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"Original" PVDF Painted Aluminium and a new range of Naturèl finishes in PVDF Painted Aluminium and Colorbond in a selection of colours. Our profiles include Standing Seam 25 (Roofing and Cladding), Interlocking Express Panel (walls), Flat-lock (walls), Cassette Panel (walls), Archclad™ Cliptray 25mm, Cliptray 48 mm (Roofing and Cladding) and Heritage (Z600) Corrugated.

Archclad now supplies exclusive metal cladding products to metro and regional Australia. We can organise the manufacturing, transport, labour and project management to meet all your project specific requirements. Contact us now to find out how we can tailor a solution for you. The highest accolade awarded in each category of the Australian Institute of Architects (Vic) is a 'named award'.
As a successful manufacturer of ACP panels for over two decades, we have always valued customer satisfaction above all else. Known for their unrivaled quality, and exhilarating shades and textures, our ACP sheet designs are unmatched in the industry. We offer a wide array of ACP cladding that are suitable for improving the aesthetics of commercial buildings as well as residential properties.
One of the most common methods of installing ACP sheets is utilizing a tray type (rout and return) panel and sealing joints. This is commonly used for renovation projects and new buildings.
To ensure a seamless and risk-free installation of ACP cladding, we strongly recommend that you contact a facade consultant. A large part of their job entails monitoring ACP panel supplies at production sites and assisting with investigations of reported failures and defects.
AL13® Plank and Panel provides your home with a modern design that is easy to install! With industry-leading warranties, AL13® Systems stand the test of time with minimal lifetime maintenance.
AL13® Systems are durable – fully tested for fire, rain, and wind.Panel System: ULC-S102, ASTM E84, ULC-S134, NFPA 285, AAMA 508, ASTM E330Plank System: CAN/ULC-S114, ASTM E136, CAN/ULC-S102, ASTM E84, AAMA 508, ASTM E330, AAMA 2604 , AAMA 2605 .
Your brand matters! With AL13® Panel and Plank Systems, you have access to a wide range of colors. Additionally, custom color matching to your brand is included at no additional charge. You’ve come to the right place.AL13® helps you achieve a premium look without the financial & time constraints of off-site fabricated alternatives.
He was involved in pre-construction and was present on site when we began the installations, and was always accessible when issues arose.In today’s construction environment, where things are at times being done improperly, it is a breath of fresh air to deal with professionals from AL13®!
From the sales and technical support to product installation it has been an impressive journey.I have worked on the Belleville Casino which turned out great, and I’m currently working on a project called Towns Don Mills in Toronto.I love working on AL13® panel system because it doesn’t require prefabrication like other metal panel systems.

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(MRM), to provide:. acceptable trade practice for the fixing of metal roof and wall cladding and accessories. prescriptive detailing for designers and sets a benchmark for the standard of detailing and workmanship required over and above that required to comply with the NZBC.
The most current Code of Practice is available on the MRM website,, as Code of Practice Online (MRM COP Version 3). The most recent Update to the COP was on 1 April 2022. Change in recommendation:. 4.9.1 Dissimilar Metals: Gutters and spouting made from materials which are incompatible with the roof cladding to include special provisions such as a gap between spouting and fascia, using leaf deflectors, and considering low fronted spouting.
Drawings have been updated and a category C added for SED Wind Zones up to 60 m/s on all pitches. 10.10 Ventilation Pathways has completely revised for clarity.

The revision includes a new recommendation to provide additional ventilation for trough or tray section roofs.

Cladding & Rain Screen Systems

The rest of the updates consisted of minor changes, editing, and new drawings for 14 Installation, without any changes in recommendations. For more detailed information, please see 19.1 2022 – April. The glossary section provides definitions and descriptions of commonly used terms, as well as illustrations of domestic cladding terminology, industrial cladding terminology, and profile geometry. Load Design discusses design and installation elements to ensure roofs are structurally sound and meet the objectives for the NZBC B1 Structure. Topics include:. AZ/NZS 1170:2011. Understanding loads. Fastener performance. Wind load span graphs and fixing patterns.

An overview of VIVA's ACPs

Corrosion (B2-Durability) covers considerations for continued performance of roof and wall cladding over the building lifecycle.Key topics include:.

What are the applications of ACP panels?

Material performance and coatings. Corrosion: evironmetal categories and special climates.

Interior Wall Panel Systems

Material compatibility — both "in contact with" and "runoff onto". Maintenance for prevention and remediation of corrosion. This section considers the design of water drainage from the time it hits the roof cladding to the time it enters the downpipe.

Client Testimonials

As the design considerations are similar, this also includes the discharge from gutters and troughs within the roof plane, valleys, internal gutters, and external spouting.

How to install Aluminium Composite Panels?

The Roof Drainage section gives guidance for compliance with NZBC Clause E1 Surface Water. It describes how to drain rainwater effectively from roofs and gutters.

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The Code of Practice provides several interactive calculators:. The primary function of a roof is to shed external moisture.

Monarch Z Clips

The Code of Practice deals with External Moisture in four sections, allowing for more detailed discussion. The solutions in the COP relate to all buildings and are not limited to buildings within the scope of NZS 3604.

Panel System. Cut On-Site. Patented. Fire Rated. QAI Listed.Plank System. Look of wood. Durability of metal.

Included in the COP under External Moisture:. 6 External Moisture Overview provides an extract from NZBC E2 External Moisture.

Inspirational buildings foster inspirational humans.

It highlights the Objectives, Functional Requirements, Performance Requirements, and Limits of the NZBC Clause E2. The second half highlights the scope and extent of Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.

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7 External Moisture Roofing discusses the external moisture requirements and strategies for dealing with external moisture where it concerns metal roof and wall cladding.

19A Revision Categories

8 External Moisture Flashings discusses strategies of managing external moisture with a specific focus on flashings.

9 External Moisture Penetrations focusses specifically on managing external moisture and preventing leaks around penetrations.

AL13® helps architects achieve a premium look without the financial & time constraints of pre-fab route & return.

This section should be read in conjunction with 6 External Moisture Overview and 9 External Moisture Penetrations.

5A Capacity Calculations

The purpose of a flashing is to divert water away from any point of entry and to make a building weatherproof.

HSWA 2015: Objective

Flashings are not only required to weather the many junctions on a roof or wall structure but are often a highly visible part of the roof and wall cladding design.

Green-Lock® Plus Membrane A...

Therefore, they perform an important role in the aesthetic appearance of the building. It takes longer to make and install flashings than fixing roof or wall cladding, so designers should be aware of the cost effects of design complexity.

Insul-Lock HR

This section should be read in conjunction with 6 External Moisture Overview and 8 External Moisture Flashings. A penetration is any hole cut in a roof or wall cladding to accommodate projections such as pipes, ducts, chimneys, roof lights doors and windows.

KEE-Lock™ Foam

This section focusses on roof penetrations only. The type of penetration design is determined by:.

KEE-Lock™ WB Flashing Adhesive

the size of the hole,. the roof pitch,. the type of roof,. the catchment area,. placement on the roof, and.

Weatherking® / Plus WC Memb...

aesthetic requirements. Designers are urged to consider what type of penetration design matches the building application and their customer’s needs, and detail accordingly, rather than allow the installer to make an on-site decision.


Many of the penetration details drawn in the Code of Practice (COP) are included in a step by step How -To Guide published by the Roofing Association of New Zealand.

Hot-Applied Membrane Adhesives

A copy of this may be obtained by contacting [email protected] The science of internal moisture control is concerned with the need to manage and control condensation, mould growth, and corrosion.

Garlastic® KM Plus

The outdoor environment, the building design, and occupant behaviour affect humidity in the living spaces, which ultimately affects humidity in the ceiling space.

HPR® All-Temp

This section of the COP focusses predominantly on managing humidity in the ceiling space of dwellings.

Shorter sections also cover the design of non-residential roof and wall cladding, which may also be affected by excessive internal moisture.

Restoration Coatings

Natural Lighting covers the use of translucent roofing material for providing interior illumination. These typically take the form of profiled sheeting, stand-alone units, or flat sheet systems.

Adhesion Test Kit

Skylights profiled to match the roof sheeting may be made from glass reinforced polyester or polycarbonate. Proprietary stand-alone skylights may have polycarbonate, glass, or acrylic panels.


Single or multi-skinned sheet products can be used in conjunction with proprietary support systems to replace glass in conservatory type situations.

R-Mer Coat

Main headings include:. Profiled roof lighting. Stand-alone roof lighting. In addtion to Corrosion (NZBC: B2 – Durability), other issues which may affect the lifespan or perceived quality of metal roof and wall cladding, include:.


Purlin Creasing. Colour Differential. Guidelines for site practice, including:. Transportation and Handling of Material.

Reflective Coatings

Walking on Roofs. Tools of the Trade. This section highlights some aspects of the New Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA 2015), including:. working at height in New Zealand, and. working on roofs.


The objective of The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of workers, and other people.


Information used in this section was retrieved from and

Pyramic® Base Coat

Metal roof and wall cladding should be installed as described in this section to comply with the NZBC and to qualify manufacturers' warranties.

Pyramic® Plus LO

Other roofing products, include:. Pressed Metal Tiles. Standing Seam Cladding. Maintenance is defined as 'to keep in good condition or repair', and can be divided into four categories:. Scheduled or Planned.

Pyramic® Plus LO Base Coat

This sets out the design and performance requirements for sheet roof and wall cladding systems specifically for New Zealand, and the process of assessing compliance with these standards.

Rust-Go® VOC Top Coat

Some commentary is provided to explain the background to the practical test methodology. Currently, 17 Testing covers uniformly distributed wind load (UDL) and concentrated (point load) for sheet roof and wall cladding.

Silver Shield®

These procedures apply to all metals and plastic sheeting however because of their different characteristics some of the performance criteria are different.


Useful tools and tables to do calculations and conversions for roof and wall cladding. Just choose the correct online caculator, input your values, and get the answer.


Policy for Updates to NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code Practice. All revisions to clauses of the COP after June 2018 are recorded at 19 Revision History, including a brief explanation of the change.

Black-Knight® Primer

See sub-clauses for detail of revisions at particular dates. Revisions are split into 3 categories for simple assessment by users:.

Eco-Seal Primer

Category 1 - Minor Errata. Correction to spelling, grammar or formatting that have no bearing on on the substance of the clause. Recorded on website only - not individually included in emailed update.

Garla-Block™ Primer

Category 2 - Editing and rearrangement. A clause or section of clauses has been rewritten to some extent for better articulation of the existing recommendation.


Existing citations of the COP in project documentation may be less clear as a result, but recommendations are not altered. Recorded on website, and will be cited in emailed update as either specific or summary information as appropriate.

Garla-Prime™ VOC

Category 3 - Substantial change to recommendation. A substantial change in a specific recommendation of the COP has taken place.

Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer

A review of existing project documentation against the new clause is considered essential. Recorded on website, and explained with detail in emailed update.

R-Mer Coat Primer

Superior Design & Reliability. Same-Day Shipping. Friendly Live Customer Support. Panel hanger system clips are the fastest & easiest way to install wall panels, signs & artwork.

R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer

Hanger clips for wall panels, signs & more. Easy to maintain rain screen façades in a wide range of colors, finishes & custom designs.

Rust-Go® Primer

Rain screen façades with many different looks. Wall panels sytems with varied trims & finishes including some custom looks.

SA Primer™

Varied trims & finishes wall panel systems. Providing the best-in-class cladding installation solutions, thermally isolated wall brackets from Monarch Metal Inc.

are easy to install and made in the United States.


Fabricated from strong 6061 T6 aluminum, our wall brackets work universally with metal studs, wood, and concrete masonry units (CMU).

Deco-Zone® Flake Flooring S...

Compatible with all Monarch cladding sub-structures, our system provides you a simple turn-key solution.

Deco-Zone® Quartz Flooring ...

Monarch Metal Inc. offers single and double wall brackets, used to support wind and dead loads of whole systems.

Tread-Shield® Flooring System

Our wall brackets can be fabricated to achieve anywhere from a 2″ – 6.5″ projection in vertical or horizontal orientations. Our wall brackets perfectly pair with our L-Rail or T-Rail for concealed or exposed fastener systems.

Tread-Shield® Plus Flooring...

Ready to ship from our East and West Coast United States locations. "I highly recommend Monarch Metal Fabrication.


Chem-Screen Topcoat

Parts are of superb quality and customer service is outstanding. Everything was delivered perfectly labeled and ready to install."

Fill-Loc™ Crack Repair

"Monarch Z clips work great. The quality and fit are excellent. They are easy to install and hold a lot of weight without a large projection from the wall."

Oil-Stop™ Primer

"I’ve been using Monarch products for the past ten years. They are my go-to for standard to complex architectural panel installation and systems.

Perma-Joint™ Sealant/FS

They have continued without fail to be an absolute joy to work with."

Perma-Top Patch Kit

View our highly designed and very reliable products in our downloadable catalog.

Perma-Top™ Cove

What is your installation?

Tread-Shield® Primer WB

A two-component, water-based, VOC compliant primer for concrete floors.

Tread-Shield® Topcoat

Two-component, 100% solids topcoat designed to provide durability to a flooring system while also improving aesthetics.

Fluid Applied Membranes

Fluid-applied roof membranes are durable fabric-reinforced systems that provide seamless and robust waterproofing protection to modified bitumen, BUR, metal and single-ply roofs.

Adhesion Test Kit

Garland's reputation for high-performance and long-lasting systems is not only based on our world class R&D, but also on our high standards in the field.

Cool-Sil™ Silicone Coating ...

Cool-Sil extends the life of aging single-ply, modified bitumen and metal roofs while eliminating the need for a full replacement.

CPR™ Base

Highly rubberized base coat that adheres to older, aged metal roofs to bridge hairline cracks, maintaining a continuous film of protection.

CPR™ White Coating

Highly-reflective liquid rubber membrane with high tensile strength and elasticity that provides excellent protection against UV and deterioration on metal roofs and walls

Energizer® BK

Asphalt and coal tar fluid-applied membrane provides natural resistance to moisture, chemicals, UV and aging

Energizer® K Plus FR

Asphaltic fluid-applied membrane with KEVLAR® fibers that provide increased tensile strength, UV crack resistance and superior fire resistance

Energizer® LO

Asphalt/polyurethane blended, low odor fluid-applied membrane that cures faster than traditional asphalt coatings


Two-component, incredibly tough, low odor aliphatic polyurea fluid-applied membrane that cures quickly and has zero VOCs


Heavy-bodied, asphaltic fluid-applied membrane with high strength and elongation for superior waterproofing protection

Revitalizer™ Metal

Asphaltic waterproofing membrane designed to restore through-fastened metal systems.

White-Knight® Plus/White-Kn...

Highly-reflective, fluid-applied membrane with moisture-triggered technology for a faster cure and superior strength and durability

Asphalt Built-Up Roofs and Modified Bitumen Roofs Links

Coal Tar Built-Up Roofs and Millennium Roofs Links


Mastics are typically thicker, trowel-grade adhesives designed for installing flashings, sealing seams, and basic field repairs.

CPR™ Seam Sealer BG and TG

Synthetic liquid rubber, solvent-based restoration coating that bridges gaps in metal roofs, walls and problem areas such as gutters, expansion joints, etc. Available in brush grade (BG) and trowel grade (TG).

Flashing Bond®

Cold-applied, trowel-grade asphalt roof mastic for patching, leak repairs and flashing installations on asphalt built-ups and modified bitumen roof systems


Highly rubberized asphalt roof mastic seals around roof joints, metal pitch pockets and metal edges.

Green-Lock® Plus Flashing A...

Green-Lock Plus Flashing Adhesive formulation is the odorless, fast-curing roof mastic for field repairs and flashing installations of both asphalt and modified bitumen flashing installation.

Silver Flash®

Aluminum asphalt roof mastic that eliminates the need to surface with minerals or a reflective coating

Tuff-Flash™ Plus LO

Tuff-Flash™ Plus LO is a multi-purpose, two-part, asphaltic polyurethane-based, low-odor, liquid flashing membrane designed to create a watertight flashing on tough roofing details that are difficult to seal with a typical modified membrane.

Weatherking® Flashing Adhesive

Weatherking Flashing Adhesive is a cold process, modified adhesive used to apply flashings in conjunction with Garland’s cold-applied Weatherking roofing systems.


Emergency leak repair material for use during wet weather.

Asphalt Built-Up Roofs and Modified Bitumen Roofs

KEE-Lock™ Mastic

White, cold-applied, trowel-grade flashing mastic designed to seal the base edge of KEE-Stone FB 60 Flashing where it ties into the field of an SBS-modified membrane roof system

Coal Tar Built-Up Roofs and Millennium Roofs

Black-Knight® Mastic

Coal tar, quick-drying, trowel-grade coal tar mastic used to make repairs on coal tar roof systems and install flashings on Millennium® roof systems


Garland’s metal solutions combine watertight integrity, aesthetic versatility, and intelligent sustainability to meet the widest possible range of functional and aesthetic requirements. Our flagship structural standing seam metal roofing system provides the highest performance in windstorm and water penetration in the industry. We also offer a complete range of metal trim, termination, and flashing systems, as well as fully integrated wall systems through our sister company IMETCO.

R-Mer Lite® II

A lightweight insulated retrofit steel roof system that saves money on cooling, labor and maintenance

R-Mer Lite® Wall Panel

Multi-use steel wall covering system ideal for wall transitions between roof sections

R-Mer® Edge Coping

Premium metal edge coping system compliant with code required ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards features a snap on cap with no exposed fasteners

R-Mer® Edge Fascia / R-Mer®...

Premium metal edge fascia system compliant with code required ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards features a snap on fascia cap over a continuous base anchor

R-Mer® Force

R-Mer Force, is engineered to save both time and material without sacrificing strength by completely eliminating the need for flashing plies that would ordinarily be installed at the roof’s edge.

R-Mer® Loc

Architectural and structural standing seam roof ideal for re-roof applications, mansards and new construction

R-Mer® Shield

Standing seam structural metal roof system that can withstand wind speeds over 200 mph, providing unrivaled strength, durability and waterproofing protection.

R-Mer® Soffit

Architectural soffit system used to provide concealment of overhangs for a finished look all while allowing ventilation of the roof system

R-Mer® Span

Standing seam structural metal roof system that can be used on slopes down to ¼-inch per foot

R-Mer® SS Sheet Stock

High gloss, factory painted flat stock sheets available in steel, aluminum or exotic metals can be fabricated for multiple accessory uses

R-Mer® Wall-Pan

Custom-formed, easy-to-install flush seam wall panel system designed to stop moisture penetration into the most vulnerable part of the building – the walls

S-5!™ Snow Retention System

Snow retention system that uses clamps to grip the metal seam, eliminating penetrations and lessening the possibility of leakage.

Snow Guard

Heavy-duty, aluminum accessories that protect against the dangerous movement of frozen precipitation on a sloped roof

Vented Hat Channel

Steel framing component provides structural support for rainscreen systems

Accessories Links

Plaza Decks

Plaza decks protect, waterproof and beautify concrete and plywood deck surfaces that function as both a floor and a roof

Dura-Walk® CWH

Dura-Walk CWH is a hot-applied, seamless waterproofing membrane. This 100% solids rubberized, asphalt-based formula is fluid applied to form a continuously-adhered waterproofing system over a variety of substrates.

Dura-Walk® Pedestrian System

Durable, abrasion resistant polyurethane pedestrian plaza deck system

Dura-Walk® Vehicular System

High-performance polyurethane plaza deck system designed to protect vehicular decks and parking structures

Protector SS

Protector SS provides excellent water repellancy to reduce cracking, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pickup, thereby lengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance costs.


Plaza deck accessory to help achieve your performance objectives and provide a more durable and aesthetically pleasing deck coating system

Dura-Walk® Polyester Tape

Fiber-woven, polyester tape used as the reinforcement layer in any Dura-Walk plaza deck system

Membranes (Cap Sheets) Links

Reinforcements Links

Base and Felt Sheets

Base and felt sheets offer heat resistance and low temperature flexibility to create a stronger, more secure roof assembly.

FlexBase® 80

Base sheet used as the initial ply of a multitude of Garland’s hot- or cold- applied built-up or modified bitumen roofing systems

FlexBase® E 80

Fiberglass/polyester reinforced base sheet with KEVLAR® fibers to provide superior resistance to building movement

FlexBase® Plus 80

Asphalt-modified base sheet with tensile strength in excess of 300 pounds per inch for use in BUR or modified bitumen two-ply roof systems

HPR® Glasbase / Premium

Asphalt-coated, inorganic fiberglass base sheets used in Garland’s cold-applied BUR and modified roof systems

HPR® Glasfelt/Premium

Heavy-duty, asphalt-saturated fiberglass felt used as the ply sheet in Garland’s hot-applied built-up and modified roof systems

HPR® SA FR Base Sheet

Self-adhering, fire retardant, fiberglass reinforced base sheet

HPR® Torch Base

Torch-applied base sheet used as the underlayment ply for any torch-applied system.

HPR® Tri-Base Premium

Triple-reinforced base sheet with superior tensile strength and elongation properties

Millennium® Base

Coal tar, fiberglass/polyester reinforced base sheet

Millennium®/ Millennium FR ...

Coal tar modified membranes highly resistant to ponding water, chemicals and high and low temperature extremes.

SA Base IV

Self-adhered base sheet designed for use with the StressPly IV torch-applied roof system

StressBase® 80 / 120

Multi-functional base sheets can be used in a variety of hot- or cold-applied roof applications

VersiPly® 40

SBS modified base sheet designed for use in roof systems with three plies or more

Membranes (Cap Sheets)

Garland’s high-performance roof membranes are the first line of defense against Mother Nature, offering unparalleled strength, durability and functionality.

KEE-Stone Utility Roll

Thermoplastic membrane enhanced with Dupont Elvaloy HP provides permanent flexibility and weatherability in any climate, all in a 6” wide roll.

KEE-Stone® FB 60

Long-lasting thermoplastic membrane leads industry in UV and aging performance

KEE-Stone® FB 60 Flashing

Two-ply, fully-adhered thermoplastic and asphalt-modified flashing system

KEE-Stone® NF 60 Flashing

Non-fleeceback flashing membrane with a lighter and more workable composition for easier installation and stronger performance.

Millennium® FR / Mineral

Coal tar modified membranes highly resistant to ponding water, chemicals and high and low temperature extremes

OptiMax® / FR Mineral

An innovative roof membrane that provides 40 years of protection

StressPly® E / E FR Mineral

Eco-friendly modified bitumen membrane that contributes to LEED® points

StressPly® EUV / EUV FR Min...

Environmentally friendly modified bitumen membranes with tensile strength in excess of 700 pounds per inch

StressPly® IV / IV Mineral

Torch-applied modified membranes ideal for hard to access areas or projects with odor limitations, such as schools or hospitals

StressPly® IV Plus / IV Plu...

These torch-applied membranes eliminate the use of a kettle and are ideal for hard to access areas

StressPly® Max* / Max FR Mi...

Strongest modified membrane of its kind in the industry with tensile strength of 1,000 pounds per inch

StressPly® Plus* / Plus FR ...

Composite reinforced modified membrane provides superior low-temperature flexibility, weathering and elastomeric properties

StressPly® SA FR Mineral

Self-adhering, fire resistant modified bitumen membrane ideal for use at schools, hospitals or anywhere odors are a concern

StressPly®* / FR Mineral

Modified bitumen membranes with tensile strength in excess of 200 pounds per inch

VersiPly® 80 / Mineral

Modified membranes with advanced rubber technology that provides enhanced weathering capabilities

Underlayments and Air/Vapor Barriers

Air/vapor barriers stop uncontrolled airflow into the building.

HydroShell™ SA

Self-adhering air, vapor and water barrier membrane

R-Mer® Seal

Self-adhering, high-temp metal roofing underlayment and vapor barrier

Terra Seal®

Self-adhering clay or concrete tile roof underlayment


Reinforcements provide increased strength performance characteristics.


SBR-coated fiberglass scrim used to repair roof blisters, factures, punctures and other defects

Grip Polyester™ Firm/Soft

Reinforcement fabric used in a cold-applied restoration system

HPR® Polyscrim Plus

Continuous filament, polyester felt functions as the interply reinforcing fabric of a multi-ply roof system


When incorporated into a roof restoration system, this full strand fabric seals, waterproofs, preserves and protects the roof system

UniBond ST™

Fatigue resistant, self-priming tape seals and reinforces seams and penetrations on metal and single-ply roof systems


Sealants are essential in keeping buildings waterproofed by blocking the passage of water, air and contaminants. Sealants are not always adhesives, but many have adhesive qualities.


A clear, multi-purpose silicone sealant unaffected by sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, UV, airborne contamination, ozone or temperature extremes

Green-Lock® Sealant XL

A single-component polyether, zero VOC, 100% solids joint sealant designed for large interior or exterior joints and cracks where 50% joint movement is needed

Green-Lock® Structural Adhe...

Single-component, zero VOC, odor-free adhesive designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications throughout the building envelope


Solvent free, low odor and VOC free night tie-in foam sealant designed to ensure overnight watertight protection.

Tuff-Stuff® MS

Single-component, moisture curing, solvent-free hybrid sealant and adhesive that bonds materials of similar and dissimilar surfaces, porosities and coefficients of expansion


Garland's sustainable roofing solutions with numerous environmental benefits.

GreenShield® Filterdrain 110

High-density, polyethylene filter mat allows excess water from a vegetative roof system to filter through and shed off the roof

GreenShield® Module

Vegetative roof tray system that provides aesthetic flexibility and easy access to underlying roof systems

GreenShield® Oasis

Soilless plant growth substrates that can be used in both intensive and extensive vegetative roof systems

GreenShield® Root Reinforce...

Nylon root stabilizer mat provides a unified substrate for roots to tie into.