Liner Panels For Pole Buildings

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Industrial Building

RHINO offers metal building interior walls and ceilings for your steel building. Liner panels can cover full interior walls and ceilings (as shown below left) or just partial wall heights (as shown below right). These interior panels for steel buildings are the same quality and thickness as our exterior wall panels, coming in 26 gauge with your choice of colors.

Metal buildings with interior liner panels must have a base channel added to give them a connection point at the bottom of the panel.

Doc's Gym

Metal building interior liner panels offer a durable finish to the inside of a building and can be sprayed down for easy cleaning in shop environments. Steel building panels also protect the insulation, and are especially common in shops that utilize welders or grinders that create sparks.

RHINO Steel Buildings has a standard 25-year warranty on most steel building panels and wall colors.

Patriot Red / White Metal Building for Logging Business

A Kynar® option is also available for our interior metal wall panels. Kynar® is a siliconized polyester paint coating used where salt spray, acid rain, or any corrosive environment exists.

04-22-20Determination - Valve Actuator Repair at Columbia Generating Station04222020
04-08-20Determination - Requirements for Third Party Vendors - On Site Equipment Repair04082020
01-29-19Determination - Cedar Hills Landfill01292019
01-04-19Redetermination – Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.01042019
01-03-19Determination – Landscape Laborer01032019
07-24-18Determination – Northwest Ironworkers Employers Paid Time Off Plan07242018
05-30-17Determination – Well Driller/Operating Engineer05302017
04-06-17Determination – Removal & Clean-up of Power Lines & Poles04062017
03-27-17Determination – Refinish Gymnasium Floors Scope of Work03272017
01-30-17Determination – Metropolitan Tract Properties Managed Under the Oct. 30, 2014 Management Agreement01302017
12-21-16Determination – Preparation to Swimming Pool and Pool Deck Prior to Painting12212016
12-09-16Determination – NSC-BNSF Railway Structures/Realignment Project (Fencing)12092016
11-07-16Prevailing Wage Credit for Public Works Projects11072016
10-31-16Determination – Appropriate Prevailed Rate for Construction of Multi-Story, Supported Scaffold for use by Multiple Trades10312016
10-17-16Determination – Construction Site Surveyors - Sound Transit - Point Defiance Bypass Track and Signal Improvements Project10172016
09-14-16Subcontractor Filing Multiple Prevailing Wage Intents and Affidavits When Performing Work Under Multiple Entities in a Single Public Works Project09142016
04-22-16Redetermination of Industrial Statistician's August 29, 2012 Removal of Excavated Material from Construction Site Determination04222016
04-12-16Withdrawal: Pier Demolition and Dredging Determination Request04122016
03-11-16Filing on Behalf of Policy with Addendum03112016
03-08-16Redetermination of Industrial Statistician's July 26, 2012 SIP Forms Determination03082016
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12-30-15Determination Geothermal Installation Scope12302015
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08-13-15Redetermination - Installation of Plexipave Tennis Courts08132015
07-31-15Prevailing Wage Survey Methodology07312015
06-01-15Prevailing Wage Classification for Stockman06012015
05-26-15Prevailing Wage Determination Scope of Work for the Installation of the Traffic-Pedestrian Railing05262015B
05-26-15Prevailing Wage Determination Scope of Work for the Installation of the Cable Safety Rail05262015A
05-27-15Intec Prevailing Wage - Memorandum of Understanding05272015
04-22-15Prevailing Wage Rate for the Construction of a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Structure04222015
04-06-15Prevailing Wage Requirements for Portable Toilets04062015C
04-06-15Prevailing Wage Requirements for Lock and Locksmith Work04062015B
04-06-15Office Cubicles and Furniture04062015A
02-25-15Clarification/Reconsideration of August 7, 2013 Determination - Construction Site Surveyors Work on SR 99 Deep Bore Project.02252015
02-06-15Tug Boat Towing Work on the Seattle Tunnel Project02062015B
02-06-15Tug Boat Towing Work on the Terminal 117 Cleanup & Sediment & Upland Expansion Project in the Duwamish River02062015A
02-03-15Tug Boat Towing Work on the SR 520 Pontoon Construction Design Build Project02032015
11-17-14Prevailing Wage Classification for Laying Geothermal Piping11172014
11-10-14Tukwila Pool – Floor and Wall Installation11102014
10-31-14Travel Time for Concrete Pumping Activities10312014C
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10-31-14Prevailing Wage Classifications for Specific Concrete Procedures10312014A
10-03-14Seattle Tunnel Project – Temporary Ventilation Duct Work10032014
09-19-14Overtime on a Joint Federal and WA State Project09192014
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09-12-13Calculation of Prevailing Wage Overtime Requirements on Joint Federal-State Projects09122013
08-30-13Prevailing Wage Requirements for Travel Time and Loading and Unloading Employer’s Truck08302013
08-13-13Stray Electrical Current Testing on Railroad Tracks08132013
08-07-13Construction Site Surveyors – work to enable regional effects monitoring of tunneling operations08072013
07-15-13Telecommunication Technicians and Electronic Technicians Scopes of Work and Electrical Licensing Laws07152013B
07-15-13Valve, Valve Actuator Maintenance/Repair/Refurbishment – Columbia Generating Station07152013A
07-11-13Telecommunication Technicians and Electronic Technicians Scopes of Work and Electrical Licensing Laws07112013
06-19-13Tennis Court Surface Installation – Cement Masons06192013
05-28-13Piping Work for Geothermal Heat Pump Systems05282013
04-19-13Cost to Public Entity for Moving and Supplementing Privately Owned Utilities04192013
04-18-13Delivery of Precast Concrete Tunnel Liners04182013
04-17-13Data Cabling Work – Telecommunications Technicians; Electronic Technicians04172013
04-16-13Fireboat Construction04162013
04-08-13Valve and Valve Actuator Work — Columbia Generating Station04082013
04-05-13Youth Haven Project Qualifies for Residential Construction Rates04052013
04-04-13Irrigation Districts — Certain Projects Exempt from Prevailing Wage Requirements04042013
03-28-13Telecommunications — No Prevailing Wage Requirement for Certain Leased Equipment03282013
02-28-13Usual Benefits02282013B
02-28-13How to Calculate the Hourly Rate of Contribution for Usual (Fringe) Benefits as Part of the Prevailing Rate of Wage02282013A
02-22-13Closed Loop Geothermal Drilling02222013
02-06-13Off-Site Bulldozing of Excavated Material Removed from Construction Site02062013B
02-06-13Removal of Industrial Engine & Machine Mechanic Wage Rates02062013A
11-26-12Installation of Fiber Optic Cable Between Traffic Signal Cabinets11262012
11-13-12Tunnel Pay Requirements for Electrical System Installation11132012B
11-13-12Installation of Fire Protection Sprinkler System in Firefighters Quarters Not “Residential Construction”11132012A
09-13-12Power Substation Maintenance09132012
08-29-12Removal of Excavated Material from Construction Site08292012
08-28-12Bore Drilling for Geothermal System08282012
08-23-12Home for Children with Disabilities — “Residential Construction”08232012
08-15-12Request for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Pipefitters Worker Classification and Rate for Snohomish County08152012
08-06-12Determination of Prevailing Wage Rate Classification for Stevens Court Buildings C and D08062012
08-01-12Union Terrace — Residential versus Commercial Wage Rates08012012
07-26-12Stay-In-Place Metal Forms/Decking — Murray Morgan Bridge07262012
07-26-12Precast Concrete Tunnel Liners — Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement07262012
07-11-12Review and Modification of Scaffold Erector Apprentices April 17, 2012 Determination07112012
06-08-12Prevailing Wage Requirements — Conservation District Reclamation/Restoration Projects06082012
05-14-12Precast Segments for the Sound Transit S440/S.200th Street Project05142012
04-30-12Request to Repeal Construction Site Surveyor Scope of Work Denied04302012
04-17-12Applicable Scope of Work for Scaffold Erector Apprentices04172012
03-07-12Handling of Electrical Equipment on Construction Sites03072012
02-17-12Land Surveyor's Association of Washington02172012
12-14-11Electronic Technicians — HVAC Control Systems12142011
11-30-11Bridge 99/560 Pedestrian Barrier11302011
11-29-11Social Security Number Requirements for Certified Payroll Record Reports11292011
09-27-11Vactor Truck Operation09272011
08-23-11Compensation for Special Shift Hours08232011
08-18-11Apprentices Indentured to Specific Trades08182011
08-11-11Bore Drilling for Geothermal System08112011
07-29-11Construction Site Surveyors07292011
06-30-11Manufactured Tunnel Liner Segments06302011
06-21-11Safespan System Installation06212011
05-26-11HVAC Controls and Direct Digital Controls (DDC)05262011
05-05-11Refrigeration Mechanics and Sheet Metal Workers05052011
04-20-11HUD Housing Projects — Housing Act of 193704202011
07-07-10Landscape Construction — Water Garden Feature07072010
05-19-10Landscape Construction05192010
01-28-10Non-Governmental, Non-Profits Receiving WA Funds01282010
10-05-09Concrete Grinding, Polishing, Staining and Hardening10052009
05-11-09Requirement to File Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages and Affidavit of Wages Paid Form05112009
03-10-09Service and Repair of Fire Extinguishers03102009
11-24-08Residential Construction Farmworker Housing — La Posada E&W211242008
10-27-08Residential Construction Farmworker Housing — La Posada E&W110272008
10-17-08Brick and Marble Finishers MOU10172008
08-12-08Off Site Fabrication Pre-Cast Prison Cells — Mike Leininger — NWFCA Coyote Ridge08122008B
08-12-08Overtime Public and Private Work Allocation — McPhee, Workland & Witherspoon08122008A
08-08-08Cement Masons Polishing and Grinding Concrete Floors08082008A
07-28-08Residential Construction — Farmworker Housing — Columbia Point07282008
07-14-08Inside Electricians Tunnel Work — Elcon07142008
06-27-08HVAC TAB Testcomm Director's Arbitration Decision06272008
05-30-08Off Site Fabrication Control Panels — MD Control Systems05302008
04-30-08Redetermination, Bethlehem Construction, Inc. — Link Light Rail Project — Pre-cast Concrete Work04302008
04-25-08Fiber Optic Cable Installation-Fiber Guys-Sound Transit04252008
04-15-08Overtime Usual Benefits — Schwabe Granite NW04152008B
04-15-08Electronic Technician Fire Alarm Testing Intellisystems04152008A
02-26-08Power Pole Maintenance PUD02262008
02-14-08Modular Building Construction-Marysville School District02142008
01-04-08State Grant Funds — CTED-Monroe YMCA01042008
12-19-07Subsurface Utility Engineering Applied Professional Services12192007
12-3-07Decision of Office of Administrative Hearings - Testcomm12032007
11-27-07Off Site Fabrication Control Panels-TSI11272007
11-19-07Landscape Construction - Pacific Earth Works11192007
11-01-07Metal Fabrication Determination11012007
07-09-07Security Guards — Western WA Merchant Patrol07092007
04-27-07HVAC Duct Cleaning — Indoor Air Technologies04272007
04-12-07Design Build Projects WSDOT04122007
03-30-07Flashing Reglet and Drip Edge Installation — Icon Corporation03302007
03-19-07Stoner Electric Automated Door Systems03192007
01-26-07Drywaller #201262007
01-05-07Fabricated Concrete01052007
12-28-06Turnkey Project12282006
12-20-06Automated Meter12202006
08-28-06Baggage Conveyor and Dispenser08282006
08-01-06On-line Lottery Ticketing System08012006
06-08-06Sheet Metal Roofing Scope06082006
05-30-06Recycling Service Drop Boxes05302006
05-09-06HVAC TAB Testcomm Administrative Hearing Proposed Decision05092006
05-08-06Packaged vs. Non-Packaged Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings05082006B
05-08-06Packaged Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Scope05082006A
04-20-06Exclusion of Tunnel Differential04202006
03-17-06HVAC Air Balancing #303172006B
03-17-06HVAC Air Balancing #203172006A
04-07-05Grass Pavers04072005
01-19-05Erosion Control01192005
10-20-04HVAC Air Balancing10202004
04-30-04Herbicide Application04302004
03-10-04Silt Fence — Construction Barrier Fence03102004
09-25-02Erosion Control — Not Landscape Construction09252002
10-18-00Utilities Construction — Not Landscape Construction #210182000
10-15-99Brick Pavers10151999
08-05-99Utilities Construction-Not Landscape Construction08051999
09-09-98Silt Fence — Construction Laborer — Not Fence Erector09091998
11-23-93Keystone Block Retaining Wall11231993