of the students' being potentially younger than 18 since a Japanese high-school typically has Grades 10-12.
  • To allow for characters to wear whatever they want as many Japanese post-secondary schools don't have uniforms.
  • To have the game be less about schoolwork.
  • Having all the students be adults allows for more intimate relationship stuff to be explored.
  • To have the game be more relatable to the target audience.
  • To make more sense for the player character to live alone.



  • The "daigaku change" was discussed and voted on in the game's Discord server.