Mario And Luigi Bowser`s Inside Story Rom Download

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Mario And Luigi Inside Bowser Emulator Download

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Bowser's Inside Story Guide

Download links mario & luigi: bowser’s inside story + bowser jr’s journey on 3ds:mario & luigi: bowser’s inside story + bowser jr’s journey.cia (homebrew): h.

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Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story

Alternative name:Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!!

Release date:Feb 11th, 2009

Console:Nintendo DS (2SF)



01 To a New Adventure!1:25Download
02 File Select1:06Download
03 Shock!0:55Download
04 Peach's Castle3:32Download
05a The Wind is Blowing at Cavi Cape2:28Download
05b The Wind is Blowing at Cavi Cape (Inside Bowser)2:28Download
06a Beachside Dream2:21Download
06b Beachside Dream (Inside Bowser)2:21Download
07a Let's Meet in the Mysterious Forest1:57Download
07b Let's Meet in the Mysterious Forest (Inside Bowser)1:57Download
08a Grasslands, All the Way3:06Download
08b Grasslands, All the Way (Inside Bowser)3:04Download
09a The Road Leading to the Secret2:36Download
09b The Road Leading to the Secret (Inside Bowser)2:36Download
10a Stolen Koopa Castle2:42Download
10b Stolen Koopa Castle (Inside Bowser)2:42Download
11a Short Break in Mushroom Town2:20Download
11b Short Break in Mushroom Town (Inside Bowser)2:20Download
12a Waltz in the Lake1:25Download
12b Waltz in the Lake (Inside Bowser)1:24Download
13a Final Castle2:05Download
13b Final Castle (Inside Bowser)2:05Download
14a Deep Castle2:56Download
14b Deep Castle (Inside Bowser)2:56Download
15 Okey Dokey!!2:40Download
16 SHOWTIME!2:55Download
17 They're Pretty Tough, Should We be Careful!2:26Download
18 The Giant2:29Download
19 Battle Victory0:35Download
20 Danger!0:55Download
21 Tutorial Time1:43Download
22a Mini Game 11:19Download
22b Mini Game 21:19Download
23 Have a Nice Talk1:00Download
24 Have a Sweet Talk1:25Download
25 Dr. Toadley1:15Download
26 Item Get Attack Piece0:02Download
27 Item Get Key Item0:03Download
28 Item Get Item Prize0:02Download
29 Item Get Special Item0:03Download
30a Fanfare Attack Item Complete0:02Download
30b Fanfare Attack Item Complete0:03Download
31 Fanfare Rank Up0:03Download
32 Fanfare Max Rank!0:05Download
33 Item Get Miracle Cure!0:11Download
34 Bowser!1:27Download
35 Fawful is There1:23Download
36 Fawful's Evil Plan2:45Download
37 Dark Bowser!1:27Download
38 In The Final3:05Download
39 Traveling About on a Journey of Memories3:33Download
40 The End3:03Download
99 Item Get Attack Piece (Sequenced)0:02Download