Microsoft Creation Tool Windows 10

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Check these things on the PC on which you want to install Windows 10:. 64-bit or 32-bit processor (CPU). You’ll create either the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Windows 10 that’s appropriate for your CPU. To check this on your PC, go to PC info in PC settings or System in Control Panel, and look for System type. System requirements. See the system requirements before installing Windows 10. We also recommend that you visit your PC manufacturer's website for info about updated drivers and hardware compatibility. Language in Windows. You'll need to choose the same language when you install Windows 10. To see what language you're currently using, go to Time and language in PC settings or Region in Control Panel. Edition of Windows. You should also choose the same edition of Windows. To check which edition you're currently running, go to PC info in PC settings or System in Control Panel and look for Windows edition. Windows 10 Enterprise isn’t available here. Please see the Volume Licensing Service Centre for more information. You didn't need to reserve it. Read this information. If you meet all the System Requirements for the Free Upgrade to Windows 10:. You can also use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to download the Windows 10 ISO file and create the Windows 10 Installation Media to upgrade from your present Operating System. “Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool”. The media creation tool can be used to upgrade your current PC to Windows 10 or to create a USB or DVD and install Windows 10 on a different PC. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, you need to use the Upgrade this PC now option. If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet and perform a clean installation, you'll need to enter a product key or buy a license in order to activate Windows 10. Find the media creation tool on the Software download page. Here’s a quick look at the steps to get Windows 10 installed on your PC using this tool.