Log Look Interior Walls

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So which log cabin internal walls can be altered? Well it largely depends on the type of logs used and how many stories your log cabin has. If you are using a North American handcrafted style logs, the logs are usually so big that no insulation wall is used on the external walls. For machined or engineered style log cabin, many residential log cabins will have insulation to all the external walls and thus the wall be finished how you wish. Also if your log cabin is 2 storey, many log manufacturers will use timber frame on the upper floor.

This allows you to use whatever material you like on the inside, although many people replicate the log look using a log profile boarding.

Log Cabin Internal Walls are revealed below:.

Log Cabin Internal walls on ground floor.

Log Cabin Internal walls on ground floor Most log cabins use log walls through out the whole ground floor.

This is because a log cabins strength comes from the fact that all the walls and logs interlock together, giving a good overall structure.

So all the logs whether they are external or internal walls are usually from the same type of logs.

However with machined or engineered style logs, must residential log cabins will use insulation to all the external walls.