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PLC Running Hours

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment is designed to log running time of equipment to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems. It was developed on Linortek’s secure TCP/IP product platform with MQTT protocol, that provides the same universal connectivity, easy to setup, flexible data collection, WiFi/Ethernet connectivity, making the iTrixx a great fit for industrial equipment remote tracking runtime hours in real-time, improving operational efficiency and uptime with no monthly subscription fees.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This is a PLC Program to count running hours of any equipment using bit instructions, math instructions, and counters. In industry, it is sometime necessary to count running hours of any equipment (pumps, compressors, motors) to maintain its efficiency, equipment life as well as periodic maintenance.

PLC Programming

By using PLC instruction we can prepare a PLC program to count the running hours of any equipment. Here is the PLC program to count the running hours of any equipment. This network adds the 1 second at every 1-second pulse when there is running feedback of equipment and there is no reset bit.

This is the network that converts seconds into the hour. In this network, we are getting the remaining second by mod instructions and then convert it into minutes.

What to Monitor

This network converts minute into seconds. These two networks are for reset logic. When there are 1000 hours in the count it will add count up by 1 and reset all the counting by just moving 0 to an hour, minute and second.

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment

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