Landis Gyr Meter Error Codes

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HiMy smart meter stopped communicating last September with the IHD and my supplier Bulb. On the actual meter it permanently shows V38.03 10.02 and on the bottom line b2Y5530 neither the A or B button have any effect.

I have been chasing up an engineer visit since last year but apparently there is a large backlog. I currently have no way of monitoring my usage, I assume neither do they.Anyone know what the error means and the likely fix?CheersMark.

My meter does exactly the same. I have tried for over a year for Bulb to do something about it but getting nowhere.

I have now started the process of reporting Bulb to the ombudsman to see if they can help resolve. They advised me it's a firmware issue and that the meter will need to be replaced.

They also said they have no way of knowing my usage until it's resolved so are using estimated bills.

I hate estimated bills.. Latest MSE News and Guides. Could increase to 12% from September.

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  • Sat 7-Sun 8 May at Farnborough International.
  • DDDD: This is a duplication error that implies your token has already been used and therefore no longer valid.
  • Error 30: The error is a common indicator of technical difficulties on your meter.

How to fix the SAD face error

To avoid the annoying SAD face error, you need to carefully type in your 20 digits token number on the meter keypad and verify the same before clicking the ok option. A correctly entered number will prompt you with a smiley face. You will also receive an update for your just entered electricity units.

On the other hand, you will receive a sad face if you type in an erroneous token. You can fix this by counterchecking your token number and feeding it in carefully. Make sure to verify your typed tokens before clicking ok. Mastering how to load prepaid electricity token is the only way of getting over the SAD face error.

How do you fix error 30 on a prepaid meter?

Error code 30 on prepaid electricity meters is a common challenge for South Africans. If you have been experiencing difficulties with prepaid electricity meter error code 30, then it is time to try this secure fixation before you fetch help from technicians.

  1. Start resolving error 30 on your prepaid meter by switching off your meter and your mains switch.
  2. Keep your meter off for a few minutes.
  3. Now turn the meter on and retry feeding in your tokens.
  4. If you keep getting error 30, then it is time to lay your hands off the meter and contact a technician from your municipality.

Blocked prepaid meter

If you receive one of the following error messages on your meter interface, then it is likely that your meter is blocked.

  • Generic Error, see Mess1Content for details;
  • Customer blocked. Customer must contact the service provider;
  • Meter not active. (1003) – 07/07/07065176419 – Account in arrears [214].

Why is my meter blocked?

Most customers using prepaid meters are blocked because of credit control. There are, however, several other reasons that may end up with your meter blocked. In such a case, you should present your case to the municipality for immediate resolution on how to unblock prepaid electricity meter.

“Amount tendered is less than required amount” is another standard error that customers with recently blocked meters experience. Purchasing additional tokens often resolves this issue making sure you settle all your arrears before receiving an allocation of units. If the problem persists, then reach out to the municipality for instant technical help.

Discussed below are several other prepaid meter number letdowns that you will possibly encounter as an electricity consumer.

FNB error code 99999

Customers are also likely to experience FNB error code 99999 from First National Bank when a meter number is blocked.

Eskom prepaid meter problems

Eskom is one of the most prevalent electricity public utility in South Africa. One of the most frequent challenges facing users is offline systems, which are often slow and intermittent, especially when running backup systems. Luckily customers can access all the services through leading Eskom outlets when such occurs.

Landis Gyr meter problems and information codes

Wondering how to find your electricity meter number South Africa? Customers can now view their meter number by using the code “000”. Use the code “024” to view extended meter number for STS only.

What are the prepaid electricity meter reset codes and how do I reset my Landis gas meter? Users experiencing issues with their meters should feed in Landis+Gyr prepaid meter reset code to fix most problems, including token entry. You can also call technicians for Landis Gyr meter reset code. If you are a customer using Landis Gyr South Africa, then you may find these codes handy in resolving your power issues apart from error 30.

  • 00: Meter serial number
  • 001: Instantaneous power consumption (all phases combined) (i.e. 1385W)
  • 002: Remaining credit, 1 decimal. See 059 (i.e., 785.3kWh)
  • 003: Lifetime consumption, 1 decimal. See 061 (i.e. 123.4kWh)
  • 006: Running total of today’s consumption. Hours, followed by consumption. It resets every 24 hours (i.e. 17___35.7kWh)
  • 007: Previous 24 hour period’s consumption. Updates when
  • 006 rolls over from 23 hours to 0 (i.e., 24.6kWh)
  • 008: Running total of last 30 days’ consumption. Days, followed by consumption. Resets every 30 days (i.e. 14___335.7kWh)
  • 009: Previous 30 days’ consumption. Updates when 008 rolls over from 29 days to 0 (i.e., 624.6kWh)
  • 014: Power limit. If your instantaneous consumption exceeds this limit, you get automatically disconnected for 30 minutes (i.e. 15000W)
  • 015: Instantaneous power consumption (phase 1) (i.e. 385W)
  • 016: Instantaneous power consumption (phase 2) (i.e. 643W)
  • 017: Instantaneous power consumption (phase 3) (i.e. 54W)
  • 050: Number of power failures (Increments after a municipal supply failure) (i.e., 2)
  • 053: Time that the last voucher loaded has been purchased/issued (i.e., 07:34:00)
  • 054: Date that the last voucher loaded has been purchased/issued (i.e., 2011.04.23)
  • 055: Date/time of previous 2 fields, the number of minutes since midnight on 1/1/1993 (i.e., 09628294)
  • 056: Value of the last voucher loaded (i.e., 567.8kWh)
  • 059: Remaining credit, 2 decimals. See 002 (i.e. 785.34kWh)
  • 06: Lifetime consumption, 2 decimals. See 003 (i.e. 123.44kWh)