Mega Zero 3d Printer

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Anycubic is one of the well-known brands in the small world of 3D printing with flagship models such as the i3 Mega on FDM (filament) side or the Photon in resin technology. Anycubic just launched the MEGA Zero, a new entry-level 3D printer. Hard not to be interested. What’s the latest Anycubic MEGA Zero worth? Let’s go ahead with the review. I got the Anycubic MEGA ZERO 3D printer very quickly from Gearbest. Luckily, it was available directly from a warehouse in Europe, so I was able to order and receive it quickly, even in current confinement period. I was interrested by this new entry-level 3D printerbecause of the Anycubic signatur. I was curious to discover a product from a recognized brand. The 3D printer market at less than 150€ remains indigent so the introduction of a product with a look and feel close to a Creality ENDER 3 at such low price could only be a source of interest for me. I had only one question,: what about the impact of not having a heated bed. General specifications of the Anycubic MEGA ZERO. The Anycubic Mega Zero 3D printer is a pre-assembled 3D printer to save transportation cost. The cardboard box includes two layers of well-arranged and ptotected contents. The required assembly parts are included in the package.