Metatrader 4 Api

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Manager API is the bridge between the MT4 Trading platform and third-party applications and helps establish a 2-way-communication channel between them. It is a true gift from MetaQuotes to the forex trading community including brokers, traders, developers, etc.

Official SDKs#

Let’s understand it in detail. MetaQuotes launched the iconic forex trading platform MT4 in July 2005. And to date, it’s the most popular forex trading software. Despite the fact that MetaQuotes has stopped selling new MT4 Admin Licenses, MT4 still remains in high demand. Forex Traders & Brokers still demand MT4 trading software. During the initial months, brokers and traders were just mesmerized by the features and functions that were made available to them with MT4 trading software.

But as we all know, Forex Market is fast-paced and changes rapidly. These changes do require several custom forex software, tool, and modules. This is where an MT4 Manager API comes in handy.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Manager API is the public interface provided by MetaQuotes (who developed MT4) that allows establishing a connection between a MetaTrader 4 and a third-party application.

What kind of forex software, tools, and applications can be developed using MT4 Manager API?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Manager API comes with practically countless integration options. As explained above, MetaTrader 4 API establishes a two-way communication channel between an MT4 Manager and a third-party tool or application.

It facilitates 2 key functions:. It’s up to the requirement and abilities of the development team what all they can do with the data. This helps you to add, edit, delete and modify the data and records directly from a third-party application to MT4.

If you are looking to develop custom software or MT5 tool, there are several MT4 Manager API providers. But you need to be a little cautious while subscribing or buying an MT4 Manager API.

Feature limitations depending on offering type#

Here is what we believe is a simple checklist that you should check before subscribing or buying an MT4 Manager API. MT4 Manager API should provide access to all administrative & relevant function to be executed from MT4 Manager.

MetaTrader 4 Manager API must be easy to use and well documented with sample codes. MT4 Manager API access should be provided in web services as JSON and XML format can be consumed in PHP, JAVA and DLL access for .net and C++.

This architecture enables the MT4 MANAGER API to be used cross-platform by nearly all of the modern programming languages, easy to plug and helpful in third party development. Do check whether it supports multiple MetaTrader (MT4) managers with a single API license. You might want to check if the MetaTrader API can be used for Prime and an MT4 White Label Broker.

Documentation structure#

MT4 Manager API opens a Pandora box in front of a seasoned product manager and creative developer. It can help develop different MT4 plugins, tools, and software like MT4 CRM, Traders Cabinet, MT4 signal system, MT4 Copier, Rule-based Risk Alert system, MAM MT4, etc.