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Upgrade/ Unbrick your Mediatek GPS Firmware for ArduPilot Mega


This is a quick guide to show you how you can upgrade your firmware on your MediaTek GPS module. The upgrade procedure is relatively easy as you only need to connect the module with your computer and then use a PC utility to upgrade the firmware.

What you need to upgrade/unbrick your MediaTek module

You will need the following to upgrade your firmware
  • FTDI cable (or similar adaptor)
  • FTDI GPS Adapter cable (you can also use a FTDI cable with jumper wires as shown below

Step 1: Connecting Everything together

It is very easy to connect everything together with the adaptor. SImply press the male headers into your FTDI cable as shown in the image on the right, make sure it is connected the right way around.. Then simply lug the EM406 connector into the GPS module (it can only go in one way)
Downloading FTDI Drivers
If you are using windows 7 the drivers for the FTDI cable should be installed automatically, however if not they can be downloaded here. The easiet option is to download the setup executable, and just follow the instructions to install the drivers.

Optional: Using FTDI cable with jumper wires.

If you are not using the FTDI-GPS adaptor you will need some male headers and 4x jumper wires as shown below.
Put some male headers into the FTDI connector, and solder the headers onto the bottom of the MediaTek GPS module as shown below.

Step 2: Downloading Files

You will need to download the following programs/files to update your MediaTek GPS firmware
  • Latest Mediatek Firmware v1.6 for Ardupilot Mega

Step 3: Upgrading the Firmware

1. After you have extracted the Firmware update utility open the PowerFlash.exe application
2. On the application toolbar, select Option>3329
This is the model of MediaTek GPS that you have.
3. Next select the appropriate com port (usually the highest number). This is done by selecting ComPort>COM>
4. Now select the Update Baudrate to be 115200. This is done by selecting ComPort>Update Baudrate>115200
5. Now select File>Download Agent.
A window will open asking you to select a file. This file is the download agent. Select the MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3329xxxx.bin the root of the folder of the Flash tool
6. Now select File>ROM
A window will open again asking you to select a file, the file you need to select is the MediaTek Firmware file you want use to reflash the module. This is the .bin firmware file that you downloaded here
7. On the toolbar select Action>Connect
If everything has been done correctly you should see a screen with blue bars as shown.
If this does not work check your connections, and also make sure you have selected the correct COM port and GPS model in the options.
8. Now you are ready to start the upgrade process. Simply click on Action>Download to start the flash process.
A red bar will show the progress and when the flash is complete you will be notified.
Congratulations, you have now successfully reflashed your MediaTek GPS module with the latest firmware.
If you have any questions leave a comment below.
3/10/2013 08:11:33 pm

Is there any 'official' site for Mediatek software? Firmware tools and revisions i mean? Thanks!

10/8/2013 09:03:43 pm

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3/17/2014 02:26:41 am

i did everything like you wrote but in the end
[Flash Download]
Fail!!(Download) BROM_CMD_START_FAIL
Take(6) secs to test.

2/6/2015 09:10:35 pm

Thank you for the good advice of the firmware module MediaTek GPS, you helped me a lot. It is good that there are some useful work, thank you so hold.

4/29/2016 11:51:20 am
12/14/2019 12:51:58 am

Dear Sir
I am searching solution for GPS map upgrade. I am using MT3351 Mediatek GPS windows CE . I can not find driver to communicate with GPS through USB.
Best Regards

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