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Modified1 year, 6 months ago. I'd like to install an X11 version of Emacs on Catalina, but haven't found anything online that tells me how I might accomplish this. The following worked for some previous versions of MacOS, including, I believe Mojave. Unfortunately, at the moment, if you do this, you get only the "app" version of Emacs, not the X11 version.

The default Emacs recipe that comes with Homebrew does not currently support the "--with-x11" or "--with-x" option. Is there another Emacs cask somewhere that supports X11? I know that I could try to build Emacs directly from the Emacs sources myself, but from past experience, I am afraid that there be dragons along this path.

Running X11 Remotely

  • I seem to have gotten a working version of an X11 emacs installed by rsyncing the directory /usr/local/Cellar/emacs over from a Mac that is running Mojave.

Where to Get X11 Programs

But clearly this is less than ideal, so I'm still looking for how I might accomplish this the "right" way.

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2727 bronze badges. I maintain my own brew formula for X11 emacs that you may be able to use. I wrote about this in a blog entry here. 1212 gold badges6262 silver badges8989 bronze badges. 8989 bronze badges. This isn't really a programming question -- probably better for or, but I'll post this reply here anyway.