Kwh Meters For Submetering

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Leviton VerifEye™ submeters are designed for commercial, industrial, and residential submetering applications. Find a submeter below. Select a submeter from a comprehensive line of leading-edge submetering solutions consisting of electric submeters, gas submeters, water submeters, current transformers, networking devices for submeters, and submeter software.

Submetering solutions are designed for commercial, industrial, and residential electricity submetering, gas submetering, and water submetering applications.
Capture your overall kilowatt hour consumption, isolate inefficiencies, develop energy efficiency projects, and begin saving on monthly kWh consumption.

Using a sub meter for kilowatt hour metering provides a critical window into your energy consumption and ultimately the energy bill.

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Users are able to accurately monitor the energy usage in real-time instead of waiting until the end of the billing cycle; with revenue grade meters like the Acuvim II users can verify bills for accuracy and/or allot charges to specific areas or users; using meters with onboard memory for data logging such as Acuvim IIR these records can be saved internally on the meter.

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Acuvim L

This revenue-grade meter is the ideal cost-effective solution for basic kWh metering applications.

  • Metering data is simple to read and is made available on the LCD screen through the press of a button.
  • Revenue-grade kWh meter, the IIR is designed for remote and historical metering with on-board data logging and a wealth of communication options.
  • The IIR also offers additional metering parameters which enable greater versatility.
  • Economical revenue-grade kWh metering in a compact DIN-rail mountable enclosure.
  • The 1310 series offers multi-circuit metering allowing for multi-tenant or load specific monitoring.
  • Kilowatt hour meters, built in and ready to go.
  • The AcuPanel comes completely pre-wired and pre-configured, allowing for quick and simple implementation.

Available with either the Acuvim IIR and KL meter.