Mega-s Firmware

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Hi guys, to start, i'm trying to translate the topic because i'm a french student with a bad english level.
I have a problem on my Anycubic mega S " the one which have a blue and yellow screen" , I have bought it there is 3 month ago, but i can't upgrade the firmware, when i try to do it on Cura, the loading is stopped at 50% with an error message.
Then , the printer is disconnected, and i need to unplug and plug again the USB cable to reconnect the printer.

I tried with the last official firmware, and with the marlin firmware on thingiverse.

PS :When i connect my printer to my computer , the anycubic ringtone "tone" 3 time before the connection is ok.

Can someone tell me where is the problem and how i can solve it ?

Thanks, and sorry for the bad english.