Marble Stone Texture

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Marble textures are just gorgeous — would you challenge it? They look perfectly good in stationery design, all sorts of decor, and various web projects. So the question is not about adding them or not — it’s about where you can find quality marble textures. Marble textures can come with mixed pigments, glowing, speckles, and in any case, they will look just stunning.

We’ve tried not to focus on ultra-realistic textures, so the selection features plenty of marble and granite imitation techniques, including oil painting, Ebru art, and watercolors. Explore them in full and pick the most fabulous marble background images to create stylish works of art. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it has gone through a metamorphosis.

Heat and pressure that naturally happen inside or on the Earth’s surface change a rock over thousands of years.

  • Marble is made of calcite or dolomite — however, small amounts of other minerals like quartz and mica are found in it, which gives marble various natural colors, patterns, or designs.
  • The most widely-spread coloring for marble is white.
  • Yet it can also come in a variety of colors and designs including black, yellowish-brown, blue-gray, green, pink, and red — and we’ve gathered all possible marble textures to bring its beauty in full.
  • The word “fascinating” is the first that comes to mind as you see these marble wallpaper, background, or texture images.

Free Marble Textures

Gold marbled pattern Free Photo

Presented collections will help you reinforce your designs and make them excude charm and beauty.

White gray marble realistic texture

The choice may be a big deal, but we’re sure you’ll manage to pick your ideal set of marble backgrounds.

Closeup acrylic paints background

55+ Best Glass Textures and Backgrounds November 18, 2020 .

Gold marbled pattern

60 High-Quality Gold Textures: Free & Premium Versions August 11, 2020 . Feast your eyes on these colorful marble background textures!

Stone floor texture

The collection comprises a total of 12 high-resolution images (6000×4000 px) featuring the distinctive fluid acrylic painting.

Blue marble realistic texture

These finely drawn abstractions perfectly recreate the marble texture, fantasy water painting, and a lot more.

Gray texture

You should try these images for your book or music album cover design, concert posters, various flyers, branding identity, packaging, and any other project seeking highlighted personality.

Blue marble texture

The word “amazing” is the first that comes to mind when you see this abstract wallpaper with colorful marmoreal drawings.

Rose marble

You will have 10 different multi-colored macro textures where blots meet marble.

Blue marble texture

They are print-ready and high-quality. The texture collection is a high-resolution bitmap in JPG and PNG format, so you can make color correction in Photoshop before you use these abstract marble textures for sweatshirts, stationery, or interior decor.

Purple marble realistic texture

You’ll get 35 high-quality marble texture images (3000x3000px) with 600 DPI resolution.

White marble realistic texture

They are great for showing your design work, highlighting your presentations, advertising, or anything else — and that’s not to mention the sophisticated color solutions they suggest.

Sandstone wall texture high res

With this collection, you get one concept and ten colors for these great high-quality marble texture images.

Wildtextures tiles stone marble

They are print-ready materials with high resolution (5000×3333 px).

Stone marble texture

There are beautiful indigo, black, dark blue, and other gradients in these backgrounds that are perfect as modish design solutions.

Dark Marble Tiles

This set is a bitmap in the format of JPG and PNG. There is a great possibility of color correction, adding contrast and brightness.

Purple marble texture

Marble stone

Marble stone 2

Black marble texture

Dark marble texture

Dark marble pattern

White marble granite cracks texture

Dark marbled pattern

Dark marbled pattern free

Premium Marble Textures You Can Buy

Rose Marble Texture Valentines Day


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Golden Foil & Glitter Texture

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Gold Foil Marble Textures

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Valentine’s Day Rose Gold Marble

Valentine’s Day Rose Gold Marble

White marble textures

Blue Marble and Glitter Textures

Blue Green Marble Paper Textures 2

Valentines Day Rose Gold Marble Texture