Markdown Documentation Generator

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Project documentation with Markdown. MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static sitegenerator that's geared towards building project documentation.

Documentationsource files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAMLconfiguration file. Start by reading the introductory tutorial, then check theUser Guide for more information. There's a stack of good looking themes available for MkDocs. Choose between the built in themes: mkdocs and readthedocs, select one of the third-party themes listed on the MkDocs Themes wiki page, or build your own.

Get your project documentation looking just the way you want it by customizing your theme and/or installing some plugins. Modify Markdown's behavior with Markdown extensions. Many configuration options are available. The built-in dev-server allows you to preview your documentation as you're writing it. It will even auto-reload and refresh your browser whenever you save your changes.