Microsoft 3d Builder Free Download

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A 3D software that’s good for printing

Despite its name, Microsoft’s in-house 3D Builder is actually much better for viewing and printing than it is actually building and designing 3D models. That said, that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s 3D Builder has nothing to offer. The real question is whether or not the 3D Builder can compete against all of the other 3D building software in the market out there. There are dozens that are competing for users’ attention like Blender and Sketchup, so does 3D Builder have what it takes to be a good alternative to these industry juggernauts?

Fast and Simple

Probably the most impressive about 3D Builder is its speed and simplicity. The main, if not only, way to download and install the program is through the Microsoft Store. As is customary with all offerings from the Microsoft Store, the download and installation process of the 3D Builder is quick and efficient. Depending on the speed of your Internet, the entire process will be done in a few minutes.

The design and interface of the 3D Builder are also all about speed and efficiency. What that means is that the program is designed to allow users to work quickly. All the important commands that users are going to need are in the menu bar, and it’s very easy to jump around and look for what you need since everything is labeled in easy to understand icons and language.

3D Building

This is where the 3D Builder doesn’t impress, and it’s a bit ironic considering the name of the program. Comparing it to Sketchup and Blender, it’s definitely lacking in features that will make it a better 3D building software. You can’t select individual parts of an object and that means the shapes that you can create with the software are a bit limited. There are also no powerful viewing features that will allow users to view their 3D models in different ways. That said, this software does seem aware that it’s not really meant for that kind of heavy model-making, so it’s hard to fault it for that. In addition, it does have a lot of great things to offer.

Good Features

While the 3D Builder’s 3D modeling features aren’t entirely stellar, it does still have a lot of great things to offer. For example, this program is one of the best programs to view 3D models and print 3D images from. You can also turn 2D images into 3D files. The conversion isn’t perfect, but that it does work. You might need a better image in order to create perfect 3D files.

Decent, But Don’t Expect Power

3D modeling isn’t this program’s strong suit. It doesn’t have a lot of modeling features that the most popular modeling software like Sketchup or Blender has. However, it doesn’t seem to have been designed for heavy-duty 3D modeling. Instead, it’s all about viewing 3D files and printing them. It won’t compare to the juggernauts in that respect, but if you just need a 3D file viewer then the 3D Builder is a pretty good program.