Marble Wall Texture

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  • Marble textures are just gorgeous — would you challenge it? They look perfectly good in stationery design, all sorts of decor, and various web projects. So the question is not about adding them or not — it’s about where you can find quality marble textures. Marble textures can come with mixed pigments, glowing, speckles, and in any case, they will look just stunning. We’ve tried not to focus on ultra-realistic textures, so the selection features plenty of marble and granite imitation techniques, including oil painting, Ebru art, and watercolors. Explore them in full and pick the most fabulous marble background images to create stylish works of art. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it has gone through a metamorphosis.
  • We invite you to explore the finest mineral surfaces with a particular emphasis on the marble texture design — it’s never the same and never predictable!
  • The pack includes 10 gorgeous marble textures featuring these color combinations, and they will give instant class and style to your projects.
  • These textures were made using traditional media tools — ink, water, and paper.